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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Everyone Loves Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/29/08)

Justin is still exploring the Bermuda Triangle, so yours truly fills in for the 2nd of 3 days. It was a fantastic day for college football, and football in general. Georgia Tech won 45-42 over Georgia in a classic, Grambling beat Southern, Alabama and Florida both won big, and Va. Tech beat Virginia and they are in the ACC Championship Game. I won't touch the BCS because it's not worth it, so before I get to the links I want to talk about objectivity.

Pete Prisco is to me as Peter King is to Justin. I cannot stand Prisco (writer for Sportsline) for a different reason though, and it's because of his painfully obvious bias. Think back to the days of the Swami in the 1990s on ESPN. Chris Berman picked the 49ers/Bills as the Super Bowl matchup for umpteen years straight as a recurring joke. That never actually happened, and it won't happen this year either. Now, think about Pete Prisco, who has picked the Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC West for 4 years strong (includes this season). Unless they lose every game and the 49ers win every game from here on out, that will finally come true, and Prisco began the bragging. That's no different than picking the same lottery number for 5 years and then finally winning the jackpot and say "I knew what I was doing". It doesn't stop there though, because Prisco also makes his weekly NFL predictions.

If the season went by his picks, the Cardinals are undefeated (the Jaguars were unbeaten in his book until the next game they play). The Giants, Redskins, Jets, and Panthers were ALL inferior to the mighty Cardinals. Obviously he's just being a homer since he's from Arizona and graduated from Arizona State, but that has no place in the sports business. It's irritating, it's stupid, and he should pick the BETTER team and not play favorites.

Let's head to the links....

Enjoy your Sunday football.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Post-Turducken Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/28/08)

Mookie here filling in for Justin from today until Sunday with the daily "Linkin' Logs". You know Justin took the midnight bus so he could hide the body for his Thanksgiving travel while I stayed in the Pacific Northwest having a peaceful holiday. Stuffed myself with turkey, bread, corn, everything! Oh yes, and I watched football. Lots and lots of god awful horse crap football.

I watched 3 games (2 NFL games and 1 college), and the combined scores for those games were 130-28. The winning teams were victorious by 102 points (and you can add 28 more points if you watched the Eagles destroy the soon-to-be NFC West overlords in the Arizona Cardinals).

  • Seattle is the worst team in football. The Lions suck and are going to go 0-16, and until they win I consider them to not be a pro football team. Dallas sacked Matt Hasselbeck 7 times and teared up Seattle's defense in a 34-9 win. John Marshall (defensive co-ordinator) is a terrible coach. Tony Romo had weeks to throw with his patented "Don't touch the QB" gameplan. By the time he finally realized the blitz can work on Dallas, it was too late and the Seahawks' playoff hopes are now officially done. For reasons I don't understand, Marshall had Julian Peterson covering Terrell Owens and Leroy Hill covering Jason Witten. My memory of Witten's TD is fuzzy, but if it's what I thought it was, all of Romo's TD passes occurred with a linebacker covering the receiver.
  • The Titans are 11-1 after beating up the Detroit Kittens 47-10. I don't care honestly if it's a tradition, but the Lions need to be removed from Thanksgiving games and let the Green Bay Packers host games at Lambeau.
  • I hailed Arizona as Super Bowl Contenders if they could beat the Giants. They didn't do that, and they put up another embarrassing road performance, a 48-20 loss to the Eagles. Kurt Warner threw 3 interceptions, Anquan Boldin lost a fumble, it was a poor performance by them and they will end up backing their way into the playoffs. Andy Reid.....congrats, Brian Westbrook tore the Cardinals a new one with 4 touchdowns (2 rushing, 2 receiving), and you actually gave him the ball! Donovan McNabb was unstoppable, and the Eagles dying season was given a lifeline. Balanced football gets you a win!!! Kinda makes you wonder why they don't do this all the time.
  • In the college game, Texas embarrassed Texas A&M, 49-9. Colt McCoy is Tim Tebow in a Texas uniform, Jordan Shipley is a freak of nature, Mike Sherman remains an incompetent coach. This may all be for naught in their national title hopes as there is no way Texas Tech will lose to Baylor tomorrow. Way to go, BCS!!!
  • It is time for the NFL (or their PR people) to stop targeting 12 year old girls to watch a football game. The Jonas Brothers? Jesse McCartney? Who are these people? This marketing ploy is going to backfire one of these days when they let Hannah Montana perform in the Super Bowl.

Onto the links.......

Stay safe out there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DSRTSV! 11/25/08

As an early Thanksgiving gift, I leave you with a cornucopia of awesome beer commercials:

Bulimia has never been so funny...

Yeah, I would have taken the label off too

Indeed, damn that strong beer

The only question I have: "who keeps a couch like that on, what appears to be, a really nice patio"

What the fuck? Five Beers?

Oh yeah, and this one!

Thanksgiving Day Picks

Last post before Thanksgiving Break, so don’t expect any posts until maybe the weekend. Stuff yourself with turkey, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, cornbread, biscuits, and then watch some quality football AND a Seahawks game.

Last week I went 10-6, not bad considering the slew of road teams that won (10).

Titans @ Lions - Detroit will do what they continue to do…..suck. It will start off brilliantly, a 98 yard touchdown pass from Culpepper to Calvin Johnson. Next, Kerry Collins throws a pick 6, 14-0. Ensuing possession, Chris Johnson fumbles and the Lions capitalize and make it 21-0, all in the first 2:30 of the game. Tennessee will then score 38 unanswered before the Lions kick a meaningless field goal. This team is going 0-16 (or at the very least, winless with 1 tie). Titans 38 Lions 24

Seahawks @ Cowboys - Matt Hasselbeck throws an INT on the first play, then the next one, then the one after that, and then the one after that, all returned for TDs to make it 35-0. Mike Holmgren finally realizes his running game actually works and starts pounding it with Julius Jones en route to the “play it safe” 24 yard field goal by Olindo Mare. Kelly Jennings falls down as T.O whiffs by him and Brian Russell tries to tackle a coach on the sidelines instead of someone with the ball. Dallas converts on all of their 3rd down plays as John Marshall calls for a 9 man blitz, exposing the whopping 2 DBs despite it being a 5 wide receiver set, and even Brad Johnson throws for 200 yards. Cowboys 51 Seahawks 10

Cardinals @ Eagles - Andy Reid calls 90 passing plays and just 4 rushing plays, wasting a stunning effort by the defense (12 turnovers forced, 9 INTs thrown by Kurt Warner, 3 fumbles by Tim Hightower) as the Cards clinch the NFC West. Sean Considine records 40 tackles, 4 INTs, 1 returned to the 2 yard line only to see Donovan McNabb throw a killer INT at the goal line to Antrel Rolle. All of Arizona’s TDs come from punt returns thanks to 20 yard blasters by punter Sav Rocca; Philly fans finally get tired and start chanting “Cole Hamels is a better coach than Andy!”. The move works to perfection, because Andy Reid will soon get fired and the World Series MVP leads the Eagles to a stunning Super Bowl run. Cardinals 30 Eagles 13

Happy Thanksgiving!

Top 25 Poll: It's About to Get Ugly

The college football landscape got a bit of a makeover on Saturday thanks to Oklahoma pounding Texas Tech. The results have already been shown in the BCS standings, but now it’s time to figure out what the shake up did to the Walker-Sports College football standings.

1) Alabama: The Iron Bowl is right around the corner, but for all the obvious reasons this years edition of a great Southern rivalry is not as exciting. What Alabama needs to do is make sure they stay focused. First they must focus on Auburn and pour everything they have into that game. Once the final whistle is blown they can look around the corner to Florida. But they have to take it one step at a time, as there is still a lot of work to do.

2) Oklahoma: The Sooners put together their best performance of the season on Saturday, and it could not have come at a better time. National television against the second ranked team in the country and the Oklahoma Sooners destroyed the Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Sooners offense looked dangerous and their defense smothered Texas Tech. While Saturday was great, the Sooners must put it behind them and now focus on Oklahoma State. Handle business there, and this whole BCS/Big 12 mess should sort itself out and the Oklahoma Sooners will end up exactly where they deserve.

3) Florida Gators: Some people will say, Florida got screwed by ending up third in this poll, but at the end of the day, they are in the best position of any team in the top 25. While they are sitting in the third spot, Florida controls its own destiny. Yes the Gators still need to get by in state rival Florida State next weekend, and God only knows which FSU team will show up. But once they are done with that, it’s pretty much assured that the Gators will match up against Alabama for the SEC title. If Florida wins that game, then they is in, it’s pretty simple.

4) USC: It’s going to be very funny to me when USC finishes the season in the top five in the country and fails to win the Pac-10. Nonetheless, the Trojans have put together a good season, but that one lost on a Thursday night looks like it will bite them in the ass. I bet you that Pete Carroll and company are wishing the Pac-10 had a conference championship now.

5) Texas: The Longhorns are getting screwed. No other way to put it really. Texas has done everything right, but they will need a lot of help to get back into the mix of things. The way Oklahoma destroyed Texas Tech actually hurt Texas because Texas lost to the Red Raiders. It also does not help the Longhorns that they lost to the Red Raiders just a few weeks ago. Teams that lose early are rewarded, while those who lose late are punished.

6) Utah: The dream season remains in tact and after winning in their big game against BYU. It is set and done that that the Utes will be a part of the BCS one again. This will make them a two time BCS party crasher. It has been a great season, and they will enjoy playing the Bearcats in a game that Utah should win.

7) Boise State: America’s favorite BCS busters are still in the mix and alive and well. Boise State has worked its way into the top ten in the BCS rankings and if they can hold on against Fresno State they too will be BCS dancing once again. If the chips fall correctly, Boise State could get a shot at an ACC team, and if that is the case they will be celebration their second win in a BCS game.

8) Penn State: Joe Pa could not have written a better exit plan for his storied career. Penn State has dominated the Big 10 all season, and after destroying Michigan State, PSU is on their way to the Rose Bowl. Everything has just fallen into place for Penn State, now let’s hope that Joe Pa does the right thing and steps down after his big game.

9) Ball State: I feel like a broken record saying this, but this has been a great year for Ball State and they have done everything right. However at the end of the day, they fail to have a marquee victory over anyone. And the result is Ball State is left out of the BCS Bowl games.

10) Missouri Tigers: The more I look at the Tigers just hanging out in the Big 12 North, the more they scare me. Missouri will play the Big 12 Championship in their back yard, and I keep getting these visions of them playing spoilers. If they knock of Texas, Texas Tech or Oklahoma, the BCS computers may explode.

11) Ohio State: The best part about this ranking is we will not have to watch Ohio State be the whipping boy for another SEC team in a BCS game. That alone makes this season better than either of the previous two years.

12) Texas Tech: Texas Tech fell back into their old ways and old habits on Saturday night. The Air Raid offense was grounded, and the Texas Tech defense looked like Swiss cheese. Texas Tech can still factor into the Big 12 race but they are likely out of running for a BCS Championship.

13) Georgia Bulldogs: It just wasn’t the season for Mark Richt and his boys. They get in state rival Georgia Tech this weekend. Other than that, they will play in a New Years day game, which is great, but it will seem extremely anti-climatic.

14) Oklahoma State: The Cowboys have had a great season, and things could get even better by next week this time. Oklahoma State has the opportunity to play spoiler when they take on the red hot Oklahoma Sooners. Oklahoma State has a history of kicking the Sooners when they are at their best, pulling the upset this time could prove to be as sweet as a trip to a BCS game.

15) Cincinnati Bearcats: Look who showed up and won the Big East. I have to admit that I did not see that one coming. Now the biggest question in Cincinnati is where their head coach will end up as he is high on the Tennessee Vols wish list. The way he handles the next few weeks going into his BCS game could prove to be very important to the Bearcats welfare.

16) TCU: Great year played some great football. Their two losses came against two BCS teams, really TCU did everything they were supposed to do, but just did not have enough in the tank. This is the life that is college football.

17) Oregon State: One win away from the unthinkable, a trip to the Rose Bowl. Truly Oregon State upending USC and taking their spot in the Rose Bowl would have to go down as one of the all time great moments in college football. However, before the Beavers can pack their bags for southern Cal, they must take on in state rival Oregon in the Civil War battle. You can bet the atmosphere will be crazy for this game.

18) BYU: When the season opened, the Cougars wanted to go undefeated and make it to a BCS game. When the hopes for a BCS season went down the tubes early in the season, the goal then became beat Utah. Well after Saturday, that goal will go unfulfilled as well. In the end of the day, BYU had a good season, but they fell well short of any expectations they had for themselves.

19) Oregon: The Ducks have hung around this spot of the poll all season and truth is told they have had a solid season; this is a team that knew they were going into a transition year of sorts. Not to mention they have gone through about 300 quarterbacks thanks to injuries. Nonetheless, the Ducks have a chance to play spoiler on Saturday when they travel to take on Oregon State and if they can do that, the season will not seem so bad.

20) Michigan State: So close but yet such a long way to go, that was the story all season for Michigan State. The Spartans were crushed both times they matched up against the elite of the Big 10. That is what happens when a team has a one dimensional attack. Good teams know how to stop it and leave you looking for answers.

21) Northwestern: This has been an amazing season for Northwestern. No many saw this team working their way into a bowl game but that is exactly what they have done. I tip my hat to them on a great season.

22) Boston College: Maybe they are the best team in the ACC; at this point I am not even sure what that means. The Eagles have a chance to play for an ACC Championship, and no matter who stumbles into that game, the Eagles have a chance to win.

23) Ga. Tech: Talk about a great first year. Paul Johnson leaves Navy comes to Ga. Tech and he has his option offense rolling at full speed already, and he has yet to bring in all his players. Ga. Tech has over achieved this season, and that is not a bad thing.

24) Florida State: Bobby Bowden will do whatever it takes to make sure he sticks around long enough to pass Joe Pa on the all time wins list. Why else would FSU be playing up to this level this late in the season?

25) West Virginia: Pat White had his best game of the season on Saturday, but it was far too little too late to save the season.

Tasty Tuesday (before Turducken Day) Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/25/08)

I have a goal of posting a draft review today. It may or may not come to fruition because I'm also making holiday travels late tonight (a midnight bus to be exact), but if I can crank the review, I will. Beyond that, the next few draft reviews may be entering the murky holiday time. At most, I'll post two between now and next Monday. I apologize, but I'm sure you all will be busy as well.

In an unrelated note, Northeastern Hockey is now ranked 4th in the Nation in both the USCHO and USA Today polls, tops among Hockey East teams. Northeastern is set to face #7 Princeton this weekend in the RPI Holiday Tournament in what could be considered a national statement game. Additionally, they are entered in the Dodge Holiday Classic, set for the weekend after New Years where they could face current #1 Minnesota (they could only meet in the championship for the four team tournament) in what could be a preview for the NCAA Tourney. Needless to say, its an exciting time for Husky Hockey which hasn't been this competitive since the mid 80s.

Monday, November 24, 2008

DSRTSV - 11/24/08

The trifecta!

Denny Green

Jim Mora

And Herm Edwards

Aww, fuck it, here's Mike Gundy too

Again, the MMBBQ (11/24/08)

We're unveiling a new logo for our weekly Petey bashing. I was thinking it's a bit offensive to Norm Peterson, so we apologize "Cheers" fans. But again, the point is there:

An alcoholic, unemployed, idiotic barfly could do a better job than good ole Petey. You'll notice a lot of venom and overzealous use of the work fuck. I apologize, but I think you'll understand.

Anyways, time to light the BBQ. This one from his overview of the weekend ("weekend of the QB"...)

Now this stat is eerie: After Tom Brady's first 11 starts in the NFL, his completion percentage was 66.3. After Matt Cassel's 11 NFL games this season, his completion percentage is ... well, 66.3...

...It's crazy and all-too-soon and slightly irreverent. But it is also unavoidable. Life is imitating art. The career path of Cassel is following Brady's. Brady's record after 11 games: 8-3. Cassel's: 7-4 -- and if the Pats had won the overtime coin flip a week ago Thursday, I bet those records would be the same. Brady's rating: 91.6. Cassel's: 90.5. Cassel leads Brady by 377 passing yards, thanks to Cassel's back-to-back 400-yard passing games. (Been on Mars? That's no misprint.) As for touchdowns, Brady leads Cassel by three...

...but he has thrown for more yards than Brett Favre this season (2,615 to 2,461) and for a higher passer rating than Peyton Manning (90.5 to 87.2) and for more yards per pass attempt than Eli Manning. The Patriots' system works, and it works wonders.

Okay Petey, you're being ridiculous. You've got to be shitting me. If I'm to believe Tom Brady is a Super Bowl god (who you've slobbered over numerous times) then I submit what Peter wrote just before last year's Super Bowl:
was a ref’s buried whistle and a stunning drop by Mr. Hands from being 28-for-28 the other night. Are we watching the best quarterback of all time in mid-career?...
Yeah, I thought not. So is he the best of all time or a system QB? Maybe Cassel is just as good. Whatever, King pisses me off because of this sensationalist bullshit. I thought he was supposed to be fair and balanced (oops!).

And you thought the Eagles ranting was over?
Donovan McNabb looks awful. He's slow-footed, with severe accuracy issues (48-percent completions in his last 11 quarters), at the same time star running back Brian Westbrook is a shell of himself because of injuries, at the same time his best offensive lineman, guard Shawn Andrews, is out with a back injury, and at the same time his star tight end, L.J. Smith, is going through a Steve Sax-like slump catching the ball.
Bah. Petey, have you watched the Eagles at all this season? Over the last few weeks, King's joined the Pravda parade to pile on McNabb and it's disgusting. Yes, McNabb's best weapon, best protection and the crucial (to the WCO) TE are all either injured or sucking (Smith sucks the big one). Yes, McNabb is the one who looks awful, and I'm not saying he's not killing the Eagles as well, but get a fucking clue before you pile on. Who makes the personnel and game plan decisions...yeah, you know who.

What? They're football gods now?
2. New York Jets (8-3). Biggest day in the history of New Jersey sports: The Jets versus the Giants in Tampa ... WITH SPRINGSTEEN AT HALFTIME.
How the fuck are the Jets the second best (and best in the AFC) team in the NFL? Are you really picking them to win it all? Someone hold this man accountable after he already picked the Cowboys and Patriots for the big game just 2.5 months ago.

Also, Am I the only who's imagining Peter screaming like a little girl because he put "WITH SPRINGSTEEN AT HALFTIME" in all caps...fuckin' douche

No, that's not really that good.

Now this one isn't entirely Petey's fault but:
Offensive Players of the Week
Terrell Owens, WR, Dallas. He asked for it, he got it. Inexplicably, the 49ers put about half the defensive pressure on Owens than he'd seen in recent weeks, and they paid for it. Owens, who'd blabbed to Deion Sanders during the week that he was still great and he just wasn't getting the ball enough, put up. His seven-catch, 213-yard day was vintage T.O.
Owens was so happy after they gave him the ball but...its the fucking 49ers. They're terrible. Nate Clements has no help and their pass defense is ranked 29th in the NFL. TO, you got the ball because their DBs suck ass not because you were open or you were due for such an amazing game. The offense worked well because the other team sucked. Why do players get rewarded (and lauded by the idiot media) for playing well against a craptastic team?

I'll give you that one
He (Pittsbrugh DC Dick LeBeau) played pickup basketball at Ohio State with Bobby Knight, who has called LeBeau one of the 10 finest athletes he has encountered in his life.
I wonder if Knight slapped him too?

Ummm? You still stink Peter

The Bad: Marriotts simply have to change their shampoo. On overnight trips I often don't bring my full toiletry kit, so I can skate through security and not check a bag. So I find myself using whatever shampoo is in the hotel. Marriotts have been using some Bath and Body Works girly shampoo for the past year or so, and when I get out of the shower, the perfume smell is revolting. Shampooing with soap is the only option -- a grotesque one, but a necessary evil now -- to avoid smelling like a woman.

Can't you put no-smell or low-smell shampoo in the rooms, Mr. Marriott? I know you'll scoff at the toiletries in Hampton Inns, but the freebie Purity shampoo there, relatively scentless, is the way to go.


Wait, you just bitched about the hotel room shampoo? And your editor actually okayed this? This is what you'd like to present to your male 18-35 year old age group; a story about how girly the shampoo at the Marriott is? Maybe they were just confused by the man-tits?

10 things I thought Peter King would shut the hell up about...
Think you've had a busy time at work recently? What about this 11-day stretch for CBS/YES Network/Westwood One Radio play-by-play man Ian Eagle, ending Sunday in Miami:

Nov. 13, Jets-Patriots, radio, in Foxboro; Nov. 14, Hawks-Nets, TV, in New Jersey; Nov. 16, Raiders-Dolphins, TV, in Miami; Nov. 17, Browns-Bills, radio, in Buffalo; Nov. 20, Bengals-Steelers, radio, in Pittsburgh; Nov. 21, Nets-Raptors, TV, in Toronto; Nov. 23, Bills-Chiefs, TV, in Kansas City.

And I thought I was busy.

You're not. You just write these shitty articles I read and make fun of. I think it's harder for me personally.

And finally...
h. Thanksgiving Night in Philadelphia. I'm sure the crowd's going to be in a giving mood. Giving a certain finger, most likely...
Yeah, that's fuckin' right...

The Out-Drafting Scoring System

And I think we've got it. Again, I'm not going to award half points or anything, so I will just be picking the category the player falls closest to. Points won't be awarded if the player leaves the team and succeeds elsewhere.
  • 0 points = Never played an NFL game (regulation)
  • 1 point = played at least 1 year at NFL level, special teamer or spot duty
  • 2 points = backup or role player, multiple years with team
  • 3 points = Starter or flexible career level backup/jack of all trades
  • 4 points = Starter, star, pro-bowler, team leader dependent on level of players on other teams, clutch factors and other teammates
  • 5 points = all-pro, multiple pro-bowls, star, team leader, etc
Bonus points may be awarded based on round. They will only be given to players who earn 3s, 4s or 5s.
  • 3s will be awarded on extra point if they are drafted on the 2nd day (4th through 7th, I'm counting 3rds as first day for the purpose of this, since the rule has only been in effect for one year).
  • 4s will be awarded 2 points for being drafted in the 2nd day
  • 5s will be awarded 3 points for being drafted in the 4th or 5th round and 4 points for 6th or 7th.
There's also a chance to lose points:
  • 0s drafted on the first day will receive a -1
  • 1s drafted in the 1st or 2nd round will receive a -1, -2 if they're top 15
  • 2s drafted in the first round will receive a -1, -2 if they're top 10
  • 3s drafted in the top 10 will receive a -1
Trades will be graded on a case by case basis. I won't be considering trades of player for draft picks, but I will be averaging (to closest whole number) scores for players selected in the same round. I.e. if Player X is traded a la Ricky Williams for a cache of picks (1-7 rounds) then the players drafted in each round will have their scores averaged. For example if the first rounded yielded a superstar at pick 16 (Score: 5) and a dud 1 year backup (Score: 1 - 1, drafted in 1st = 0), then the score is averaged to 2.5 and rounded to 3; therefore its a net score of 3 for the first round.

Trading down on the other hand will result in multiple scores for the same round and will be the only time you can score multiple times for the same round. I.e. Team X trades their late 1st round pick for an early 2nd and 5th to Team Y. Team X will be scored for both first rounders (which aren't really eligible for bonus points and really only bonus losses) and Team Y will be scored for the higher pick and round out the even one with the goal of only accounting for 7 picks per team per year. So trading down allows a team to collect bonus points if its worth it and trading up provides a team with a better hit rate (ideally). Now I know I'll miss some trades so you'll have to bear with me and point out errors as you see them (much appreciated).

If you have any suggestions for scoring, please use the comments. I hope to have Fat Andy up soon enough and we'll go from there. I, much like all of you, are anticipating a busy week, so we may not see more than one other draft till next week.

But it should be fun.

Daily "Linkin' Logs" - Survival Edition (11/24/08)

As a sports fan, I really try to attend/view/embrace numerous sporting events. If you haven't gathered already, I'm a casual to interested NCAA Hockey fan (brought on by my Alma Mater), I enjoy the occasional Boxing Match (definitely a casual fan) and I will watch the World Cup when it gets to a National broadcast level.

Which brings me to my weekend where I watched #6 Northeastern defeat #13 New Hampshire 3-2 (NU went on to a 4 point weekend, beating UMass-Lowell 4-3 Saturday, while UNH salvaged 2 points by beating Providence 4-3). Then Saturday I took in the Hatton-Malignaggi fight which Hatton soundly whipped Malignaggi to a 8 round TKO. Amongst the entertaining moments was Ricky Hatton walking to the ring (afterall "There's only oooonnnneee Ricky Hatton, ooooooonnnneee Ricky Hatton") in a fat suit (mocking the discussion over him losing 40 pounds in order to get into the fight) and Malignaggi being significantly upset over having his trainer throw in the towel, even though, without constantly grabbing Hatton, he would have been knocked out, if not seriously hurt.

And it culminated Sunday, when a buddy and I attended Survivor Series in Boston. Yeah, that's right, we went to a pro-wrestling event. I called it "getting in touch with my inner 13 year old." I know what some of you will say; my only advice is, until you just accept the fact that its fake, and then sit back and enjoy, you really don't know. Its certainly athletic. Its theatric. Its entertainment. And frankly, it was cheaper for us to attend the event than actually order in on we went. A quick rundown:
  • The three Survivor Series matches were okay (and really just okay).
  • Team Shawn Michaels defeated Team JBL in the first match. It was about par for the course and really predictable.
  • Team Randy Orton defeated Team Batista. Actually what it came down to was Batista kicking everyone's ass after his team sucked balls. Orton won with some bullshit trickery...I don't get it, how do these referees only notice the good guys trying to cheat. Seriously, I know its fake, but at least put a little effort in.
  • The Diva match was meh. There's basically 6 hot Divas and 4 Uggos. And letting the Uggos battle it out near the end was bullshit. No one wants to see them. I don't get some wrestling fans who cheer for some of these women. I really don't give a shit if they're good at leave those women to do...whatever it is they do and just let the hot ones show their goods.
  • The Casket Match featuring the Big Show and The Undertaker was really crappy to start with. Then, as the Big Show appeared to have enough, he flipped the casket over and began to walk away. The Undertaker used his dark magic (read: pyrotechnics) to keep the Big Show close to the entrance stage, had another casket brought out and ended the match by tossing the Big Show into a standing casket, knocking it over and causing the door to shut; ending the match and declaring the Undertaker the winner.
  • The Triple H - Vladimir Kozlov match just plain sucked. It was slow and boring, which is typical of Kozlov matches (he just doesn't have it. He's supposed to be a heel, but no one really cares. I booed him because the match sucked and there were chants of "boring" during the match). Originally the match was scheduled to be a triple threat and include Jeff Hardy, but he was announced to be out of the match at the beginning of the evening. Now what I didn't get was WWE announced that according to "TMZ and ABC News Boston" Jeff Hardy will not be wrestling tonight. How does that work. Does WWE need to consult real news services to confirm their fake news? So as the match is going on and both Triple H and Kozlov and on the mat, the "Smackdown" GM Vicki Guerrero walks out and announces that it will be a triple threat and introduces Edge as the third opponent. How the hell does this work? After those two beat the shit out of each other, then Edge gets to fight. Who condones this shit? So then of course Edge runs in and beats everyone up. So now, the crowd, who's been calling for Hardy the entire match, gets their wish and Hardy runs in to disrupt the whole thing. First he clubs Edge with a few fists, then he grabs a chair, nails Kozlov and then goes after Edge and Triple H. Edge ducks, Triple H gets hammered and Edge spears Hardy. He then goes on to pin Triple H and is declared the New Champ.
  • And finally, the awaited title match between Chris Jericho and John Cena. Now, another thing I never got is why in the WWE that the order of entrances is always discombobulated. In any legit event, the Champ always comes out last, but in WWE, its always the guy who would get the biggest ovation (or boos, but biggest reaction). Now, I get why, but it still pisses me off; the idea is to give off the appearence that the show is "real." Its called acting. Also, Chris Jericho looks like a rooster with the haircut. The match was entertaining and the crowd was pulling for Cena (he's from Newton, about a half hour from Boston). Cena pulled off the win in his comeback fashion and was declared the champion.
Well, that's about it. It was worth the admission price and I highly endorse the entertainment factor of the WWE. There was certainl an eclectic crowd with a massive age (and intelligence, I think there were some middle schoolers with more brains than a few adults) range. None the less, highly entertaining.
We'll be back later with your MMBBQ. It might be a little later than usual today, but should be fun once I get around to reading Petey's shitfest today (I wonder if he'll actually fellate Tom Coughlin?)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ricky Hatton TKOs Paulie Malignaggi

While the rest of the country was witnessing Texas Tech p*ss away their national title hopes, I was watching Ricky Hatton vs. Paulie Malignaggi. Rumors had Hatton ending his career after this fight, and he may have ended his career in style with absolute domination of Malignaggi.

The Hatton supporters were out in full force, as Hatton was peppering the Brooklyn man with left hooks and shots to the body. On occasion he did hurt Malignaggi to the point of nearly knocking him down, but he was unable to. Didn't matter though, it was a thorough butt-whipping and trainer Buddy McGirt waved the towel in the 11th round.

It's the first time Malignaggi has been stopped, and the second time he's lost. He is a painful fighter to watch, jabbed more than power punched, and he cannot stop holding.

On the Undercard: James Kirkland impressed by knocking out Brian Vera. He delivered devastating body punches and knocked Vera down 3 times in this wicked beating. Kirkland looks like a good prospect that you don't want to mess around with. He remains undefeated and earned some good reps with his win.

DSRTSV - 11/22/08

Remember this one, when "The Dream" bitched John Starks to keep...well, the dream alive. Of course this led to back-to-back titles for the group before M.J. came back and taught 'em all who the champs really were...

Outdrafting Andy - Scorecard Update

Just a quick update about our Outdrafting Andy Reid Spectacular: I've still been toying with the draft scoring, but here's a basic outline (again, input is appreciated,
  • Players will be scored on quality or presumed quality (for players only in the league a few years)
  • They'll be graded on a 5 point system, meaning that a 0 would be never playing an NFL game to a 5 being roughly a pro-bowler (multiple times). I may award bonuses to drafting of all-pros, potential hall of famers and the like.
  • I've been debating the use of another score with respect to finding diamonds in the rough and draft busts. I may either apply this to the score of the player or make it a separate score (i.e. Tom Brady is worth more than say Richard Seymour because Brady was found in the 6th round. My issue with this is that judging coaches' drafting ability also needs to take in account the ability to hit on first rounders due to the cap/money implications).
  • The same time period will be considered for each coach/regime
  • Trades will be considered, but (most likely) judged on a case-by-case basis. For example, the Randy Moss for a 4th rounder trade may appear as though the Patriots hosed the Raiders, but let's be honest here, what were the Raiders going to do? Still, the Patriots certainly deserve some points for getting a potential hall of famer with a few gallons in the tank left to construct one of the best offenses ever.
  • I'll do my best to maintain some consistency with my scoring, but if said player was a flash in the pan, but propelled his team to the title, his is indeed more valuable than a similar player suffering on a craptastic team.
  • Scores per draft will be adjusted for number of picks and/or things out of his control (I might make the Patriots' loss of a pick in 07 a push). Again, trades will probably be taken as a total package (using the Moss example, I might simply grade the Raiders combined 4th rounders and average the score...though I have no intention of using the Raiders).
  • I will utilize an average draft score so that we can compare coaches who didn't have similar lengths in tenure (for example, Tony Dungy's only been at Indy since 2002...its unfair to not give him three years, though we could count his Tampa time)
  • And of course, I'm going to use an unbiased and fairly knowledgeable (equally knowledgeable) as a check to remove my possible bias.
So hopefully we'll have Big Andy's draft up shortly (I've been having lots of fun scouring draft boards and old trade articles). That being said, here's the list of regimes I will be pulling from:
  • Philadelphia Eagles (Andy Reid)
  • Seattle Seahawks (Mike Holmgren)
  • New England Patriots (Bill Belichick)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (Jack Del Rio)
  • Dallas Cowboys (Jerry Jones err Wade Phillips, though we'll be counting the Parcells years because of how involved Jones was regardless)
  • Denver Broncos (Mike Shanahan)
  • Chicago Bears (Lovie Smith)
  • San Diego Charges (Norv Turner...but all the A.J. Smith era)
So hopefully it'll prove some point and we'll have a lot of fun.

Late Saturday Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/22/08)

Admittedly, we think we need a weekend crew for BNB, but until we get one (again, hit us up if you're interested...we can talk about it), myself and a few fellow BNBers will try to fill the void.

With that in mind, I'll try to provide a few links and commentary for today:

Friday, November 21, 2008

Can You Out-Draft Andy Reid?

If you haven't noticed, lately there's been a bit of contempt amongst Eagles fans over the fate of Andy Reid. Most notably, the fire Andy Reid movements have driven up a lot of interest, especially after last Sunday's debacle to the Bungles.

Out of this came a debate between myself, some friends and a resulting message board conversation amongst some Eagles fans. Many of them believe Andy Reid should be fired. I'm not an apologist, but amongst the reasons for firing him: He can't draft, he's a terrible game day coach, his game plan sucks and he cannot adjust. This may or may not be true, but if he can't do any of those, then I fail to understand how he's a mediocre coach (his record is 1 game above .500 since the Super Bowl run of 2004). Assuming that between the seasons of 1999 (his first year) and 2004 (his best year) he was only partially responsible (between the Ray Rhodes Era and the Tom Modrak era, the latter of which ended in 2001 and left Reid essentially in total control) for the quality of players on his team.

Now the debate has shifted to Donovan McNabb, who didn't know you could tie an NFL game. The Eagles front office appears to be exacting revenge on McNabb and setting him up as the scape goat and even some fans have turned on him. But who's really to blame? After all, Reid called the plays, kept his quarterback in, prepared the game plan, so on and so forth.

So after much debate, I'm curious as to how good of a drafter Andy Reid and Company really is. And while its easy to point strike down the drafting of the likes of Quinton Caver or Jerome McDougal, its unfair to say that he missed without comparing it to the hit rates of other long term, successful head coaches.

So over the next week or so, BNB will be examining the drafts of certain comparable NFL regimes over the last decade or so. We will be scoring them based on quality of player, hit rate of draft position and value. We're still considering certain NFL regimes to compare but the following could be considered an incomplete list:
  • New England Patriots
  • Denver Broncos
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Chicago Bears
  • Atlanta Falcons
I'm still tweaking a scoring system, so your input is appreciated if you'd like to have a say ( We'll try to score one draft per day and provide a composite comparison sometime next week. Who knows, maybe we can even discover the true "Gold Standard" of draft experts.

Hammerin' Hank's Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/21/08)

If you didn't already know, Hammerin' Hank...wait, no Hal Steinbrenner will be taking (officially) the place of George (or perhaps simply Larry David) as Yankees Chairman (and partial owner).

Hal has actually been more involved with the team, namely from a financial aspect (he's got the brains), while brother Hank has been more focused on the baseball side of things. There's no doubt that Hank will take the place as family "Boss" when his father passes.

And it's almost a sad day for baseball. And in a Charles Wilson-esque utterence (former GM CEO), George once declared "What's good for the Yankees is good for baseball." And to some extent that's true (and perhaps the Red Sox too). George hasn't passed yet, but you can sense, between Hank and Hal, that his fate is sealed and Baseball will lose another figure. But what Steinbrenner has done, overseen baseball's most powerful franchise reach a climax in popularity, both in the city and the game, is something that may in fact be "Hall of Fame" worthy.

And it didn't take Hal long to act. After offering C.C. Sabathia a contract (projected to be upwards of $137.5 million), Hal threatened not to take flack from anyone:
"We've made him an offer. It's not going to be there forever," - Hal Steinbrenner
And with that, the new Yankees era seems an awful lot like the old one. The Yankees won't play second fiddle (or 2nd choice) to the Dodgers or anybody.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

DSRTSV - 11/20/08

Indeed, what happens if you push yourself this hard. Runners, that's dedication...

and a little gross...

Seattle Seahawks Regional Announcing Review 2008 Pt. 1

Last year I said Dick Stockton was good and got player identification right, and Jason Sehorn irritated me out of my skin. Only 1 out of 2 things changed in that time span, take a guess. It’s time for your regional announcing reviews for your 2-8 Seattle Seahawks!!

Game 1 - @ Buffalo

Ron Pitts and Tony Boselli

Pitts is a good announcer provided he pretends to sound interested in some games. Boselli aggravated me last season but he provided decent insight in this one. I was too busy getting angry to get riled up about them, they were decent enough.

Grade: B-

Game 2 - San Francisco

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa

I really don’t mind Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston is still one of the few analysts I can tolerate from FOX……Siragusa, sure I commented about him talking about the game most of the time, but this season they have made him like a comedy sideshow. I’d rather have Goose up in the booth analyzing plays (which he does well), then telling me for the umpteenth time that “It’s getting really loud in here”. One thing really struck me though. When Leonard Weaver was trying to chase down Patrick Willis on that interception return for a touchdown, I swear I heard Daryl say “GO GET HIM LEONARD!!!” (he didn’t get him). I understand you’re a former fullback and love to see fullbacks hustling to make a play, but keep it professional.

Grade: B+

Game 3 - St. Louis

Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson

Vasgersian has to be paired with someone else. JC Pearson is not exactly someone who will bring insight and info to add to what I already know. Not a bad game, but not a good one from either man. I think Vasgersian needs more football games so his voice can stop running behind the flow of the gameplay.

Grade: C+

Game 4 - @ Giants

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa

I’m giving a no-grade because I seriously stopped watching after halftime.

Game 5 - Green Bay

Chris Rose and JC Pearson

Rose regressed from his first year and I find to be…..not funny. Him and Pearson made a commentating nightmare.

Grade: D

Game 7 (Game 6 on NBC): @ San Francisco

Ron Pitts and Tony Boselli

Leonard Weaver’s shoes are green. I think they discussed that for almost an entire quarter. Pitts has a horrible habit of calling possible touchdowns way too early. Patrick Kerney is not going to run 90 yards for a touchdown with players chasing him, so don’t say “and this one may go for 6″.

Grade: C-

Game 8 - Philadelphia

Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger

Who is Olindo MAH-RAYYYY, Stockton? Even HE doesn’t pronounce his name like that! Mah-Ray? Is he married to Pah-Ray? Since when is Arizona 2-6? Baldinger is Emmitt Smith and John Madden combined, and that makes for a horrible analyst. I’m unaware of Julius Peterson and D.J Duckett. That was a trainwreck of a broadcast, and NOW I know why Stockton was demoted. He has gotten progressively worse in his commentaries… were right FOX, and I was WAY wrong for questioning you.

Grade: D-

Game 9 - @ Miami

Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan

When calling a kickoff return for a touchdown, PLEASE check to see if there are flags. It took him until after they scored to do this. Other than that, this team did not make me cringe like last season with “Kevin Butler” and “Tim Hasselbeck” and “the Saints are 0-8″.

Grade: B

Game 10 - Arizona

Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger

This is the clincher. I am calling for Stockton to retire before the end of the season before I have to deal with this even more down the road. Seattle’s punter is JON RUNYAN? It’s like neither one of them was trying, Baldinger is hopeless trying to articulate a simple timeout situation, and Stockton has gotten so many player names wrong in the past few weeks that I would be horrified to see how he could mangle Danny Shittu.

Grade: F

I was pretty generous in part 1, not a lot of bad grades save for Stockton, Baldinger, Rose, and Pearson. Look forward to the Z-teams in part 2.

Daily "Linkin' Logs" - Ode to Mussina (11/20/08)

Fear not, Daily "Linkin' Logs" will make an appearance.

Mike Mussina, coming off a 20 wins season, will retire. We at BNB would like to formerly bid adieu to the Orioles great (and...ugh...Yankee pitcher) who is well over 100 games above .500 in career record and should (deservingly) earn a spot in the Hall soon enough.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DSRTSV - 11/19/08

George Carlin may have the seven things you can never say on TV but this little number is Bobby Knight's homage to the late Carlin (even if it is apparently decades old)

So Bobby, what's your favorite word?

A Historic Day For Munster Rugby

In an effort to class up this joint a little bit (Just kidding guys) I decided to bring this story to the Bad News Bloggers community. Despite being an American rugby is a passion for me, I played overseas and had the opportunity to watch Munster play, it truly is a magical experience. However, what took place at Thomond Stadium on Tuesday night was something for the ages.

While the majority of people in the United States were at work on a Tuesday afternoon, across the pond in Ireland rugby history was nearly made in one of the most memorable matches I have ever witness. It is the fall test season, and current the New Zealand All Blacks are on a tour of Europe. Tuesday night they made their way into Southern Ireland and found themselves in an hostile environment in Thomond Park in Limmerick where they would take on European powerhouse Munster RFC.

The matched the 30th anniversary of when a Munster side took out the All Blacks, and became the first and only Irish side to beat the New Zealand team. Tuesday's match was meant to be a friendly between the two historic sides. As both team turned to many of their reserve players to carry the bulk of the minutes because the All Blacks were fresh off a tough match on Saturday where they took on Ireland and many of the Munster starters were members of that Irish side. Backups or not, Tuesday night's game was a special occasion.

The atmosphere in Thomond Park is always loud, and everyone in attendance knew they were in for a special treat. However, the Park was ready to explode as both teams met at midfield field pregame in preparation for the All Blacks Haka. Munster, which now sports four of their own New Zealanders had a surprise for the visiting side. The four Munster imports stepped in front of their teammates and proceeded to perform the Haka, challenging the New Zealand side and letting them know this would not be a typical game. The crowd was electric as they watch the Munster players perform the ritual dance. Once they were finished the New Zealanders answered with their versions of the traditional chant. And both teams were ready for the battle of their life.

Munster played one of the best games I have ever seen a side put together, and it is unclear if they caught the Kiwi's off guard or what, but they took the All Blacks to the limit. With four minutes to go in the contest, Munster was leading 16-13, before the New Zealand back line was finally able to show their ability on the outside and dot a try down.

New Zealand would hold on manage to come away with the win, but it took everything they had to do so. In the end there is no doubt that the All Blacks have a new found respect for Irish rugby and for Munster and its strong traditions. After the game the All Blacks showed their appreciation for the crowd and for Munster by applauding the fans who had been on their feet for the entire evening. Truly Tuesday's game marked a special moment in rugby history.

No Ties in Our 10 Things I Think that Smell Like Shit

Another week of sports, another week of 10 things that seem just a little too ripe.
  1. The NFL Dress Code? No Ties! Perhaps its shocking that Donovan McNabb wasn't aware of ties in the NFL or not (according to Big Ben), but it is disappointing. Still, I cannot fully comprehend how McNabb could not know the rule, but still play the OT period like he did (with a last second heave...suggesting the game could end). What's more baffling is that this is the lead story on the Eagles and not Andy Reid who insisted on passing almost 60 times even though his QB has tossed 3 INTs. Oh, and he's been McNabb's coach for 10 years (and only NFL coach) we can only assume he's the only teacher McNabb's had for NFL rules. Seems reasonable
  2. Kaiser Goodell wants an ID card too. The lead is a bit unfair. Roger Goodell actually wants to cut down on scalping and I have to admit, more power to him. While its nice to be able to acquire the big ticket you want, its frustrating when it costs 5 to 10 times its face value. Of course I'm curious to see how that impacts the sales days that typically occur months before the season...and moreover if scalpers aren't buying them in bunches, do the time windows (sometimes meer minutes for a season's worth of tickets available) expand because big time scalpers arent buying them up. If it takes Goodell's plan to allow me to get my ticket at a reasonable price, I'm all for it...ID or no ID.
  3. C.C. Dragging his Feet. Rumor out of New York is Sabathia is waiting for the L.A. offer before he starts negotiating. Sabathia would love to go to California, but only is the L.A. offer is only slightly less than NY's. And given the way the Yankees are posturing, I don't see that happening. Given the way the Yankees are, I don't really blame C.C. but he is just another player who will feel the heat given people's reactions to large payouts.
  4. Rich Rod needs to 'Get a Life'. Praise be to Michigan bloggers, fanboys and message board posters alike. Apparently Rich Rodriguez not only reads you, but doesn't like what you write. As a message board veteran, everyone knows that the anonymity causes venom to spew and frankly you can't take any of it too seriously...unless you're the headcoach of a premier college football program in the midst of its worst season...ever
  5. Re: Pacman might be Pacman has again completed alcohol counseling and is eagerly awaiting a Roger Goodell implemented reinstatement. Is there any bigger joke in the NFL today? Ok, save McNabb et al. I just don't understand how, even assuming that this most recent transgressions are minor by comparison, you can simply let the guy walk back in. But with Jerruh the owner, we all know, money talks and bullshit walks
  6. Tiki lays it down on McNabb. Another Tiki Barber speaking moment, another dissed QB. Of course the last time this happened, said QB won a Super Bowl (does this work again). Why does Tiki talk anymore? Has he reached overpaid status? Will he and McNabb compare Super Bowl Rings? Does he steal Ronde's?
  7. Economy sets sights on LPGA. Every league is facing it, but now the LPGA is living it. As a (relatively) premier sports league, the LPGA is making drastic changes to its schedule to ensure is long term viability. Fan or not, it truly goes to show how bad things are.
  8. That guy...didn't vote for Howard. As a lead for yesterday's DLL's, I pointed out how Albert Poo-Holes (deservingly) won the MVP in the NL. That doesn't mean I didn't think Howard didn't deserve mention, especially considering you pick your top 10 (each writer that is). found that guy who didn't vote for Howard. What a dick!
  9. He can't do it all. Davidson is currently ranked 21st in the nation and they'll probably acquire the automatic bid to the tourney by virtue of the Southern Conference standings but in all his 35 ppg magic, Stephon Curry is doing it all by himself. The man is a college basketball god, who's giving bracketologists creamy upset special (as much of an upset as a #9 seed can be) wet dreams. X-Factor has a name...and its Stephon Curry.
  10. And this one doesn't stink. Golfer J.P. Hayes realizes he was "cheating" during a PGA Qualfier and turns himself in. As a golf leyman, I really don't see the impact that the ball could have had (who knows, maybe it was huge), but I'm J.P. Hayes could and did. Hayes, realizing he was using an unapproved ball, told an official, after he used it for two shots, that it was unapproved and was penalized for it. Then, he spoke with an official that night and (and I'm just piecing it together here) was essentially told the ball would disqualify him. Hayes will not be a full fledged member of the tour because of his honesty and, while I respect his honesty, I do not believe he should be allowed on simply because he was honest. Still, don't feel bad for Hayes, he has over $7 million in career earnings. Again, don't feel bad, but respect the man and his integrity.
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