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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No Ties in Our 10 Things I Think that Smell Like Shit

Another week of sports, another week of 10 things that seem just a little too ripe.
  1. The NFL Dress Code? No Ties! Perhaps its shocking that Donovan McNabb wasn't aware of ties in the NFL or not (according to Big Ben), but it is disappointing. Still, I cannot fully comprehend how McNabb could not know the rule, but still play the OT period like he did (with a last second heave...suggesting the game could end). What's more baffling is that this is the lead story on the Eagles and not Andy Reid who insisted on passing almost 60 times even though his QB has tossed 3 INTs. Oh, and he's been McNabb's coach for 10 years (and only NFL coach) we can only assume he's the only teacher McNabb's had for NFL rules. Seems reasonable
  2. Kaiser Goodell wants an ID card too. The lead is a bit unfair. Roger Goodell actually wants to cut down on scalping and I have to admit, more power to him. While its nice to be able to acquire the big ticket you want, its frustrating when it costs 5 to 10 times its face value. Of course I'm curious to see how that impacts the sales days that typically occur months before the season...and moreover if scalpers aren't buying them in bunches, do the time windows (sometimes meer minutes for a season's worth of tickets available) expand because big time scalpers arent buying them up. If it takes Goodell's plan to allow me to get my ticket at a reasonable price, I'm all for it...ID or no ID.
  3. C.C. Dragging his Feet. Rumor out of New York is Sabathia is waiting for the L.A. offer before he starts negotiating. Sabathia would love to go to California, but only is the L.A. offer is only slightly less than NY's. And given the way the Yankees are posturing, I don't see that happening. Given the way the Yankees are, I don't really blame C.C. but he is just another player who will feel the heat given people's reactions to large payouts.
  4. Rich Rod needs to 'Get a Life'. Praise be to Michigan bloggers, fanboys and message board posters alike. Apparently Rich Rodriguez not only reads you, but doesn't like what you write. As a message board veteran, everyone knows that the anonymity causes venom to spew and frankly you can't take any of it too seriously...unless you're the headcoach of a premier college football program in the midst of its worst season...ever
  5. Re: Pacman might be Pacman has again completed alcohol counseling and is eagerly awaiting a Roger Goodell implemented reinstatement. Is there any bigger joke in the NFL today? Ok, save McNabb et al. I just don't understand how, even assuming that this most recent transgressions are minor by comparison, you can simply let the guy walk back in. But with Jerruh the owner, we all know, money talks and bullshit walks
  6. Tiki lays it down on McNabb. Another Tiki Barber speaking moment, another dissed QB. Of course the last time this happened, said QB won a Super Bowl (does this work again). Why does Tiki talk anymore? Has he reached overpaid status? Will he and McNabb compare Super Bowl Rings? Does he steal Ronde's?
  7. Economy sets sights on LPGA. Every league is facing it, but now the LPGA is living it. As a (relatively) premier sports league, the LPGA is making drastic changes to its schedule to ensure is long term viability. Fan or not, it truly goes to show how bad things are.
  8. That guy...didn't vote for Howard. As a lead for yesterday's DLL's, I pointed out how Albert Poo-Holes (deservingly) won the MVP in the NL. That doesn't mean I didn't think Howard didn't deserve mention, especially considering you pick your top 10 (each writer that is). found that guy who didn't vote for Howard. What a dick!
  9. He can't do it all. Davidson is currently ranked 21st in the nation and they'll probably acquire the automatic bid to the tourney by virtue of the Southern Conference standings but in all his 35 ppg magic, Stephon Curry is doing it all by himself. The man is a college basketball god, who's giving bracketologists creamy upset special (as much of an upset as a #9 seed can be) wet dreams. X-Factor has a name...and its Stephon Curry.
  10. And this one doesn't stink. Golfer J.P. Hayes realizes he was "cheating" during a PGA Qualfier and turns himself in. As a golf leyman, I really don't see the impact that the ball could have had (who knows, maybe it was huge), but I'm J.P. Hayes could and did. Hayes, realizing he was using an unapproved ball, told an official, after he used it for two shots, that it was unapproved and was penalized for it. Then, he spoke with an official that night and (and I'm just piecing it together here) was essentially told the ball would disqualify him. Hayes will not be a full fledged member of the tour because of his honesty and, while I respect his honesty, I do not believe he should be allowed on simply because he was honest. Still, don't feel bad for Hayes, he has over $7 million in career earnings. Again, don't feel bad, but respect the man and his integrity.

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