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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bunk at The Bank

Ladies and Gentleman, you're witnessing history. An epic collapse...of Major League Baseball.

Bud Selig is a joke. The League is a joke.

Its not sour grapes because the Rays came back. Look, I understand not wanting to end the game on a rainout. I would not like to see my favorite team win a championship that way nor would I like to be on the other side (a la Tampa).

But waiting (through miserable weather) for Tampa to tie it seems a bit unfair as well.

Just a miserable position all around.

Bud Selig has just announced that the game has been officially postponed.

Good work MLB. You've come a long way since the All-Star Fiasco in Milwaukee and "This One Counts"

And Peter King's Bad Blood Spilliths Over

Like I'd miss an opportunity to rip good ole Peter King a new one today. If you missed it, our friend Peter had a nice little MMBBQ talking about...well, the 49ers and something about the Colts and Titans (a game which hasn't been played) and ignored...I dunno, multiple major games, like Dallas and Tampa or the Giants and Steelers.

But that's Petey's prerogative.

But I'm not here to rip King's philosophy or writing style. Just draw attention to Petey's vendetta. That of one we featured weeks ago. You see, King hates Warren Sapp because Sapp ripped a show King was on (until it was cancelled).

"The Buffalo Bills are going to the Super Bowl.''
-- Warren Sapp, on the NFL Network's pregame show Sunday, five hours before Miami sent the Bills home with a 23-16 defeat.

"That sound of scissoring you hear is the PR staffs of the Patriots, Steelers and Titans clipping that quote out of the paper this morning and posting it in places players will see quite often."

Right Peter. The Pats, Steelers and Titans are listening to what Warren Sapp has to say about the dark horse Buffalo Bills. Yeah, they're pinning that one up on the wall right next to Carlos Beltran's team to beat proclaimation. If the Patriots need Warren Sapp's Bills proclaimation to get motivated than perhaps there's more wrong with the Pats than Tom Brady's Staph infection...

Maybe that's just me Peter, but you've got some serious sour grapes there.

Daily "Linkin' Logs" Thiiiis Close Edition (10/27/08)

Can you feel it? Can you really feel it. Tonight, for the first time in my life, the Philadelphia Phillies take the field with a chance to become World Champions.

The buzz is abound. The Flyers caught wins against the Devils, the Eagles got back on track with a win against the Falcons and the Phillies, besides simply playing baseball in October are on the cusp of the city's first championship since 1983. Soul and Barrage be damned. The World Series is the kind of title you talk about. And the men above, the boys who are bringing it home know they're on the cusp. Tonight may just be a special night.
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