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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And You Thought Bernard Pollard Was Dirty?

Its not surprising that numerous Pats fans have been crying foul over the Brady hit by Bernard Pollard. Hell, even Vince Wilfork and Randy Moss believe so.

Many Pats fans (Personally, I like to imagine the proprietors of Sox and Dawgs as a red faced bunch of pissed off Boston Irish folks punching the keyboard as they typed that) and personnel have had an opinion on the hit, but one man's opinion is clearly missing...

That of Rodney Harrison.

Numerous Google Searches for Harrison have revealed little

So where is the NFL's dirtiest player to comment on this dirty play? (Oh, you say the poll is too old? How about this Coaches Poll from earlier this summer?) I can even image good ole Bill Belichick answer it and thinking: "Yeah, Harrison...whatever." The real facts are, 18 coaches were polled and 11 said Harrison right off the bat. Second place? Roy Williams with...two votes...

So Rodney, care to weigh in on the hit? Do you think it was dirty...Well really, would you have done it? (yeah ya would, don't lie)

For Fear of Jinxing Daily "Linkin' Logs" (9/10/08)

So, I do fear the SI jinxing & Football Gods. Listen guys (and ladies), I saw what you did to Tom Brady. I get that, he got too big and you brought his career down a notch. He messed with 19-0 and you didn't enjoy that.

But I fear the Reaper here. You did it to Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies as they entered the post season, you destroyed the Eagles' McNabb to T.O. connection in '04 and even when Jeff Garcia helped the Eagles to a run in '06, you were there to put him on the cover and squash the run in its tracks (along with Sheldon Brown squashing Reggie Bush in his).

So look, I'm not asking for much, but since you also put Donovan McNabb on the cover the same week as Brady, could you please find it in your hearts to stick with a one curse per cover week? Maybe even a little reverse polarity, where the other cover results in extreme success? Am I asking for too much?

Ok, how about you just put Dallas on the cover. Thanks!
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