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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Phase Two Complete. Quasi Daily "Linkin' Logs" (10/2/08)

And there ya have it, the Phillies hang on to a 5-2, mostly thanks to Shane Victorino, but also an unflappable (for now) Brett Myers.

The Phillies keyed in on a C.C. Sabathia 2nd, which produced 5 runs and neither team could put much else on the board and the Phils sent Brad Lidge (who tossed a tough 9th yesterday evening) to close it out.

This time Lidge didn't make it a Rollaids relief appearance.

The Phillies now take a commanding 2-0 lead in the best of 5 series. They'll play in Milwaukee on Saturday, where Dave Bush will try to save the Brewers season as he faces Jamie Moyer, who's been on the bump for the Phillies last 2 NL East clinching starts.

Thoughts from behind the TV:
  • Anyone else find a degree of hilarity in the Traveler's Life Insurance commercials where the old man has a giant umbrella...its not like the sky is falling. Oh wait, it is.
  • Given the situation (and Sabathia's record versus lefties), it all adds up, but doesn't it just feel weird to intentionally walk Shane Victorino to get to Chase Utley?
  • Its kind of ridiculous that Mitch Williams is involved in a commercial talking about memorable home runs. The best part is, he's asked which home run is most memorable...and its not the one you think he'd say.
  • Sure, there's too many Frank Caliendo Commercials, but atleast there's no Dane Cook.
  • But you get to see this over and over and over...There is only one October...this year

C.C. Tee Hee Hee

Excuse the lack of "Linkin' Logs" today. I became very occupied and was unable to do them per usual. Plus with the excitement of the Phillies game, I was simply trying to contain my excitement while working.

And I guess it worked out.

Its the middle of the 5th and the Phillies have already chased Sabathia from the game and are ahead 5-1. The key was a Brett Myers walk in the 2nd which opened the doors for Jimmy Rollins and then Shane Victorino to hit a Grand Salami.

Sabathia, though not allowing a run, could not get back on track. The Phillies have managed to mount some offense, but could not score again.

The Phillies are hoping to get at least 7 strong out of Myers and score enough to keep Lidge fromt he game. After his 30+ pitch showing yesterday, Lidge is looking for all the rest he can get, though he claims he pitches best on the 2nd day of back to backs.

Keep an eye on the score to see if the Phillies can keep it going. Game 3 will be in Milwaukee on Saturday.
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