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Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Monday Afternoon MMBBQ (11/3/08)

Peter's back at it again. Really, its no so much the crowned one today. The good soldier fights on with his usual dreary flub about why he thinks the Giants are good (because he lives in Jersey...icky). Still, no conceited drub detected this week, but he did do a fine bit of reporting:

Hey, let's go 7-0. Let's see if we can go 7-0. ... We're playing for ourselves. We're playing for our professional livelihood.''
--Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis, in his postgame speech to his team after the Bengals won their first game of the season, 21-19, over the Jags.

To which Petey responds: The Bengals have seven games left, and Chad Johnson says he thinks the team could finish 8-8. Well, in two weeks the Bengals start a rather interesting five-game stretch -- Eagles, at Steelers, Ravens, at Colts, Redskins -- and I'll just say this: If they sweep those five, I'm changing my name to Peter Ocho Cinco.

Now maybe I'm not a true Iggs fan here, but if the Eagles season is truly predicated on the Giants game, and they lose, is it so wrong to start rooting for the draft pick and hope the Bengals pull off the miracle string and make him chance his name. Seriously, can we hold his feet to the fire and make this happen?

Still, can't let Petey off that easy. Needless to say, his "Non-football thoughts" were going to kill me. What's he got?

Petey went on a little spat about how weak baseball is (namely Bud Selig - True) and how bad the weather was and how it ruined his night. It bothers me that they sell tickets to some schmuck like Peter King. Asshole can watch them play in Tampax, where there are no fans, instead of stealing seats from a caring fan in Philly. He was happy for Brad Lidge (we all are) but not a single congratulatory note for the Phils (while blowing Joe Maddon and the Rays).

Thanks Peter

Sorry you live in Jersey

Hangover Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/3/08)

We've decided to take a new approach and find a new logo for the "Linkin' Logs." On that note, if you've got something of your own, feel free to submit: and we can discuss (which means, we'll probably use it).

What a fantastic weekend for Philly. Sure the Sixers are off to a tough start and the Flyers ended their winning ways (after ending their winless streak to start the season), but the Phillies are champions and the Eagles are now 5-3 and out of the basement of the NFC East (thanks Dallas).

And most interestingly, the story of this weekend is probably the BCS. Alabama moved into the top spot, not surprising given their SEC winning ways and Texas losing. Texas's loss (by Texas Tech) pushed them into 2, leaving PSU in the dust at 3 (you can thank the "little" 10) and Florida and Texas round out the top 5. Many PSU fans are upset that they didn't move up, but with the only ranked opponent win being Ohio State (12). Though they did beat Illinois (formerly a top 25) and have dates with Northwestern (many votes) and Michigan State (18).

Still, that's not exactly on par with TT, who's already beaten #23 Kansas State, #1 Texas and still has dates with Oklahoma State (9) and Oklahoma (5). Take care of business there, and it's hard not to argue TT into the National Title Game.

Meanwhile Alabama has defeated Clemson (9 at the time, unranked now), Georgia (6), LSU (19) and still has dates with Auburn and probably Florida (4) in the SEC title game. Again, take care of business and you'd be hardpressed to not put them in the Title Game.

And here's the one that should flip PSU fans' lids. Florida, at 7-1 has beaten #19 LSU and #6 Georgia, both at their houses and in impressive fashion, while losing a heartbreaker to Mississippi. They've still got dates with a tough Vandy Squad, Spurier's Gamecocks, Rival Florida State (22) and possibly Alabama (1). Again, with wins to close out the season, they could be 12-1 with 4 wins of ranked opponents and a fluky loss to Mississippi. Sitting at 4 now, I could see them leaping PSU with a title game defeat of 'Bama. It not only could happen, it's bloody likely.

PSU fans can badger all you like about beating everyone in front of you (like TT and 'Bama could do, in which case, they'd really have no gripe as far as the game itself...playoffs are another issue altogether), but when you open the season with the likes of Coastal Carolina, Syracuse and Temple (a collective 9-17) you gotta find some way to make up for your conference deficiencies.
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