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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can You Outcoach Andy Reid?

So if you haven't figured it out, there's some extreme Eagle Bias here at BNB. Not because we're all Eagles fans, but because, I post here, I'm a loudmouth and I like the Eagles.

Anyway, I was perusing today and found this glorious little nugget.

Can You Outcoach Andy Reid

Its a fun little simulation allowing you to match wits with the mustachioed one. Odds are, Simulated Andy runs short screens and passes and blitzes on every if you can handle that, then you're golden.

Also, Fuck Pacman Jones and Fuck "Yoko Romo" (courtesy of PFT)...coincidentally if you caught her on the "Good Morning America" show this morning, are you done laughing yet?

BadNewsBloggers: Proud Endorser of "Believe!Merch" (Even though they're Steelers fans)

Some folks at at Believe!Merch, a website dedicated to Steelers fans apparel, have come up with, what will probably become, the fall's hottest fashion.

Yeah, you can even order it right here for $13.99.

Right back at ya Randy, for that "dirty hit." Suck one Vince Wilfork, your hit was actually dirty.

Hell, Good Ole Bill Simmons is even a little off his rocker after the "Kneegate"

And even our own Manny Stiles finds some level of hilarity amongst the calamity that is Tom Brady's ACL

UPDATE: The folks at Sox and Dawgs didn't really enjoy it either...oh Patriots Nation (or whatever the hell you're called) you're so cute...

Aaron Rodgers's Fortunate Daily "Linkin' Logs" (9/9/08)

Now with Less Favre

Now, I'm stealing a line here (from a fellow BNBer, so I owe him a nickel), but "Kneegate" has only begun to negate the Patriots' season. I'm rather annoyed that "the 'chick" refuses to acknowledge the extent of the injury and instead simply calls it a serious knee injury

Fuck it Bill, its an ACL tear. If Goodell is so concerned with the image of his league, why doesn't he step in and stop letting Darth Vadar throw out his bullshit. So much for fairness in the NFL...

Gene Wojo...whatever says the Jets are now on par with the Patriots which is about as believable as...say...Bill Belichick's injury report.

I hope the Bills win the Division...
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