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Monday, October 20, 2008

Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll:Don't Mess With Texas

Week 8 is in the books, and the Texas Longhorns put their stamp on the college football polls with their beat down of the Missouri Tigers. Elsewhere in the country the ACC proved why it is an average conference at best, Penn State is ready to put their name in the ring for a BCS Championship run. Basically what it comes down to is this is a great season for college football so keep up with your top 25 polls and make sure your favorite team doesn’t get dropped.

1) Texas Longhorns: The Longhorns had a big home game on Saturday night and they did not disappoint. Texas came out swinging against the Missouri Tigers and the Longhorns put on a show for the ages. Colt McCoy is the best playing in college football today, and completing 81% of his passes proves that. The Texas Longhorns may be around for a while.

2) Alabama: Ole Miss just finds a way to mess with peoples heads. They gave Alabama all they could handle on Saturday afternoon. However Nick Saban’s defense showed up and they were strong to hold the fort down. Next week they get to square off against lowly Tennessee.

3) Penn State: Talk about halftime adjustments. I’m not sure who made the speech but it sure worked. Penn State was in a slow tough game with Michigan on Saturday even. Then I ordered a beer, looked up and they were crushing the Wolverines. This is an explosive Penn State offense, when they face Ohio State it will be a game for the ages.

4) Florida Gators: Tim Tebow has willed this team all season and there is no more important time for him to put his mark on the Florida Gators than right now. He may not have the numbers that he put up last season, but you can believe he is every bit as important. The race for the SEC East will be a tight one, but in Tebow we trust.

5) Texas Tech: Just win baby. The Red Raiders keep winning games, and they keep avoiding Big 12 opponents. I feel like they are a boxed who knows they are not a real champion. Despite great talent, I still think this is the fifth best team in the Big 12 and they will exposed shortly.

6) Georgia Bulldogs: This is a team that I just like. They are horrible to gamble with, as we have see in the College Football Pick’em game, but they are a solid squad nonetheless. The Bulldogs are just hanging around and taking care of business. The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville this year will be huge and you can believe that Walker-Sports will be there.

7) Oklahoma Sooners: Sam Bradford is playing his ass off. He set Oklahoma records for passing yards on Saturday against Kansas. If the Sooners want to get back into the BCS Title hunt, he will need to continue to perform at a high level on the football field. The Sooners have an uphill battle to fight especially with the way Texas is playing. Bob Stoops will need to work extra hard to keep his team focused and sharp going through the rest of the season.

8) Oklahoma State: Mike Gundy has put together a good team. There really is no other way to put it. Add in the fact that Gundy is one of my favorite coaches in college football, and I like OSU. I don’t think they are a BCS team but they are damn good and they are fun to watch.

9) Ohio State: The Buckeyes put an end to all that Michigan State talk last weekend. Now it’s time for them to step back up to the big leagues. OSU has a history of blowing big college football games. The last time the whole nation watch them they were being run out of L.A. by the Trojans. Saturday they have a grudge match against Penn State. The winner will likely get the Big 10, the Rose Bowl and maybe a chance at the BCS Championship. Let’s hope Jim Tressel has learned to coach under pressure.

10) USC: The Trojans proved that Washington State is the worst team in BCS Conference football. 62-0 is beyond embarrassing. The Trojans are a good team and it’s hard to ignore the rumors of them slipping into the backdoor of the BCS Championship. Personally I think that is B.S. If the Trojans make it the BCS Championship and leapfrog a one lost SEC or Big 12 team, then the BCS has failed us once again.

11) Utah: Well BYU is out of the way, and Utah is getting votes in the Harris Poll. This could be their year to make a second run to a BCS game. However, BYU taught us, that staying focused the entire season may not be that easy.

12) Boise State: With Hawaii out of the way, Boise has reclaimed their rightful position atop the WAC. However, this team has grown too big for their own good. Winning the WAC is no long the big accomplishment it used to be, not when you have won a Fiesta Bowl. Boise has their eyes on another BCS trip and they will stop at nothing to get it.

13) LSU: The Tigers seem to follow this formula every year. Lose against good SEC teams, hang around till someone else in conference knocks that team off, and then slip away with an SEC Title and chance at the BCS. Right now it looks like the LSU Tigers are right on schedule.

14) South Florida: The Bulls are a good team in a horrible conference. The Big East should trade in their BCS Spot with a WAC or Mountain West team.

15) Pittsburgh: It’s just strange seeing this team in the top 25. However, good ole Dave may have finally put together a team he can be proud of. Now they just need to make sure they don’t stumble coming down the stretch.

16) BYU: Well they had a good run.

17) Kansas: Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Playing Oklahoma a week after they lost a potential national title. Now that’s just not fair. On the bright side of things, Kansas gave Oklahoma all they could handle and made it a very interesting game.

18) Ball State: Undefeated, no chance at the BCS, but still fun to watch. Chances are you have never seen this team or any team they play on the field but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong on this poll.

19) Missouri Tigers: Chase Daniels is still a very good quarterback, but you won’t be seeing this Missouri Tigers team anytime soon. A trip to the Cotton Bowl is nothing to be ashamed of, really it isn’t.

19) Tulsa: Much like Ball State, this is a college football team most of you have never seen, but do yourself a favor and try to check them out. If nothing else, just watch how they execute their spread offense, one of the best in the country.

20) Georgia Tech: The triple option is alive and well in the south. More importantly quietly the Rambling Wreck has compiled a 6-1 record and has a chance at an ACC title. Saturday they are facing the hottest team in the ACC, Virginia in a game that could have a huge affect on the outcome of the conference.

21) Florida State: The job Bobby Bowden and have done with the Seminoles this season is largely overlooked due to the success Joe Pa is having up at Penn State. What that tells me is no matter where FSU end this football season at, Bowden will be another year just so he cans one up Joe Paterno.

22) TCU: Back in the top 25 for the second time this season. Sounding beating BCS crasher BYU will do that to a team. TCU is solid on defense and they can shut down just about any offense in football.

23) Boston College: Like most of the ACC, Boston College has flown under the radar all year, but they have compiled an impressive 5-1 record. The crowning moment of which was a win at home against Virginia Tech. Boston College now has a chance to control its fate and reach the ACC Title game once again.

24) Minnesota: Talk about one of the great turnarounds in college football. 1-11 last season 6-1 to this point of this season. Some of that is due to cupcake scheduling in the first half of the season. It will be interesting to see how Minnesota holds up against the Big 10 going down the stretch of the season.

25) Northwestern: Two weeks ago, nerdy schools wee all the rage in the top 25, now Northwestern is the lone one remaining. Not surprising considering they are one of the only smart schools to have at least some success on the football field at one time or another.

World Series Entrants Edition Daily "Linkin' Logs" (10/20/08)

And there you have it. Courtesy of a Tampa Bay Rays game 7 win, we'll have a FOX dream ratings World Series...oh we won't. That being said, this World Series will feature the 5th and 19th largest Metro Areas, as compared to the following: (Teams, Population Ranking by Metro Area, Combined Ranking Score, total population and TV Ratings (average per game)):
  • Year - AL Entrant (Pop. rank) Vs. NL Entrant (Pop. Rank) - Combined Pop. Rank - Total Combined Pop. - Average Rating per Game.
  • 2000 - New York Yankees (1) Vs. New York Mets (1) - 2 - 19,000,000 - 12.4 (*Only One Metro Area*)
  • 2001 - New York Yankees (1) Vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (13) - 14 - 23,000,000 - 15.5
  • 2002 - Anaheim Angels (2ish) Vs. San Francisco Giants (12) - 14 - 17,000,000 - 11.9
  • 2003 - New York Yankees (1) Vs. Florida Marlins (7) - 8 - 24,000,000 - 12.8
  • 2004 - Boston Red Sox (10) Vs. St. Louis Cardinals (18) - 28 - 7,000,000 - 15.9
  • 2005 - Chicago White Sox (3) Vs. Houston Astros (6) - 9 - 15,000,000 - 11.2
  • 2006 - Detroit Tigers (11) Vs. St. Louis Cardinals (18) - 29 - 7,000,000 - 10.1
  • 2007 - Boston Red Sox (10) Vs. Colorado Rockies (21) - 31 7,000,000 - 10.7
  • 2008 - Tampa Bay Rays (19) Vs. Philadelphia Phillies (5) - 24 - 9,000,000 - N/A
The average ratings for the World Series are roughly 12.6 with the top ratings getters being the 2001 Series, which went 7 games and happened just after 9/11 (in New York no less) and the 2004 Series which featured the cursed yet Historic Boston Red Sox. As you can see in 2007, a curseless Sox (with roughly the same home viewership) is a stagnant Series at best. If you remove those outliers (which we are deeming fair, since a Yankees - Mets and Yankees- Marlins series each brought in numbers above 12) you get 11.5, not such a lofty number for this year's World Series, which features a top 5 population (and media market). Perhaps this isn't quite the boondoggle Fox is predicting

or maybe they're just morons.
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