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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Out-Drafting Scoring System

And I think we've got it. Again, I'm not going to award half points or anything, so I will just be picking the category the player falls closest to. Points won't be awarded if the player leaves the team and succeeds elsewhere.
  • 0 points = Never played an NFL game (regulation)
  • 1 point = played at least 1 year at NFL level, special teamer or spot duty
  • 2 points = backup or role player, multiple years with team
  • 3 points = Starter or flexible career level backup/jack of all trades
  • 4 points = Starter, star, pro-bowler, team leader dependent on level of players on other teams, clutch factors and other teammates
  • 5 points = all-pro, multiple pro-bowls, star, team leader, etc
Bonus points may be awarded based on round. They will only be given to players who earn 3s, 4s or 5s.
  • 3s will be awarded on extra point if they are drafted on the 2nd day (4th through 7th, I'm counting 3rds as first day for the purpose of this, since the rule has only been in effect for one year).
  • 4s will be awarded 2 points for being drafted in the 2nd day
  • 5s will be awarded 3 points for being drafted in the 4th or 5th round and 4 points for 6th or 7th.
There's also a chance to lose points:
  • 0s drafted on the first day will receive a -1
  • 1s drafted in the 1st or 2nd round will receive a -1, -2 if they're top 15
  • 2s drafted in the first round will receive a -1, -2 if they're top 10
  • 3s drafted in the top 10 will receive a -1
Trades will be graded on a case by case basis. I won't be considering trades of player for draft picks, but I will be averaging (to closest whole number) scores for players selected in the same round. I.e. if Player X is traded a la Ricky Williams for a cache of picks (1-7 rounds) then the players drafted in each round will have their scores averaged. For example if the first rounded yielded a superstar at pick 16 (Score: 5) and a dud 1 year backup (Score: 1 - 1, drafted in 1st = 0), then the score is averaged to 2.5 and rounded to 3; therefore its a net score of 3 for the first round.

Trading down on the other hand will result in multiple scores for the same round and will be the only time you can score multiple times for the same round. I.e. Team X trades their late 1st round pick for an early 2nd and 5th to Team Y. Team X will be scored for both first rounders (which aren't really eligible for bonus points and really only bonus losses) and Team Y will be scored for the higher pick and round out the even one with the goal of only accounting for 7 picks per team per year. So trading down allows a team to collect bonus points if its worth it and trading up provides a team with a better hit rate (ideally). Now I know I'll miss some trades so you'll have to bear with me and point out errors as you see them (much appreciated).

If you have any suggestions for scoring, please use the comments. I hope to have Fat Andy up soon enough and we'll go from there. I, much like all of you, are anticipating a busy week, so we may not see more than one other draft till next week.

But it should be fun.

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