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Friday, September 26, 2008

TGIF Daily "Linkin' Logs" (9/26/08)

If you haven't noticed already (and your head is in the sand), the battle for middle earth has begun on Capital Hill today. Democrats jeering a lack of regulation, Republicans clamoring a need to help Wall Street Banks and Americans just needing help all saw a plan come to fruition and then fall apart by a group of small government Republicans. For right or wrong, it should be a long day (and weekend) in the nation's capital.

Meanwhile Washington Mutual finally bit the dust, resulting in the biggest bank collapse ever (though one might suggest, with inflation, it could not be, I have not researched this). A bank failure is not atypical during times like these, but is strikingly ridiculous considering the American experience in the Great Depression and the existence of the FDIC (i.e. relax folks, your money is fine, leave it at the bank). Washington Mutual has been rated a going concern for years and yet, only now, with mass hysteria, has it fallen.

Enough business (you can click on yourself), last night the New York Mets saved their season. With Milwaukee topping Pittsburgh in 10, the Mets needed a little magic of their own, provided by none other than overpaid Carlos Beltran. Thus leaving the Phillies in first place of the NL East by one game and the Mets and Brewers tied atop the wild card. All teams control their destiny (as it were), win out and you play a 163rd game (at least). If the Phillies win out, they win the NL East. Should the Mets win one more game than the Phillies (over the next 3), then the Mets win the East (by virtue of a season series lead, 11-7) unless the Brewers have a better record than both, in which case the Phillies and Mets would play a game next week to decide the champion. The Mets must keep pace with the Brewers (and vica versa) and should they be tied, they would play to get in. The same applies to the Phillies, should the Mets pace them, but they tie with the Brewers. Should all three teams tie, the Mets and Phillies would square off to decide the division and then the loser would play the Brewers for the Wild Card.

The Dodgers already took care of business. They are in and await either the Phillies (in which they'll travel to Philadelphia first) , the Mets (same scenario) or the Cubs (if the Brewers win the WC). The AL on the other hand is all but set. Assuming the Rays can win a game this weekend, they'll claim the AL East and prepare for Chicago, while the Red Sox will pack up and head out west to face the Angels (who have secured home field throughout). Should the Rays back into the playoffs (no very likely, but possible), they'll head out west while the Red Sox take on the White Sox in Boston. These scenarios are much simpler. The real hitch will rest in weather this weekend, as many games stand a chance to be cancelled or post-poned with serious impact on the playoffs.
UPDATE: I figure we might be able to top the "And Finally" today (ok, not really, but...), while "preparing" for the debate tonight, I think I found the goldmine for entertainment. The Presidential Debating Drinking Game Rules...Finish all the liquor if McCain says "Listen, the mutherfucking surge worked!"
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