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Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 Things...That Don't Smell Like Shit At All

Its a special time in Philadelphia. 2 hours from now, the championship red pinstripers will be parading down Broad and Market Streets (amongst others) receiving the cheers (and no jeers) of, literally, millions of fans. Its a fantastic day to be a Philly fan. One issue has got me thinking though; the once "woe is me" attitude that has plagued Philly fans, marred them with disgusting losses and extreme futility is now gone. The mantra will change...but the attitude. What's to complaint about now? At this point it doesn't matter, let's just sit back and enjoy the afterglow of a champion.
  1. Championship Gear and no room for a Second Mortgage. I have many rules about buying gear, but most of them, if not all, generally get broken when a team becomes a champion. I say this like its happened before. Frankly, since 1997, I've purchased numerous "2nd place" items (Conf. Championship gear), but only sparingly, as I didn't find the true value, but still splurged a little. In this case, it seems like the ideal time to splurge and I will buy many things but...with prices like this and an economy like this, you really have to wonder about 25 dollar t-shirts and 110 dollar jerseys.
  2. Uncle Charlie's "This is for Philadelphia." And with that, Charlie Manuel become an iconic Philadelphia hero, and the owner of a proud spot in the Philadelphia Sports Pantheon. His speech, his passion, his respect for the fans was my first true moment of "We've made it!" But that little diddy of a speech, even slightly incoherent, was one of my favorite moments in sports history for that town.
  3. Jimmy was Right. After Carlos Beltran's "To Jimmy Rollins, We're the Team to beat." proclaimation earlier this year, Young James responded with his own ridiculous proclaimation...That the Phillies would win 100 games. They won 103 and a title. Touche Jimmy, Touche.
  4. Parade, Parade, Parade. Its okay to say it. Philadelphia's having a parade today. It's a joyous time and even I'll be enjoying it from afar.
  5. Charlie, We were Wrong. Especially Eskin. Charlie Manuel have been the subject of much grief in Philadelphia. He's been called stupid, a bumkin and even almost came to blows with Phildelphia sports personality, Howard Eskin. I'm here to officially apologize to Charlie, as even I called for his firing. I was wrong Charlie and I've never been so happy to eat crow in my life.
  6. Fire up the Hot Stove. 157 days till spring training. This, both literally and figuratively will be the shortest offseason yet. But Free Agency is 15 days away and times are a-changin'.
  7. The 100 Season Wait is Over. Sure its an overdue title and Philly fans almost claim to deserve it, but they've been held hostage by years of almosts, maybes and lots of bad management. The waits over now and maybe it's time to turn the corner. A whole generation of titleless fans now share the joy that those of the 70s and 80s so fondly remember.
  8. And the Winner is... Well, Jayson Stark picked the Phils in 6, while Peter Gammons and Jerry Crasnik picked the Phils in 7; all the other ESPN schmucks when Rays in varying degrees with Jim Caple picking a Rays sweet (whoops!). ESPN batted .300 on the call. Sports Illustrated's John Heyman and Albert Chen also picked the Phils in 6 while Tom Verducci and Michael Bamberger had them in 7. No one at SI had the series going in either favor for less than 6 games. SI batted .444 for the Series.
  9. Enjoy the Day. Much like I've derided by Beantown brethern during their numerous (too numerous, fucking douchebags) parades and championship riots, let's keep the celebrating, clean fun and downright drunken. I agree, I never got why people felt the need to vandalize. Sit back and enjoy it, don't "be a jackass" (thanks Nutter).
  10. And for today. Here it is. Replays of the 1980 Series, the Parade and Rally and then replays of the 2008 model. Sit back, relax and enjoy.
Go Phils!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies - World Series Champions

They're Champions. The Philadelphia Phillies have ended the 25 year, 100 season drought in Philly. They've done what the 2004 Eagles, 2001 76ers and 1997 Flyers could not. But all those thoughts are simply washed in the Championship dream that is the 2008 World Series Champions.

We'll just enjoy the glory for now.

Is Greg Oden the Next Ralph Sampson?

NBA fans around the world have waited for Greg Oden to make his professional debut with the Portland Trailblazers. Tuesday night, Oden took the court for the first time in his NBA career, and you have to think that the fans were disappointed.

Granted his stats were not impressive 0-4, 2 rebounds 1 blocked shot and 1 turnover. However, what Trailblazer fans have to be disappointed about is that Greg Oden injured himself during the season opener. That's right Greg Oden got hurt again. This time he hurt his foot after playing just over 12 minutes. At this time it is unclear as to how severe the injury to Oden's foot is.

However, if you are the Portland Trailblazers you have to be concerned about the overall health and longevity of their one time number 1 pick. Greg Oden only played one year of college basketball at Ohio State. That season was cut short when Oden sat for the first half of the year with a wrist injury. Even upon returning to the court he was limited in what he could do. Oden missed his original rookie season in the NBA after undergoing micro-fracture surgery to repair an injured knee. And now he has another injury.

Even if it is a minor injury, this has to serve as proof that Greg Oden is a brittle player and his NBA career could be cut short due to a rash of injuries. If I was part of the Trailblazers management, I would be concerned that they just drafted the next Ralph Sampson.

Ralph Sampson was a three time national player of the year at the University of Virginia and is widely considered one of the best college basketball players ever. He was picked up by the Houston Rockets and along side Hakeem the Dream they combined to create a massive front court with two seven footers. However, a lack of size and a rash of foot injuries would end Sampson's career before he ever made an impact on the league.

Right now Greg Oden seems to be on the same path as so many other big men turn disappointments. I am not writing him off just yet, but I am warning, don't be surprised if/when it happens.

Daily "Linkin' Logs" - Dried Out Game Five Edition (10/29/08)

Well, the weather report for tonight in Philly is cloudy skies and high 40s. Sufficient enough for baseball (like last year in Boston...or last night in Philly - *sigh*). Another Selig screw-up as they probably could have played last night. Alas, no mistakes were made and they will (baring something blatantly ridiculous) play tonight.

The Philadelphia papers are all abashed with anger, frustration and downright disgust in regards to Major League Baseball's treatment of the Phillies, their fans and the game in general:
Its not sour grapes (yes it is), but this whole thing stinks to me. I feel as though I'm on the verge of the collapse and the lynch mob will then start to form around Allen Huber "Bud" Selig's house.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll:Texas Does it Again

The college football season just keeps rolling on, and things are getting tense. The Big 12 and the SEC appear to be ready to go down to the wire. However, there are plenty of other schools from around the country who are ready to put their stamp on the title hunt as well. Let’s take a look at where everyone stands in the Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll after another week of action.

1) Texas Longhorns: The Longhorns has their first true test of the season and they handled it well. Oklahoma State game at Texas with everything they had, but in the end, Colt McCoy and company proved to be too tough to bring down.

2) Alabama: On the road in the SEC, no problem for Nick Saban’s crew. Alabama made the trip to Tennessee and they put together a solid performance. With LSU getting knocked off, the SEC West should be all Bama’s for the taking.

3) Penn State: Great game on the road in a hostile environment that has dominated Penn State since the 1970’s. To this point it has been the Penn State spread offense that has been the talk of the town. However, Saturday night PSU showed they still have a dominate defense. The Buckeyes had no where to run and were shut down all day long.

4) Florida Gators: Kentucky was supposed to be a test and the Gators beat them 63-5. Do you think that Urban Myers was looking to get some extra love from the pollsters by running up the score? It wouldn’t be the first time he tried such an act.

5) Texas Tech: Texas Tech just might be real… maybe. Saturday they went on the road to Kansas and destroyed them. Granted, Kansas does not appear to be as good as we originally thought, but the Red Raiders are a team that must be respected. The schedule will not get any easier with top ranked Texas coming up next weekend.

6) Georgia Bulldogs: The Georgia Bulldogs are legit. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the 52-38 thumping they put on LSU, the worst home lost the Tigers have ever suffered. Georgia is legit and they are going to make a strong play to win the SEC. A rematch with Alabama could be huge.

7) Oklahoma Sooners: The Oklahoma Sooners are doing everything right. But time is running short on them if they want to get back into the National Title hunt. As long as Texas is winning, the Sooners will continue to be locked out of the Big 12 title race and as a result the national title as well.

8) USC: I keep getting this sneaking feeling that USC is going to back their way into the BCS scene. USC was not impressive in their win over Arizona but then again Arizona is not ranked. Nonetheless, USC is still doing their thing and waiting for Oregon State to lose.

9) Utah: Not a whole lot to see here. Utah keeps trucking along and as long as they can avoid a pitfall Utah will keep their invitation to crash the BCS party in January.

10) Boise State: The kings of the WAC continue their reign at the top. Playing on random nights also helps to give this team plenty of national exposure. They will need to continue to impress and do it big time if they want back in on the BCS hunt.

11) Oklahoma State: A tough lost on the road for Mike Gundy and company. However, the Cowboys are still a stacked team. Saturday they get Iowa State and even though they dress like USC, they have a very long way to go before they can come close to playing like them. Oklahoma State will get their program back on track Saturday.

12) Tulsa: Undefeated and just rumbling along. Tulsa is a team that many have not seen, but they may run the best spread attack this side of Florida. Tulsa most likely won’t figure into the BCS scenario but they are a great team to watch and you can bet they’d give any WAC or Mountain West team a run.

13) Ball State: Much like Tulsa Ball State is just a good story. Jason Whitlock has been all about this team all year. Granted, that actually hurts this team in my book, but I can overlook that and see a good team in Ball State. Perhaps there should be an one off game were Tulsa and Ball State can meet up in since they will just miss out on the BCS but are far too good to play in their conferences respective bowls.

14) Missouri Tigers: Missouri snapped a two game losing streak by destroying Colorado. Mizzu is likely out of the Big 12 title hunt, but they are in prime position to make a repeat trip to play in the cotton bowl.

15) Florida State: Seemingly this team has come out of nowhere. Florida State has not done any very well all season, but they have not done anything poorly. Right now they have to be considered odds on favorite to win the ACC Championship.

16) TCU: TCU continues their winning ways with their beat down of Wyoming. The only blemish on the TCU record is a lost to a then top ranked Oklahoma Sooner’s team. It will be interesting to see where TCU lands when all the dust has settled.

17) BYU: Back to their winning ways, but t has to seem a little deflated with the hopes of a BCS game gone. One has to think that the BYU vs. Utah game will be huge with BYU’s goal to upset Utah’s season.

18) Minnesota: They aren’t very good but they are that bad. I liken Minnesota to a poor mans Texas Tech. They have avoided the dangerous chunks of their schedule and won the games they are supposed to win.

19) Michigan State: The Spartans knocked off their instate rivals Michigan on Saturday, but it seems as though everyone who plays UM has done that. Nonetheless, Michigan State has done enough to keep them in the upper part of the Big 10. It looks as though the Spartans will beat out Wisconsin for that trip to the Capital One Bowl.

20) Oregon: Welcome back Oregon Ducks! They’ve only gone through about 15 quarterbacks and there is a chance there are not even the best team in their own state. That hasn’t stopped them from working their way back into the top 25.

21) LSU: Horrible lost at home. That should seal LSU’s fate by knocking them out of the BCS and SEC title races. Now the Tigers will have to play for pride. Also I feel bad for Troy who gets LSU on Saturday.

22) North Carolina: This is a tough ranking for me personally. The Tar heels are a much improved team but I am not completely convinced they are a legitimate Top 25 team. They are alive and well in the ACC competition, so are 9 out of 12 teams. Time will tell with this squad.

23) South Florida: The Big East is horrible. South Florida is the highest ranked team and they are 1-2 in conference. If I was Tulsa I’d be clamoring right now to get the Big East BCS for themselves.

24) West Virginia: See #23 ranked South Florida.

25) Cal: The Cal Bears seem to make the random appearance in the Top 25 here and there, but they can never keep it together for multiple weeks. I have a feeling this trip to the Top 25 will not be any different.

Daily "Linkin' Logs" Abject Failure Edition (10/28/08)

Could there be more of an abject failure at someone's job without any type of ramifications? Could any sport continue in success in spite of its incompetent commissioner (ah, Gary Bettman has ruined the NHL's success...and you thought he was the worst). As any major sporting league's leader ever singlehandedly ruined its all-star game, championship and integrity in one 15 year swoop?

That answer is yes. And that man is Allen Huber "Bud" Selig.

Now sports pundits have come out of Selig's side. Gene Wojciechowski says Bud got it right, no team should win on a rain out. John Kruk and Steve Phillps agreed. But finally Jayson Stark hit the nail on the head. Stark, drawing his on conclusions due to the lack of contact with any prominent Phillie (except Chase Utley), suggested the following reasons for the Phillies and all of Philadelphia (as well as baseball) to be upset:
  • They were furious that this game wasn't stopped until Hamels had surrendered the tying run in the top of the sixth, even though the field had begun looking like a veritable Sea World attraction at least a half-hour earlier.
  • They weren't happy that it was started in the first place, since glop had already begun falling out of the sky during batting practice and the worsening weather forecast was the No. 1 topic of pregame conversation -- just ahead of how many layers of clothing they were all going to have to wear to avoid frostbite.
  • And, most of all, they were incensed by the whole situation -- having their best-laid World Series plans steamrolled by the needless rush to play a game in conditions more suitable for the Iditarod than the most important game of their careers.
The fact of the matter is, the Phillies and their fans were ransacked by Bud Selig's thirst for ratings. FOX's tainting of the game for its own thirst for advertising dollars and Mother Nature herself. At least there's one thing that can stop Cole Hamels.
  • As a complete and utter aside, guess what just came out today. I'm a huge nerd that way, but this is going to be a great way to kill some cold and/or potentially rainy Saturdays.
  • Al Sharpton has accused the New York Post of beign racist. Personally, I'd just accuse them of not really being a Newspaper. Anyways, the crux of the issue Steve Serby article regarding Tom Coughlin's actions against Plaxico Burress, specifically saying: "Good for Tom Coughlin. Good for Coughlin for tightening the noose around Plaxico Burress." I think its a loose relation at best. Perhaps collar would have been a better anecdote, but honestly, the fact of the matter is, Burress is really toeing the line and in terms of the Giants relationship with him, I don't really see an issue. Its not racist, because you could have applied it to any player in a similar situation.
  • Bizarro World continues: The Titans beat the Colts last night. Now the Titans are undefeated and the Colts are below .500.
  • On the good side...The Rays not only left Philly...they left Pennsylvania.
  • A.J. Daulerio gives us his insight on Philly Fandom. Highlighted by this: "...the notion that this city's sports teams are perennially doomed to fail [could] reach a whole new level: This isn't a black cat or Bartman or Babe Ruth — this is GOD. Yeah, HE did this to us."
  • And finally, EC gives us the 10 Silver Linings for Phillies fans.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bunk at The Bank

Ladies and Gentleman, you're witnessing history. An epic collapse...of Major League Baseball.

Bud Selig is a joke. The League is a joke.

Its not sour grapes because the Rays came back. Look, I understand not wanting to end the game on a rainout. I would not like to see my favorite team win a championship that way nor would I like to be on the other side (a la Tampa).

But waiting (through miserable weather) for Tampa to tie it seems a bit unfair as well.

Just a miserable position all around.

Bud Selig has just announced that the game has been officially postponed.

Good work MLB. You've come a long way since the All-Star Fiasco in Milwaukee and "This One Counts"

And Peter King's Bad Blood Spilliths Over

Like I'd miss an opportunity to rip good ole Peter King a new one today. If you missed it, our friend Peter had a nice little MMBBQ talking about...well, the 49ers and something about the Colts and Titans (a game which hasn't been played) and ignored...I dunno, multiple major games, like Dallas and Tampa or the Giants and Steelers.

But that's Petey's prerogative.

But I'm not here to rip King's philosophy or writing style. Just draw attention to Petey's vendetta. That of one we featured weeks ago. You see, King hates Warren Sapp because Sapp ripped a show King was on (until it was cancelled).

"The Buffalo Bills are going to the Super Bowl.''
-- Warren Sapp, on the NFL Network's pregame show Sunday, five hours before Miami sent the Bills home with a 23-16 defeat.

"That sound of scissoring you hear is the PR staffs of the Patriots, Steelers and Titans clipping that quote out of the paper this morning and posting it in places players will see quite often."

Right Peter. The Pats, Steelers and Titans are listening to what Warren Sapp has to say about the dark horse Buffalo Bills. Yeah, they're pinning that one up on the wall right next to Carlos Beltran's team to beat proclaimation. If the Patriots need Warren Sapp's Bills proclaimation to get motivated than perhaps there's more wrong with the Pats than Tom Brady's Staph infection...

Maybe that's just me Peter, but you've got some serious sour grapes there.

Daily "Linkin' Logs" Thiiiis Close Edition (10/27/08)

Can you feel it? Can you really feel it. Tonight, for the first time in my life, the Philadelphia Phillies take the field with a chance to become World Champions.

The buzz is abound. The Flyers caught wins against the Devils, the Eagles got back on track with a win against the Falcons and the Phillies, besides simply playing baseball in October are on the cusp of the city's first championship since 1983. Soul and Barrage be damned. The World Series is the kind of title you talk about. And the men above, the boys who are bringing it home know they're on the cusp. Tonight may just be a special night.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Capping College Football: Week Nine Lines

I just finished my college football line creation system and for the most part it’s pretty good. It still definitely needs some tinkering, but I think for the most part it’s offered some nice looks into some possible value bets.

Since there is still such a variance with how much the lines differ by (ranging from .5 – 16.5) most of the games settled in between 1 - 6 so I’m marking the ones larger than 6 as a mistake/in need of fine tuning for something and the one’s less than 4 as games that don’t offer too much value (I did 3 but… there was like a thousand games and I just don’t have that much money, I’m afraid). I’m not necessarily saying the odds makers fudged up these particular games either, I’m just saying that perhaps the games line is skewed a bit to get equal betting on either side (obviously).

All of the games that are in between 4 – 6 points from the overall line I’ve starred as possible value bets. We’ll see how it does – again, this is going to need some fine tuning just like my NFL system, but for the most part it should provide a great little tidbit of extra research for everyone… at least that’s what I’m hoping for. I’m very nice like that! I’m either going to hit the sweet spot with this differential, or I’m going to need to pick games with bigger or smaller differences in the two lines for the coming weeks. We’ll see how it does this week, though.

Before we get into some further discussion, let’s take a look at every single game. That’s right, each and every one. Even the circled ones! Woo-hoo! (The games with three stars are this weeks games with the best potential (hopefully) of offering some value. And by value, I mean helping me/us benefit monetarily.

Auburn @ West Virginia ***

My line: -9.5 / -10

Actual line: -3.5

New Mexico @ Air Force

My line: -3 / -3.5

Actual line: -5.5

Boise State @ San Jose State

My line: +15 / +15.5

Actual line: +7

Texas Tech @ Kansas

My line: -2

Actual line: +1.5

Eastern Michigan @ Ball State

My line: -22

Actual line: -23.5

Northwestern @ Indiana

My line: -3.5 / -4

Actual line: +9.5

Minnesota @ Purdue

My line: EV

Actual line: -1

Cincinnati @ Connecticut

My line: +4

Actual line: -2.5

Boston College @ North Carolina ***

My line: -7 / -7.5

Actual line: -2

Illinois @ Wisconsin ***

My line: -2.5

Actual line: +2.5

Wake Forest @ Miami (FL)

My line: +5.5 / +6

Actual line: -3

Central Michigan @ Toledo ***

My line: +9 / +9.5

Actual line: +3.5

Oklahoma @ Kansas State

My line: +7 / +7.5

Actual line: +19

Kentucky @ Florida ***

My line: -27 / -27.5

Actual line: -23

Baylor @ Nebraska

My line: -13

Actual line: -9.5

Louisiana Tech @ Army

My line: +1.5

Actual line: -2

UNLV @ BYU ***

My line: -16.5 / -17

Actual line: -23

Duke @ Vanderbilt

My line: EV

Actual line: -10

Fresno State @ Utah State ***

My line: +13 / +13.5

Actual line: +18.5

Rice @ Tulane

My line: +5

Actual line: -2.5

Oklahoma State @ Texas ***

My line: -7 / -7.5

Actual line: -12

Georgia @ LSU

My line: +7

Actual line: -1.5

South Florida @ Louisville ***

My line: EV

Actual line: +4

Rutgers @ Pittsburgh

My line: -8

Actual line: -9.5

Virginia @ Georgia Tech

My line: -11 / -11.5

Actual line: -12

Virginia Tech @ Florida State ***

My line: EV

Actual line: -5

UCLA @ California ***

My line: -12 / -12.5

Actual line: -17

North Carolina State @ Maryland ***

My line: -15.5

Actual line: -10.5

Michigan State @ Michigan ***

My line: EV

Actual line: +5.5

Kent State @ Miami (OH)

My line: -9.5 / 10

Actual line: -8

Southern Methodist @ Navy

My line: -14 /-14.5

Actual line: -12

Bowling Green @ Northern Illinois ***

My line: -3 / -3.5

Actual line: -7

New Mexico State @ Idaho

My line: EV

Actual line: +15

Wyoming @ TCU

My line: -17.5

Actual line: -31

Colorado @ Missouri

My line: -12.5

Actual line: -21

Mississippi @ Arkansas ***

My line: EV

Actual line: +4

Texas A&M @ Iowa State

My line: +6 / +6.5

Actual line: -3

Troy @ North Texas

My line: +7.5

Actual line: +24

Middle Tennessee State @ Mississippi State

My line: -12.5

Actual line: -13.5

Florida Atlantic @ Louisiana Monroe

My line: +4

Actual line: +1

Alabama @ Tennessee

My line: +4

Actual line: +6.5

Penn State @ Ohio State

My line: -14.5

Actual line: +1

Southern Mississippi @ Memphis

My line: +4.5

Actual line: +4

Notre Dame @ Washington ***

My line: +7 / +7.5

Actual line: +11

Colorado State @ San Diego State

My line: +4.5

Actual line: +7.5

Oregon @ Arizona State

My line: EV

Actual line: +3.5

USC @ Arizona

My line: +14

Actual line: +14

Nevada @ Hawaii ***

My line: +6

Actual line: EV

UCF @ Tulsa

My line: -8 / -8.5

Actual line: -21

Zee plays:

West Virginia (-3.5) North Carolina (-2) Wisconsin (+2.5) Central Michigan (-3.5) Florida (-23) UNLV (+23) Utah State (+18.5) Oklahoma State (+12) Louisville (+4) Virginia Tech (+5) UCLA (+17) Maryland (-10.5) Michigan (+5.5) Bowling Green (+7) Arkansas (+4) Washington (+11) Nevada (EV)

Note: Yes, I plan on playing all of those games. Probably for about $5 a game, but still – hopefully I can narrow it down after this test week so I’ll be able to bet more on the games. But that’s going to assume that this whole system works so… that actually brings us to our next point:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the highly off-chance someone read this and was going, “Wow, this kid did a lot of work – I’m going to put a **** load of money on those picks!” please don’t. While I would recommend doing that with my NFL selections, I still don’t know how this college thing is going to shake out… so here, at least, is a warning for you not to try and bet the house on these – which I don’t know why someone would EVER do, but still… there are some strange, strange, people in this world that we live in.

Any remarks, comments, suggestions, disses ect are welcome as always!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 Things I Think Smell like Shit (10/22/08)

Busy day and a busy night for sports. With the World Series starting tomorrow, there's lots of things that smell like shit...
  1. Brett Favre, Backstabber. I have to think this is a lot smaller deal than is being made but: This just wreaks of sour grapes on Favre's fault. If I were a Packers fan, I just don't know what I'd think of Favre one is above the colors as far as I'm concerned, not All-Pro, Future Hall of Famers, Stud RBs, GMs or Owners...
  2. Same Sports Guy, Same Sports Bullshit. Leave it to Bill Simmons to not even mention the World Series. Is this guy serious? The guy, preping to hop on the NHL/Bruins bandwagon, orders the NHL package on DirectTV but won't mentioned the biggest event in baseball because his favorite team isn't in. Look, this guy's a crock and when the Bruins get good and he hops on the wagon, know that you read it here first. He's full of shit...
  3. Pacman's well ahead of the Joneses. An interesting discussion about the treatment of Pacman versus Larry Johnson (Jones, as I've been told) and Matt Jones. Frankly, I've had enough with these chances...Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 14 times...and...uh...well you don't get fooled again. Kaiser Goodell frankly has bumbled the whole thing. I wish he'd step up and set a clear line for all. Clarity has lacked to say the least.
  4. Daulerio's Faith. Deadspin's editor and chief is a fellow Philly fan. And he's got the confidence all rational Phils fans have...we're fucked.
  5. Domo arigato Romo. Tony Romo is out until Mid-November. At least he made it clear. Between Jerruh's sketchy trade, a 20 point blowout by the Rams and Romo's gal, its been a weird season for the Cowboys. Oh and T.O. is they've got that going for them...I love waiting for the Cowboys implosion.
  6. Sign that Ref up. Sure you can call out Ed Hochuli all you want, but at least he wasn't this guy. Seriously, how is this guy not also getting death threats...Yeah, Hochuli is...
  7. Pick Em? Riiiight. ESPN did their usual pick 'em for the World Series. As of this weekend only one guy (Peter Gammons) picked the Phils. Its up to 3 (out of 10) now, but all the Phillies guys, said Phils in 6 or 7. Of course, they did the same thing for the NLCS...that worked out well, right?
  8. Kellen Winslow...not so bad now is he. He's still kinda right. The whole incident just has no winners out of the whole thing. Kellen was being a vindictive bitch, but the Browns hiding the issue has some clear ethical issues as well. I don't like it and it only goes to prove where money talks and bullshit walks.
  9. A non-stinker, Philly's ideal Celeb. Its Kelly Monaco. And for all those Dancing with the Stars fans, puuuhhhhllleeeassseeee. She was in Playboy before that.
  10. And this one doesn't stink: Why Can't Us. Seriously, besides the fact that they've embraced the whole grammatically incorrect thing, but its also for a good cause. Order here

Its coming...(10/22/08)

I know its mid-day and you're banking on "10 things"...

Its coming, I promise you. I just had to stop at the eye doctor today and they managed to dilate (unnecessary) eyes to the point where my face is ridiculously close to the monitor so I can type this.

But I've been told it will wear off soon enough. Have no fear, the smell of shit will proliferate through BNB soon enough.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

*Yawn* Daily "Linkin' Logs" (10/21/08)

And today we enter a relatively dull period in the world of sports. Between now and the start of the World Series tomorrow at around roughly 8pm we have 10 hockey games...

That's it.

It could be a dull period throughout then. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey (even college hockey), but we can only live in the glory of one sport for so long

Monday, October 20, 2008

Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll:Don't Mess With Texas

Week 8 is in the books, and the Texas Longhorns put their stamp on the college football polls with their beat down of the Missouri Tigers. Elsewhere in the country the ACC proved why it is an average conference at best, Penn State is ready to put their name in the ring for a BCS Championship run. Basically what it comes down to is this is a great season for college football so keep up with your top 25 polls and make sure your favorite team doesn’t get dropped.

1) Texas Longhorns: The Longhorns had a big home game on Saturday night and they did not disappoint. Texas came out swinging against the Missouri Tigers and the Longhorns put on a show for the ages. Colt McCoy is the best playing in college football today, and completing 81% of his passes proves that. The Texas Longhorns may be around for a while.

2) Alabama: Ole Miss just finds a way to mess with peoples heads. They gave Alabama all they could handle on Saturday afternoon. However Nick Saban’s defense showed up and they were strong to hold the fort down. Next week they get to square off against lowly Tennessee.

3) Penn State: Talk about halftime adjustments. I’m not sure who made the speech but it sure worked. Penn State was in a slow tough game with Michigan on Saturday even. Then I ordered a beer, looked up and they were crushing the Wolverines. This is an explosive Penn State offense, when they face Ohio State it will be a game for the ages.

4) Florida Gators: Tim Tebow has willed this team all season and there is no more important time for him to put his mark on the Florida Gators than right now. He may not have the numbers that he put up last season, but you can believe he is every bit as important. The race for the SEC East will be a tight one, but in Tebow we trust.

5) Texas Tech: Just win baby. The Red Raiders keep winning games, and they keep avoiding Big 12 opponents. I feel like they are a boxed who knows they are not a real champion. Despite great talent, I still think this is the fifth best team in the Big 12 and they will exposed shortly.

6) Georgia Bulldogs: This is a team that I just like. They are horrible to gamble with, as we have see in the College Football Pick’em game, but they are a solid squad nonetheless. The Bulldogs are just hanging around and taking care of business. The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville this year will be huge and you can believe that Walker-Sports will be there.

7) Oklahoma Sooners: Sam Bradford is playing his ass off. He set Oklahoma records for passing yards on Saturday against Kansas. If the Sooners want to get back into the BCS Title hunt, he will need to continue to perform at a high level on the football field. The Sooners have an uphill battle to fight especially with the way Texas is playing. Bob Stoops will need to work extra hard to keep his team focused and sharp going through the rest of the season.

8) Oklahoma State: Mike Gundy has put together a good team. There really is no other way to put it. Add in the fact that Gundy is one of my favorite coaches in college football, and I like OSU. I don’t think they are a BCS team but they are damn good and they are fun to watch.

9) Ohio State: The Buckeyes put an end to all that Michigan State talk last weekend. Now it’s time for them to step back up to the big leagues. OSU has a history of blowing big college football games. The last time the whole nation watch them they were being run out of L.A. by the Trojans. Saturday they have a grudge match against Penn State. The winner will likely get the Big 10, the Rose Bowl and maybe a chance at the BCS Championship. Let’s hope Jim Tressel has learned to coach under pressure.

10) USC: The Trojans proved that Washington State is the worst team in BCS Conference football. 62-0 is beyond embarrassing. The Trojans are a good team and it’s hard to ignore the rumors of them slipping into the backdoor of the BCS Championship. Personally I think that is B.S. If the Trojans make it the BCS Championship and leapfrog a one lost SEC or Big 12 team, then the BCS has failed us once again.

11) Utah: Well BYU is out of the way, and Utah is getting votes in the Harris Poll. This could be their year to make a second run to a BCS game. However, BYU taught us, that staying focused the entire season may not be that easy.

12) Boise State: With Hawaii out of the way, Boise has reclaimed their rightful position atop the WAC. However, this team has grown too big for their own good. Winning the WAC is no long the big accomplishment it used to be, not when you have won a Fiesta Bowl. Boise has their eyes on another BCS trip and they will stop at nothing to get it.

13) LSU: The Tigers seem to follow this formula every year. Lose against good SEC teams, hang around till someone else in conference knocks that team off, and then slip away with an SEC Title and chance at the BCS. Right now it looks like the LSU Tigers are right on schedule.

14) South Florida: The Bulls are a good team in a horrible conference. The Big East should trade in their BCS Spot with a WAC or Mountain West team.

15) Pittsburgh: It’s just strange seeing this team in the top 25. However, good ole Dave may have finally put together a team he can be proud of. Now they just need to make sure they don’t stumble coming down the stretch.

16) BYU: Well they had a good run.

17) Kansas: Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Playing Oklahoma a week after they lost a potential national title. Now that’s just not fair. On the bright side of things, Kansas gave Oklahoma all they could handle and made it a very interesting game.

18) Ball State: Undefeated, no chance at the BCS, but still fun to watch. Chances are you have never seen this team or any team they play on the field but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong on this poll.

19) Missouri Tigers: Chase Daniels is still a very good quarterback, but you won’t be seeing this Missouri Tigers team anytime soon. A trip to the Cotton Bowl is nothing to be ashamed of, really it isn’t.

19) Tulsa: Much like Ball State, this is a college football team most of you have never seen, but do yourself a favor and try to check them out. If nothing else, just watch how they execute their spread offense, one of the best in the country.

20) Georgia Tech: The triple option is alive and well in the south. More importantly quietly the Rambling Wreck has compiled a 6-1 record and has a chance at an ACC title. Saturday they are facing the hottest team in the ACC, Virginia in a game that could have a huge affect on the outcome of the conference.

21) Florida State: The job Bobby Bowden and have done with the Seminoles this season is largely overlooked due to the success Joe Pa is having up at Penn State. What that tells me is no matter where FSU end this football season at, Bowden will be another year just so he cans one up Joe Paterno.

22) TCU: Back in the top 25 for the second time this season. Sounding beating BCS crasher BYU will do that to a team. TCU is solid on defense and they can shut down just about any offense in football.

23) Boston College: Like most of the ACC, Boston College has flown under the radar all year, but they have compiled an impressive 5-1 record. The crowning moment of which was a win at home against Virginia Tech. Boston College now has a chance to control its fate and reach the ACC Title game once again.

24) Minnesota: Talk about one of the great turnarounds in college football. 1-11 last season 6-1 to this point of this season. Some of that is due to cupcake scheduling in the first half of the season. It will be interesting to see how Minnesota holds up against the Big 10 going down the stretch of the season.

25) Northwestern: Two weeks ago, nerdy schools wee all the rage in the top 25, now Northwestern is the lone one remaining. Not surprising considering they are one of the only smart schools to have at least some success on the football field at one time or another.

World Series Entrants Edition Daily "Linkin' Logs" (10/20/08)

And there you have it. Courtesy of a Tampa Bay Rays game 7 win, we'll have a FOX dream ratings World Series...oh we won't. That being said, this World Series will feature the 5th and 19th largest Metro Areas, as compared to the following: (Teams, Population Ranking by Metro Area, Combined Ranking Score, total population and TV Ratings (average per game)):
  • Year - AL Entrant (Pop. rank) Vs. NL Entrant (Pop. Rank) - Combined Pop. Rank - Total Combined Pop. - Average Rating per Game.
  • 2000 - New York Yankees (1) Vs. New York Mets (1) - 2 - 19,000,000 - 12.4 (*Only One Metro Area*)
  • 2001 - New York Yankees (1) Vs. Arizona Diamondbacks (13) - 14 - 23,000,000 - 15.5
  • 2002 - Anaheim Angels (2ish) Vs. San Francisco Giants (12) - 14 - 17,000,000 - 11.9
  • 2003 - New York Yankees (1) Vs. Florida Marlins (7) - 8 - 24,000,000 - 12.8
  • 2004 - Boston Red Sox (10) Vs. St. Louis Cardinals (18) - 28 - 7,000,000 - 15.9
  • 2005 - Chicago White Sox (3) Vs. Houston Astros (6) - 9 - 15,000,000 - 11.2
  • 2006 - Detroit Tigers (11) Vs. St. Louis Cardinals (18) - 29 - 7,000,000 - 10.1
  • 2007 - Boston Red Sox (10) Vs. Colorado Rockies (21) - 31 7,000,000 - 10.7
  • 2008 - Tampa Bay Rays (19) Vs. Philadelphia Phillies (5) - 24 - 9,000,000 - N/A
The average ratings for the World Series are roughly 12.6 with the top ratings getters being the 2001 Series, which went 7 games and happened just after 9/11 (in New York no less) and the 2004 Series which featured the cursed yet Historic Boston Red Sox. As you can see in 2007, a curseless Sox (with roughly the same home viewership) is a stagnant Series at best. If you remove those outliers (which we are deeming fair, since a Yankees - Mets and Yankees- Marlins series each brought in numbers above 12) you get 11.5, not such a lofty number for this year's World Series, which features a top 5 population (and media market). Perhaps this isn't quite the boondoggle Fox is predicting

or maybe they're just morons.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Evening "10 Things I Think Smell Like Shit" (10/16/08)

With the Phils spectacular win and my job requiring, I don't know, some work, I wasn't able to post yesterday. But feat not, 10 Things... was still kept. Let's see what's stinkin' today
  1. T.J. Simers hackismo. If you didn't know, T.J. Simers is a pathetic excuse for a writer at the L.A. Times (which is really saying something, they also employ Bill Plaschke), who has taken to bashing the hell out of Philly, declaring, amongst other things, that the pissed off fan base doesn't deserve a winner. Subsequently, he's been subjected to numerous blogging banter that is frankly living up the the Angryville name Simers provided. This fraud of a writer now experienced some real fanship. The Dodgers got whupped 4-1 in a series and Philly fans watched as their L.A. counterparts arrived after the 1st and left before the 8th. Topping that, videos have surfaced of fraudulent L.A. fans douchebagging it up. Simers response for the poor attitude in L.A.? "I was afraid of this, knowing some folks born in Philly have probably moved here and become Dodgers fans over the years. The thing is, you just can't take the Angryville out of them, which obviously explains all the problems in Dodger Stadium."
  2. Too Much Champagne. Discussions have been abound on the internet (and some popular sports writers) regarding champagne celebrations throughout MLB. For some, its been an all out celebration for each step. Some are more subdued then others, but frankly they're all too much. Winning your division? Sure pop the cork and have a few minutes of fun. But Division Series and Championship Series victories mere weeks apart? Just crack a cold one. I understand a young team like the Rays grasping at each chance, but teams like the Red Sox or even the Phillies need not apply...they've taken these steps, no need to celebrate your next business trip.
  3. Obama's Delay. And here's praying for a sweep. Barack Obama will preempt FOX pregram for Game 6 of the World Series to provide Barack Obama with a 30 minute ad for his run at the Oval Office. I prefer my sports with politics (on the sideline). The RNC is protesting such a move...because they didn't think of it first. Frankly, the whole thing makes me sick.
  4. Wait, We're Still Talking About Favre? And you don't care. And you shouldn't. ESPN is now debating who got the best of the Favre deal; after 6 weeks of the season. Apparently nothing else is going on.
  5. Pacman is As I'm sure you heard earlier this week. Pacman was back to his old tricks. He's done with chances as far as I see it. No matter what you do for the guy, he doesn't get it. I say, let him walk.
  6. Wow Whitlock. Even for a hater, its impressive when KC Star's Jason Whitlock gets one right. Scoop just can't get it right...and he's not helping anyone.
  7. Don't Cap Mr. Penn. The rumors were out that once high seated William Penn was to be fitted with a Phillies cap. Mr. Penn has already been covered with a cap in 1993 and a Flyers Jersey in 1997, but fear of curses squashed that, thinking it was the cause for both losses. Turns out, as a result of the Eagles and Sixers runs, there's no such curse. But Mayor Michael Nutter isn't taking any risks. No Cap.
  8. Pessimism? If you've talked to a Phillies fan lately, you know s/he's pretty happy. But as happy as they seem, they know it doesn't mean squat. Don't act like they haven't won shit yet, they've done better than you, unless your a Sox fan (and even then, you've got a few hours at most). You say you're a Rays fan? Bullshit. So let the Philly guy get back to pessimism himself, he doesn't need your help.
  9. Simmons back to form. Its true, I gave Bill Simmons a sweetheart article not too long ago. I was wrong, he's back to form and the typical bullshit about basketball and him being better than you. Stop Reading him...please
  10. And This One Doesn't Stink: God Bless Uncle Charlie. You may think its pretty tough for the old fella to push through a few games of tough NLCS baseball to make it, but frankly, I think for good ole uncle Cholly it was the best medicine. Charlie Manuel lost his mother last week. I sympathize with that (though I've never experienced anything like that). I'm sure it weighed on Charlie's heart and I imagine there were times he would have preferred to go home. But that game, those guys in the clubhouse and perhaps the thought of doing what he loved...what his mother would have wanted, made it just a little bit easier.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Elevator? No Thanks, I'll Take the Stairs - Daily "Linkin' Logs" (10/14/08)

It wasn't like I knew. It was around 11pm last night, the Dodgers willing themselves to as 5-3 lead and me resigning myself to the 2-2 series tie, knowing the onslaught of Simers and Plaschkes telling me how they knew the Dodgers could do it. The tough love of Boston fans around me who say they are "rooting" for the Phillies (if only to be, as they believe, the sacrificial lamb to their beloved Sox...more on this later).

A quiet Ryan Howard single breathed little life into the scenario, down 2 in the eighth. Cory Wade arrives to promptly retire Pat the Bat. 2 outs and the game, almost essentially rests on the shoulder of the littlest man, Shane Victorino

And with another blast, Vic's ascension to the thrown, perhaps above recently former centerfielder Aaron Rowand and maybe, just maybe above the last playoff centerfielder (to win a game) Lenny Dykstra.

Or maybe Victorino, like many before him and frankly, many of us, is just happy to be there, happy to be doing what he does, happy to be a major leaguer this close to the biggest stage in baseball.

Victorino breathed life and then Carlos Ruiz pumped the chest. A quiet single by the man FOX nicknamed "Cooch" lead to another 2 out baserunner. And up stepped another no-name hero. Matt Stairs, the former Blue Jay, odd kind of acquisition you think might help you win a September game or two provided an October blast for the ages. Unlike Vic's eaking of a homer, Stairs Dinger was a no-doubter, the kind of blast in October that a city will walk about for years.

The kind that makes you think, maybe this is it?

On the other side of the country, Boston was a different kind of atmosphere. After receiving the news that Josh Beckett claims he is ok, the rumors are swirling that he is not. And its bad. Then Sox fans had the pleasure of watching their newly minted ace, Jon Lester, get smacked around by their division rival and ALCS opponent. And now the Sox's hope rest on the shoulder of the 5-2 ALCS knuckleballer, Tim Wakefield. When he's on, he's on and when he's off...well, warm up the pen. The Sox will try to keep pace tonight. If Wakefield falters, you can say goodnight Irene.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The LA Sports Blog: How I Became Inspired To Write Again

The ArmchairGM Burns

By: Nate Gordon

Generally I am a fairly consistent writer; two times a month minimum in slow times, once a week during busy times, three times a week when highly motivated. On the contrary, however, I’ve been stymied by a real life event that I both never though I’d have to endure at this point in my life, nor would believe the magnitude of it I did experience such a thing. My close friend and neighbor Chad, who I’ve known since I was 10, passed away on September 7 th due to complications of substance abuse. It’s been a troubling, sobering, anomaly of an experience. A diehard Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Broncos fan, I’d often draw motivation to write off of a conversation I had with Chad. The last 6 weeks have been to say the least, an experience, an experience I’ve been unable to write through.

That is until this afternoon. Sitting at my desk, reflecting on the previous weeks sports events my mind wandered into a faux conversation with Chad. I could see and hear his excitement over the Dodgers and his corny jokes about the Raiders. As I thought about this I was quickly drawn into side thoughts about each team, Dodgers and Raiders respectively. What came of it was an analysis of the state of each team currently. I’m going to share the thoughts on the Dodgers with you today, but I’m going to write in the spirit of Chad, so the language and grammar might not sound like my voice, but it’s only because you’re talking to Chad. So without further ado, here is Chad’s take on the Dodgers:

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are NL West champions, and 3 wins shy of their first World Series since I was 2. I’ve been attending Dodgers games since 1990 and there are “5 best of the last 20 years” on this team. I’m certain of that have made this team what it is:

  • Manny Ramirez is the best player to play for the Dodgers the last 20 years.

You think this is obvious right? Manny is a lock Hall of Famer having one of his best statistical seasons while wearing Blue. However there is more to this then one may see. You see, I’ve watched tons of great players in a Dodger uniform, but not all of them played to their potential, or were in their primes when they were with the club. Pedro Martinez and Vlad Guerrero, both as farm hands/fringe big leaders were moved to Montreal. I’ve seen Gary Sheffield, Mike Piazza both come through here and put up their respective numbers. But no one has played as hard or as well as Manny.

Now the next caveat purposed would be that Manny won’t be here next year. My answer? So freaking what! If he helps us win a ring, thank you for your services and have a nice day! I don’t see past this season, not when I’ve endured 20 years of losing from a proud and successful organization. If I was a Giants fan I could cope – not as a Dodgers fan.

  • Joe Torre is the best Dodgers Manager of the last 20 years:

Now this is unfair because it would technically reach into Lasorda Era. So excluding Tommy Lasorda we’ve been subjected to Davey Johnson, Glen Hoffman, Jim Tracy and Grady Little. So enough said, Joe is the best since Tommy.

Derek Lowe, Dodgers Ace
Derek Lowe, Dodgers Ace
  • Derek Lowe is the best Dodgers Pitcher of the last 20 years:

I’m not going into stats, ERA, sabermatrics or anything like that. I’m going off of what I’ve seen with my own two eyes and no one since “Bulldog” Orel Hershiser has been more consistent than or as talented as Derek Lowe. Lowe, the textbook sinker-baller, has been automatic the last two months and is playing his best baseball since arriving in LA. He’s been the true Ace of the staff on and off the mound and has brought a calm and consistency to that clubhouse by ensuring the position players that at least once ever five days they are getting a quality start from their pitcher.

James Loney, Dodgers First Basemen
James Loney, Dodgers First Basemen
  • James Loney is our best first round draft pick of the last 20 years.

Loney was a highly regarded High School pitcher but was assumed to be unable to play position baseball. Logan White, Dodgers scouting director, had a different idea. Called a “waste of valuable talent” at the time, the Dodgers selected Loney in 2006 as a first basemen. Two seasons later Loney was starting in Los Angeles as the first basemen, batting over .300 and showing a prowess for defense and power.

Russell Martin, Dodgers All-Star/Silver Slugger Catcher
Russell Martin, Dodgers All-Star/Silver Slugger Catcher

Russell Martin undid a childhood of Pizza and LoDuca memories in his rookie season alone. This season his continued his solid pitching staff management while putting up consistent numbers at the plate. The kid is gifted with unnatural speed for a catcher and a leadership quality that borders on arrogant. While that attitude has rubbed some veteran teammates the wrong way, it has thrilled fans and emboldened other young teammates. Martin seems poised to be the franchise catcher well into the next decade and I for one will be thrilled to go see him at Chavez Ravine year after year.

So if Chad was still around this is how he would see the current state of Dodgers affairs. Success behind 5 of the best Dodgers of the last 20 years, all at pivotal positions: Catcher, Pitcher, First Base, Left Field and Manager. I’ll never get my friend back, and I’ll never to get share another memory with him like the ones we made. But hopefully, if you have a friend that is special to you like Chad was to me, you’ll cherish the time you have together, because it can be gone tomorrow.

Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll: Hook'em Horns

What a week in college football and it just seems to keep on giving. Now Tommy Bowden is fired and there was such a shake up in the Top 25, that Walker-Sports just had to share their new poll with all the readers out there.

1) Texas Longhorns: No we are not trying to be like the AP and ESPN. Texas jumped to the top spot in this week’s poll because we had Missouri and LSU ranked behind OU. Despite all that, Texas is the number 1 team in the land and there is a huge target on their back now as they attempt to navigate the Big 12:

2) Alabama: Being idol can kill you. That’s what happened to the Tide. They had the weekend off, and because of that, they were unable to best the performance Texas put on in the Cotton Bowl. Don’t worry Bama fans, I don’t think the Longhorns will be riding on top very long.

3) Penn State: The destroyed Wisconsin on Saturday. I’m not sure if Wisconsin has just fallen apart that bad or what their deal is. What I do know is this is by far the best Penn State team I’ve seen since the 1990’s. They will be representing the Big 10 in the BCS.

4) Florida: Talk trash, come to the swamp and you will become Gator bait. That’s what the Florida Gators showed the world Saturday night. Urben Myers crew put on a clinic Saturday against LSU (a team I had ranked at #2). The Gators are right back in the hunt, and you better believe Saturday’s game was a statement game.

5) Texas Tech: The Nebraska Cornhuskers gave the Red Raiders all they could handle on Saturday, but somehow Texas Tech pulled through. This team is a fraud, but till someone can prove that Texas Tech is fraudulent they will remain a top ranked program.

6) BYU: Just win baby. Stay focused and don’t let a 3-5 team upset what could be a very special season.

7) Georgia: Don’t look now but the Bulldogs are back. UGA and company handled their business against a Tennessee program that is counting the days till Fulmer is fired. All Georgia has to do is make it to the SEC Title game. It’s in their backyard and they can make good things happen.

8) Oklahoma: Tough lost on Saturday. Not only did the Sooners lose the Red River Shootout for the third time in four years. The lost to Texas just added fuel to the fire that Bob Stoops cannot coach in the big games.

9) Oklahoma State: He’s a man! He’s 41 and he has one damn good football team. The Oklahoma State Cowboys are the real deal and they showed everyone just how good they are by knocking off Missouri on Saturday.

10) Ohio State: Why is it not surprising that as the season rolls into it’s second half Ohio State have weaseled its way back into the Top 10? This team is as good as Beanie Wells will allow them to be. As long as he provides protection and takes the pressure off Pryor the Buckeyes will be just fine.

11) USC: A solid dominating win over Arizona State Saturday night. They didn’t blow them out, they didn’t put up the gaudy numbers, but they showed the rest of the Pac 10 that all roads still run through USC.

12) Utah: Just like their cross state rivals, just keep plugging away and don’t become so obsessed with BYU that you over look someone else on the schedule.

13) Missouri: Tough break against a good Oklahoma State team. Now, the Tigers must put Saturday’s lost behind them because they have a chance to fix everything next Saturday when they take on the top ranked Texas Longhorns.

14) Kansas: The Jayhawks are a solid team with a great QB. As I’ve said multiple times this year, they aren’t as good as last year. Nor are they amongst the elite in the Big 12, but that won’t stop them from making noise all year.

15) Boise State: The kings of the WAC just do what they do best and that’s win games on the blue turf and just wait for someone to give them a shot at the big boys.

16) LSU: I doubt that the LSU Tigers will be talking trash and making bulletin board material for anyone in the upcoming weeks. All it did last week was set themselves up for failure and knock them out the top 10.

17) Virginia Tech: After an average performance against Western Kentucky the Hokies had the week off. Now they have to face the rest of the ACC. Virginia Tech is just a solid team that will more than likely play for an ACC Championship.

18) North Carolina: UNC got their first national exposure of the season and they made the best of their 10 minutes of fame by knocking off Notre Dame. The Tar Heels are quickly becoming the team to beat in the ACC. Next week they will be put to the test against a suddenly resurgent Virginia team.

19) South Florida: This is the highest ranked team in the Big East. Now what does that tell you about that conference? The Bulls are hoping they can make keep afloat and make an appearance in a BCS game in January.

20) Wake Forest: Wake got the win over Clemson on Thursday night, and they can go down as the straw that broke Tommy Bowden’s back and cost him his job.

21) Vanderbilt: The bubble seems to be bursting on Vandy. However, this marks the fourth week Vanderbilt has been ranked and that is a first for the school.

22) Michigan State: plunking and lumbering away, with a running game like theirs, the Spartans can remain a factor in any game they play.

23) Ball State: All this team has done is go out and win and win. They are doing all they can to remain viable and just make a showing.

24) Pittsburgh: Who would have thought that Pitt. Would find their way into the Top 25. Dave is coaching for his job and right now he is doing a good job with it.

25) Cal: Cal has climbed their way back into the top 25 after their embarrassing lost earlier this season that left the Bears losing their lunch.
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