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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seattle Seahawks Regional Announcing Review 2008 Pt. 1

Last year I said Dick Stockton was good and got player identification right, and Jason Sehorn irritated me out of my skin. Only 1 out of 2 things changed in that time span, take a guess. It’s time for your regional announcing reviews for your 2-8 Seattle Seahawks!!

Game 1 - @ Buffalo

Ron Pitts and Tony Boselli

Pitts is a good announcer provided he pretends to sound interested in some games. Boselli aggravated me last season but he provided decent insight in this one. I was too busy getting angry to get riled up about them, they were decent enough.

Grade: B-

Game 2 - San Francisco

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa

I really don’t mind Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston is still one of the few analysts I can tolerate from FOX……Siragusa, sure I commented about him talking about the game most of the time, but this season they have made him like a comedy sideshow. I’d rather have Goose up in the booth analyzing plays (which he does well), then telling me for the umpteenth time that “It’s getting really loud in here”. One thing really struck me though. When Leonard Weaver was trying to chase down Patrick Willis on that interception return for a touchdown, I swear I heard Daryl say “GO GET HIM LEONARD!!!” (he didn’t get him). I understand you’re a former fullback and love to see fullbacks hustling to make a play, but keep it professional.

Grade: B+

Game 3 - St. Louis

Matt Vasgersian and JC Pearson

Vasgersian has to be paired with someone else. JC Pearson is not exactly someone who will bring insight and info to add to what I already know. Not a bad game, but not a good one from either man. I think Vasgersian needs more football games so his voice can stop running behind the flow of the gameplay.

Grade: C+

Game 4 - @ Giants

Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa

I’m giving a no-grade because I seriously stopped watching after halftime.

Game 5 - Green Bay

Chris Rose and JC Pearson

Rose regressed from his first year and I find to be…..not funny. Him and Pearson made a commentating nightmare.

Grade: D

Game 7 (Game 6 on NBC): @ San Francisco

Ron Pitts and Tony Boselli

Leonard Weaver’s shoes are green. I think they discussed that for almost an entire quarter. Pitts has a horrible habit of calling possible touchdowns way too early. Patrick Kerney is not going to run 90 yards for a touchdown with players chasing him, so don’t say “and this one may go for 6″.

Grade: C-

Game 8 - Philadelphia

Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger

Who is Olindo MAH-RAYYYY, Stockton? Even HE doesn’t pronounce his name like that! Mah-Ray? Is he married to Pah-Ray? Since when is Arizona 2-6? Baldinger is Emmitt Smith and John Madden combined, and that makes for a horrible analyst. I’m unaware of Julius Peterson and D.J Duckett. That was a trainwreck of a broadcast, and NOW I know why Stockton was demoted. He has gotten progressively worse in his commentaries… were right FOX, and I was WAY wrong for questioning you.

Grade: D-

Game 9 - @ Miami

Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan

When calling a kickoff return for a touchdown, PLEASE check to see if there are flags. It took him until after they scored to do this. Other than that, this team did not make me cringe like last season with “Kevin Butler” and “Tim Hasselbeck” and “the Saints are 0-8″.

Grade: B

Game 10 - Arizona

Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger

This is the clincher. I am calling for Stockton to retire before the end of the season before I have to deal with this even more down the road. Seattle’s punter is JON RUNYAN? It’s like neither one of them was trying, Baldinger is hopeless trying to articulate a simple timeout situation, and Stockton has gotten so many player names wrong in the past few weeks that I would be horrified to see how he could mangle Danny Shittu.

Grade: F

I was pretty generous in part 1, not a lot of bad grades save for Stockton, Baldinger, Rose, and Pearson. Look forward to the Z-teams in part 2.

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