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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vote Cole in '08

Enrico at brings us "Who's house? Cole's House," in which he notes the asskickery Cole Hamels brought in the Phillies 3-1 win over the Brewers.

Hamels was downright fiery, pitching 8, allowing just 2 hits (none until the 5th) and no runs. Brad Lidge provided the shaky save to close it out (a double, walk and past ball resulting in the tying run sitting at second).

But there you have it, the Phillies first post season win since the 9/11 (or even the OKC Bombing), the OJ Simpson Trial, Monica Lewinski, the Home Run Chase of '98, my 2nd year of grammar school, since October 21, 1993, a game 5 World Series win over the Toronto Blue Jays...since before Joe Carter, Scott Stevens, Kobe Bryant, and Rodney Harrison.

For now, we celebrate that his the great King Cole. Just luck us, Cole knows its just one game...but there's only 10 more to go.

Besides, Cole Hamels will win 1 Cy Young...and 11 Cole Hamels

Daily "Linkin' Logs" MLB Playoffs?! Edition (10/1/08)

And the White Sox do it...needing two wins in two days, they pulled it off (probably as the better team) and became the AL Central Champions. They play the Rays tomorrow.

Today features a fun slate of games starting with the Phillies and Brewers at 3pm. We'll let thefightins' "How do you spell retard" break it down. Thefightins also let us know that ESPN thinks the Phillies will win. Seriously, the who's who of ESPN is picking the Phillies...poor Brewers fans. We'll let Coreyisarealboy of AGM give us his Brewers take.

More MLB info in the links.

In oddly more entertaining news, Al Davis finally fired Lane Kiffin...and it made for one of the best press conferences ever (both of them). Davis being his own senile douchey self and Kiffin responded just like any wronged (and unjaded) young up-and-comer would. You can watch Davis spew his hate here. And Monte's son respond here (probably stupidly) right here.

But seriously? Fedexing letters? "I know you didn't want JaMarcus Russel? Deal with it?" Bitching about the press getting news right away? What the hell is wrong with Davis? Seriously? At least Jerruh Jones is hands off enough to keep some things in house. Who would even want this job? Do you think Davis asked Rob Ryan and Gregg Knapp and they both passed (planning on taking new jobs next spring) and finally made it to Tom Cable (an OL Coach!) and he said yes.

I'm fairly confident a Raiders coaching job is the real world equivilent to working at Bear Sterns or Lehman Bros. Yes, its financial services, yes its a historic company with great history and a great number of people involved. But honestly, its all in the shitter now and that shiny job you had on your resume now looks like a huge albatross. I'm surprised Ryan and Knapp are getting out of Dodge already. Besides, if GaryKubiak keeps his job and with Shanahan in Denver, I can already guarantee Gregg Knapp a job...Ryan's still got his brother and dad kicking around the NFL. They'll be fine. Kiffin? I'm not so sure.

This franchise is a joke...

PFT does a good job of giving us the run down on Davis's hilarity and his numerous bombshells
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