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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Surprising Saturday Daily "Linkin' Logs" (10/11/08)

The rarest of the rare; a Saturday "Linkin' Logs"

Last night, I'm sure many of you watched Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched 7 innings of no hit baseball, leading the Boston Red Sox to victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. From some accounts, it would appear as though "Dice-K" pitched a gem; spraying 4 hits over 7 innings with 9 strike outs and none earned.

Fact of the matter is, it wasn't quite that amazing; with Matsuzaka laboring early in the first and walking as many men as he allowed hits (8 baserunners in all) over the span of the game, it was the oddest playoff near no-no in my recollection.

The Red Sox and Rays will meet again for game two. Should the sox, and ace Josh Beckett pull this one out (and its looking pretty possible) they should put a stranglehold on the Rays and the AL crown. But given the young bucks of the Rays, I don't see them going quietly.
  • Gene Wojo provides some excellent insight on the boorish celebrations already occuring in clubhouses this year. I agree with him, its too much. I think the Rays celebrating their first AL crown after 10 years of losing is fair, but the Red Sox or White Sox or Phillies need not apply. While, I agree with Wojo that these teams have so much more to accomplish, in the cases of the Rays' division crown, or the Phillies last year, or the breaking through of the current Dodgers youth movement, I can understand. But once you've been there, I can't really see a point again.
  • This champage thing...and the Dodgers got me thinking. I'm sure if you're a Dodgers fan, you already know, but Clayton Kershaw, the L.A. Rookie reliever is age 20. And if you're familiar with America, that'd mean he's not of legal drinking age. A few google searches revealed little opinion of these events...So I can only conclude little was thought of it. Look, I don't wanna be a narc, I honestly think the drinking age is ridiculous, but if we're gonna have a rule, shouldn't it be enforced? Maybe they should just arrest Manny Ramirez...
  • The Phanatic Pantomimes the Phillies line-up....I have to admit, when he got to Brett Myers, I was curious as to whether a woman would come out and the Phantic would pull her hair and slap didn't happen...
  • Like any BigLead link, Its only for the picture...and seriously, what the hell?
  • And finally...this is sports related, I guess, via EC (From Break), the next Lance Armstrong
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