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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 Things I Think Smell like Shit (10/22/08)

Busy day and a busy night for sports. With the World Series starting tomorrow, there's lots of things that smell like shit...
  1. Brett Favre, Backstabber. I have to think this is a lot smaller deal than is being made but: This just wreaks of sour grapes on Favre's fault. If I were a Packers fan, I just don't know what I'd think of Favre one is above the colors as far as I'm concerned, not All-Pro, Future Hall of Famers, Stud RBs, GMs or Owners...
  2. Same Sports Guy, Same Sports Bullshit. Leave it to Bill Simmons to not even mention the World Series. Is this guy serious? The guy, preping to hop on the NHL/Bruins bandwagon, orders the NHL package on DirectTV but won't mentioned the biggest event in baseball because his favorite team isn't in. Look, this guy's a crock and when the Bruins get good and he hops on the wagon, know that you read it here first. He's full of shit...
  3. Pacman's well ahead of the Joneses. An interesting discussion about the treatment of Pacman versus Larry Johnson (Jones, as I've been told) and Matt Jones. Frankly, I've had enough with these chances...Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 14 times...and...uh...well you don't get fooled again. Kaiser Goodell frankly has bumbled the whole thing. I wish he'd step up and set a clear line for all. Clarity has lacked to say the least.
  4. Daulerio's Faith. Deadspin's editor and chief is a fellow Philly fan. And he's got the confidence all rational Phils fans have...we're fucked.
  5. Domo arigato Romo. Tony Romo is out until Mid-November. At least he made it clear. Between Jerruh's sketchy trade, a 20 point blowout by the Rams and Romo's gal, its been a weird season for the Cowboys. Oh and T.O. is they've got that going for them...I love waiting for the Cowboys implosion.
  6. Sign that Ref up. Sure you can call out Ed Hochuli all you want, but at least he wasn't this guy. Seriously, how is this guy not also getting death threats...Yeah, Hochuli is...
  7. Pick Em? Riiiight. ESPN did their usual pick 'em for the World Series. As of this weekend only one guy (Peter Gammons) picked the Phils. Its up to 3 (out of 10) now, but all the Phillies guys, said Phils in 6 or 7. Of course, they did the same thing for the NLCS...that worked out well, right?
  8. Kellen Winslow...not so bad now is he. He's still kinda right. The whole incident just has no winners out of the whole thing. Kellen was being a vindictive bitch, but the Browns hiding the issue has some clear ethical issues as well. I don't like it and it only goes to prove where money talks and bullshit walks.
  9. A non-stinker, Philly's ideal Celeb. Its Kelly Monaco. And for all those Dancing with the Stars fans, puuuhhhhllleeeassseeee. She was in Playboy before that.
  10. And this one doesn't stink: Why Can't Us. Seriously, besides the fact that they've embraced the whole grammatically incorrect thing, but its also for a good cause. Order here

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