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Monday, October 13, 2008

Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll: Hook'em Horns

What a week in college football and it just seems to keep on giving. Now Tommy Bowden is fired and there was such a shake up in the Top 25, that Walker-Sports just had to share their new poll with all the readers out there.

1) Texas Longhorns: No we are not trying to be like the AP and ESPN. Texas jumped to the top spot in this week’s poll because we had Missouri and LSU ranked behind OU. Despite all that, Texas is the number 1 team in the land and there is a huge target on their back now as they attempt to navigate the Big 12:

2) Alabama: Being idol can kill you. That’s what happened to the Tide. They had the weekend off, and because of that, they were unable to best the performance Texas put on in the Cotton Bowl. Don’t worry Bama fans, I don’t think the Longhorns will be riding on top very long.

3) Penn State: The destroyed Wisconsin on Saturday. I’m not sure if Wisconsin has just fallen apart that bad or what their deal is. What I do know is this is by far the best Penn State team I’ve seen since the 1990’s. They will be representing the Big 10 in the BCS.

4) Florida: Talk trash, come to the swamp and you will become Gator bait. That’s what the Florida Gators showed the world Saturday night. Urben Myers crew put on a clinic Saturday against LSU (a team I had ranked at #2). The Gators are right back in the hunt, and you better believe Saturday’s game was a statement game.

5) Texas Tech: The Nebraska Cornhuskers gave the Red Raiders all they could handle on Saturday, but somehow Texas Tech pulled through. This team is a fraud, but till someone can prove that Texas Tech is fraudulent they will remain a top ranked program.

6) BYU: Just win baby. Stay focused and don’t let a 3-5 team upset what could be a very special season.

7) Georgia: Don’t look now but the Bulldogs are back. UGA and company handled their business against a Tennessee program that is counting the days till Fulmer is fired. All Georgia has to do is make it to the SEC Title game. It’s in their backyard and they can make good things happen.

8) Oklahoma: Tough lost on Saturday. Not only did the Sooners lose the Red River Shootout for the third time in four years. The lost to Texas just added fuel to the fire that Bob Stoops cannot coach in the big games.

9) Oklahoma State: He’s a man! He’s 41 and he has one damn good football team. The Oklahoma State Cowboys are the real deal and they showed everyone just how good they are by knocking off Missouri on Saturday.

10) Ohio State: Why is it not surprising that as the season rolls into it’s second half Ohio State have weaseled its way back into the Top 10? This team is as good as Beanie Wells will allow them to be. As long as he provides protection and takes the pressure off Pryor the Buckeyes will be just fine.

11) USC: A solid dominating win over Arizona State Saturday night. They didn’t blow them out, they didn’t put up the gaudy numbers, but they showed the rest of the Pac 10 that all roads still run through USC.

12) Utah: Just like their cross state rivals, just keep plugging away and don’t become so obsessed with BYU that you over look someone else on the schedule.

13) Missouri: Tough break against a good Oklahoma State team. Now, the Tigers must put Saturday’s lost behind them because they have a chance to fix everything next Saturday when they take on the top ranked Texas Longhorns.

14) Kansas: The Jayhawks are a solid team with a great QB. As I’ve said multiple times this year, they aren’t as good as last year. Nor are they amongst the elite in the Big 12, but that won’t stop them from making noise all year.

15) Boise State: The kings of the WAC just do what they do best and that’s win games on the blue turf and just wait for someone to give them a shot at the big boys.

16) LSU: I doubt that the LSU Tigers will be talking trash and making bulletin board material for anyone in the upcoming weeks. All it did last week was set themselves up for failure and knock them out the top 10.

17) Virginia Tech: After an average performance against Western Kentucky the Hokies had the week off. Now they have to face the rest of the ACC. Virginia Tech is just a solid team that will more than likely play for an ACC Championship.

18) North Carolina: UNC got their first national exposure of the season and they made the best of their 10 minutes of fame by knocking off Notre Dame. The Tar Heels are quickly becoming the team to beat in the ACC. Next week they will be put to the test against a suddenly resurgent Virginia team.

19) South Florida: This is the highest ranked team in the Big East. Now what does that tell you about that conference? The Bulls are hoping they can make keep afloat and make an appearance in a BCS game in January.

20) Wake Forest: Wake got the win over Clemson on Thursday night, and they can go down as the straw that broke Tommy Bowden’s back and cost him his job.

21) Vanderbilt: The bubble seems to be bursting on Vandy. However, this marks the fourth week Vanderbilt has been ranked and that is a first for the school.

22) Michigan State: plunking and lumbering away, with a running game like theirs, the Spartans can remain a factor in any game they play.

23) Ball State: All this team has done is go out and win and win. They are doing all they can to remain viable and just make a showing.

24) Pittsburgh: Who would have thought that Pitt. Would find their way into the Top 25. Dave is coaching for his job and right now he is doing a good job with it.

25) Cal: Cal has climbed their way back into the top 25 after their embarrassing lost earlier this season that left the Bears losing their lunch.

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