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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Top 5 Free Agents On The Market

Monday evening they declared, and now the bidding wars have begun. NBA free agency opened up, and there is some solid talent out there. The biggest question is will your team be able to land that talent and change the fortune of your favorite team? Just look at what the Celtics did with their free agent acquisitions.

1) Elton Brand: I did not see this one coming, Brand still had a year on his contract with the Clippers, and he is coming off major surgery on his Achilles heel. However, all indications are his injuries are healing well. Brand is a very big fish and will make an immediate impact on any team. The problem is he will want max money and not many will be able to afford him, most likely Brand will resign with the Clippers, but test the waters just helps him to get the most money possible.

2) Baron Davis: Despite telling Dan Patrick he would be a Warrior just last week, Davis chose to opt out in Golden State. There is no doubt that Davis is one of the top scoring point guards in the league. However, due to his style of play it is difficult to place him on most rosters if they run a set system offense. That won’t stop him from getting a big payday. It is doubtful that will be with Golden State as both sides are far from agreeing on a deal, and this will be a setback to what the Warriors began.

3) Gilbert Arenas: Agent 0 has made a name for himself in the last two years with his ability to hit clutch shots and be a prolific scorer. He was slowed by knee injuries this past season, but even with that, he was a threat when he had the ball in hand. In many ways Arenas and Davis are cut from the same mold. I personally like Arenas a bit more to build a team around but because he is already closer to a deal he is knocked down a peg on this list. The Wizards have offered Gilbert 124 million in a max deal and are awaiting his arrival in China where he will talk on the phone with GM Ernie Grunfield. With Antwan Jamison already resigned the safe money says Agent 0 will go to work in D.C. again next year.

4) James Posey: Posey is not the most talented free agent available but he may be the best overall basketball player. He knows how to fit in and play a roll and give a team the boost they need. He was a staple in the Celtics lineup and as good a reason as any as to why they won their championship this past season. Look for some team to pay him starter money, when he really a 6th man. Good for James though.

5) Corey Maggette: Personally I have never been a fan of Maggette’s play. I still believe a couple more seasons at Duke would have done him well. Nonetheless, he is an athlete and he can handle the ball well as well as put it in the bucket. His asking price is too high but if a team can get him to come down in price he could turn out to be a real steal.

Notable Mentions:
Kurt Thomas, Beno Udrih, Michael Finley

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