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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daily Video: Jim Rome "Layeths the Smacketh Down" on Tom Brady's 1st...errr...3rd Option

Oh, you heard me right. Our fellow blogspotians at "HuggingHaroldReynolds" decided to watch Jim Rome Today.

Ok, stop laughing.

Anyway, while we agree, its stunning that anyone actually watches Rome is Burning, its pretty awesome when another well known media douche bag digs deep into the Pats. And naturally the Patriots "Nation" (or whatever they'd like to be called) is a little uppity. We're so glad Wes Welker knows so much about championships...probably just as much as most Eagles...and their fans...

And while I have a tendency to disagree with Rome on a lot and as a fan I'd like to believe that some players care more about rings than money, the fact of the matter is Rome's pretty much dead on...and Samuel already has rings, so why not?

Click here to see the video courtesy of HuggingHaroldReynolds!

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