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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hamilton Breaks HR Derby Record; Morneau Takes Home Hardware

To my surprise, I logged in today and saw that nobody, that's right nobody has written an article about last night's historic homerun derby in Yankee Stadium. The derby was the very first, and very last HR derby to take place in the historic confines of Yankee Stadium, and it was surrounded by many stories.

First of all, the favorite, Josh Hamilton, set a record for most homers in a single round with 28 in round one. No, that was not a typo. Hamilton, who had to beat a drug and alcohol addiction just to get back to playing baseball, shattered Bobby Abreu's record of 24 in a single round, Abreu set the mark in 2005 in Detroit.

Hamilton had a dream of coming to Yankee Stadium and doing this, and he was just a few long shots short of the HR Derby title. Minnesota's Justin Morneau took home the hardware with his five third-round homers. Hamilton chose his 71-year old American Legion Baseball coach, Clabon Counsil, to throw to him during the derby. I guess his arm got pretty numb when he was done, especially after that dragged out first round.
Hamilton was, without a doubt the center of attention last night in NY, and deservingly so. I expect more of the same atmosphere for tonight's All-Star game as we say goodbye to Yankee Stadium.

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