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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Question and Answer Session: Crackajg

To get everyone to know us a little better and differentiate ourselves from one another since there’s eight of us, we figured we’d all post a little question and answer session about ourselves. Arrogant? Maybe. But nothing teaches you more about a man than when you learn what animal he would choose to be if he could.. after all.

Name: Josh

Nickname(s): ‘Crack’. It’s a long story, but seriously, I don’t smoke crack.. I swear. Secondly, ‘legend’. That is also a long story but it involves Natty Ice, a police officer, an Eskimo joke and some ice cubes.

Favorite Sports Team: Tie between all of the Boston sports teams. If I had to pick one, and it seems I do, then it’s the Patriots. But only because I’m unhealthily addicted to football.

Favorite Player of all time: Barry Sanders. The man personified the You tube highlight long before it’s time.

Favorite food: I’m gonna have to go with pizza on this one. Only because you can put any other favorite food on pizza and still say pizza is your favorite food. Chicken? Throw it on a pizza. Steak? Put it on a pizza. Jelly beans? Back up, you fucking weirdo.

Favorite drink: Alcoholically? Whiskey. Non-alcoholically? Uh, probably the new light blue Mountain Dew. Tis bomb. TRY IT!

If you could take three things with you on a deserted island, what would they be?: An easy bake oven, all seven Harry Potter books and a laptop with an internet connection card. And yes, I’m being serious. And no, I don’t care that’s technically nine things and not three.

Favorite word: Behoove. As in, it would behoove you to start using the word behoove.

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why: A cat. Those things are pampered. Eat, shit, sleep and have everyone fawn over you because you eat, shit and sleep all day. Done and done.

Favorite sporting moment of all time: I hate to be cliché, but the 2004 Red Sox World Series title. P.S. The Yankees suck. Just throwing that out there.

What do you bring to the table?: An appetite.

What do you take off the table?: Whatever my ADHD ass can get it’s hands on.

If you could have lunch/a beer/insert preferred social occasion here with any three people in the world, who would it be and why: MMA fighter Rich Franklin, because he’s the fucking man. Kevin Garnett, because it would be the most intense, fantastic lunch/beer/insert preferred social occasion here ever. Finally, a cloned version of myself because it would be quite interesting, if a little freaky. And because I don't think anyone else will pick that and sometimes I just like to be different.

Describe yourself in one word: Hyper.

Favorite sport and why: Football, because just thinking about the upcoming season gets my loins a stirring.


Dumont J. Walker III said...

Just what this world needs another Boston sports writer, trying to be the next Simmons.

JK, glad to have ya hear glad to be a part in on this project, lets make it do what it do.

J. Galligan said...


JustinY said...

You would clone yourself...

falcon02520 said...

Barry Sanders is a human high-light reel...

You've never had jelly beans on pizza?

I'm assuming your laptop has a never ending battery?

The Yankees do suck...

ADHD? How do you sit down and do stuff on the computer without going insane?

A clone? What about a mirror?

Good getting to know ya Josh...

Crackajg said...

Laptop definitely has a never ending battery, or else I'd make one from a coconut. As for my ADHD.. I got connections in the health care world. I mean that in the least sleazy way possible.

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