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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blogger Q&A with BigPPup

Name: Dumont Walker

Nickname: Predator on account of the way my dreadlocks look when I’m playing rugby. BigPPup… yeah long story that I don’t even remember anymore since I’ve had it so long.

Favorite Sports Team: University of Virginia anything they play

Favorite Player of all time: Ali

Favorite food: Wings if I’m lounging around and watching the game. Other than that, give me a good steak (NY Strip or Porterhouse) and a potato.

Favorite drink: Beer, Miller Lite at the bar, High Life at the house, and Amstel when I want to step it up a notch. Don’t forget the Southern Comfort either.

If you could take three things with you on a deserted island, what would they be?

Gotta have my laptop and some Wifi, I’d also want to have a solid supply of rum or whiskey because I mean damn I’m on an Island what else is there to do but drink and go to the beach? Last I want to have a rugby ball so I’d something to do, practice my kicking or something. Plus drunken rugby is great.

Favorite word: Bro but has to be said with a South African or a Kiwi accent.

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why: Cat, I know it’s been said already, but I look at my cats and they have the world handed to them. They sleep in my bed when I have to go to work. When they are hungry they get fed, they get whatever they want so it’s a nice life.

Favorite sporting moment of all time: 2004 UVA scores about 35 unanswered points against Va Tech in the last game of the season. I’m in Scott Stadium with my closest friends and we got to storm the field and pop our shoe on the 50.

What do you bring to the table? I am the whole show. I love sports. I’ve played sports my entire lie. I love all sports not just the typical American big ones.

What do you take off the table? Not possible next question.

If you could have lunch with any three people in the world, who would it be and why:
Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, My dad,

Describe yourself in one word: Phenomenal

Favorite sport and why: Rugby is my favorite especially since I still play, but football is my passion.


Crackajg said...

You like Southern Comfort Pup? Just when I thought you couldn't get any better..

falcon02520 said...

Armchair Linebacker?

So the trick to bulking up is steak? Good to know...

If you were a cat, your size dictates wouldn't be a house cat...

You are a Cowboys fan, I'm not sure whether to hold that against you or not...

Nice sentiment on the "Favorite Sport and Why" question...

Dumont J. Walker III said...

SoCo is like my spinach it's the secret that keeps me going.

Yeah...I'd have to be a lion especially with the hair.

The Cowboys are the great football team ever, it's that simple.

Andrew Godfrey said...

Impressed you would include your dad on the list with Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods.

Dumont J. Walker III said...

Eh it's one of those things where if you knew me it would make more sense, but he's a wise man who always has something good to say.

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