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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blogger Q&A: Behbigben15

Name: Ben Heck

Nickname: Big Ben

Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Favorite Player of all time: Well, I am only a young'n, so I grew up watching guys like Kordell Stewart, Kent Graham, Tommy Maddox, and of course Ben Roethlisberger quarterbacking the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger is by far my favorite player, and he also happens to be the reason my nickname is "Big Ben". Roethlisberger is only 26 years old and he's already a Super Bowl champion, and is a pro bowler. In my short life, I don't think I've seen a QB better at avoiding the rush than Ben. Every snap he has the potential to turn nothing into something, and I am more and more confident in his skills every year. Jerome Bettis, the future Hall of Fame RB, is a very close second.

Favorite food: Spaghetti, of course. Who doesn't like spaghetti!?

Favorite drink: Well...I am too young to legally drink, so I'll have to go with my favorite soda, Mountain Dew.

If you could take three things with you on a deserted island, what would they be?: Hmmm...I would say food, my computer (haha), and my girlfriend (that is, IF she counts as a "thing").

Favorite word: Since I write, I don't think I can play favorites...I LIKE ALL WORDS!!

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why: I would be a tiger of course! I know for a fact that no human would want to stand face to face with a tiger, and when I hear the word tiger, I think of Tiger Woods...Do I really have to elaborate on that? I mean, this is arguably the best golfer of all-time we're talking about.

Favorite sporting moment of all time: I would have to go with Super Bowl XL. The only Steelers Super Bowl victory that occurred during my lifetime. It was a great feeling knowing that "The Bus" finally won the big one, and went out a champion. Very few athletes have had that chance.

What do you bring to the table?: I'm not really the one to ask. I just do my thing, I'll bring whatever you want to the table. Read a few of my articles, and YOU tell me what I bring to the table.

What do you take off the table?: Okay, this is a little easier than the question above. I obviously am young, and don't know as much as all you older bloggers. Give me about ten years or so, and ask me again. That would be my biggest flaw. I haven't had that much experience at this stuff. I joined on April 19th, 2007. Before then, I was just a sports fan, I had ZERO writing experience (other than the language arts/english classes I was taking in school).

If you could have lunch with any three people in the world, who would it be and why: In the sporting world? I'll go with Walter Payton, because he was (apparently) quite a person, and really loved the game, and knew how to play it the right way. And, I'll stick with what I know best, the Pittsburgh Steelers: Jack Lambert, he's a legend in Pittsburgh, and may just be one of the greatest LBers of all-time. He was simply a beast. The third person will be my current idol, Ben Roethlisberger. I have way too many questions I would love to ask him, and there are many things I would like to know about him. Call me crazy, weird, retarded..WHATEVER you want, those three guys would be the people I would choose to have lunch with first. But to tell you the truth, I would love to have lunch with any athlete in this large world. I don't hate or even really dislike any athletes, there all my idols.

Describe yourself in one word: Exhilarating...yes, that's right, I can use big words, too.

Favorite sport and why: I would definitely have to say American particular, the NFL. I really can't explain the real reason I enjoy watching, and playing football. Mainly because, I simply don't know the reason. I fell in love with the sport at a very young age (possibly at around age 3?). I just love everything about the game; the players, coaches, equipment, strategy, etc etc etc.

...That's all I've got.


Crackajg said...

We should have just named this blog 'Ragu lovers.'

falcon02520 said...

I don't like spaghetti...

Actually, I love spaghetti, I just want to be difficult...

It's only illegal if you get caught...

Actually, it's still illegal at that point, but who's counting?


So are you saying that Tiger Woods is actually an animal? Because he is too damn talented to be a human...

You bring to the table an child-like innocence to your writing. It is very fresh. Keep it up...

Everyone starts somewhere...

So then, do you like Michael Vick? [/busting chops]

All I got to say is, "It's nice to have a Steelers homer writing for the blog." =]

Andrew Godfrey said...

I was a Steelers fan when Terry Bradshaw was there since he went to college about 90 miles from where I grew up in Louisiana when he went to Louisiana Tech. He also had the national record for longest javelin throw while in high school at one time. Bradshaw to me was the best Super Bowl quarterback ever.

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