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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Best Seats in Baseball, I think not

In general, when I surf the net (in this case, while watching the 4th tier league's draft), I keep a few sites up for viewing while I wait for another page (typical of crappy quality) to load. It's not that I have dial-up or surf the net at the public library, just that I'm very finicky...and have the attention span of a 2 year

Well, one of the sites I leave tabbed is Facebook and what should greet my eyes on my facebook homepage today but another advertisement.

Typically, Facebook ads are just invasive (because they know everything I do) and scare the crap out of me (nothing compared to the Gmail mind reading sidebar). But this one just pissed me off. Its not that I know where the best seats are or don't fully grasp the autonomy of the add, its just that its plain old factually inaccurate.

So I went to trusty google to get the answer to my question (typing in: "best seats in baseball"). Sure enough, the first sport was a little ESPN piece of garbage declaring the Red Sox as the best.
This is also false (sorry Google, you missed the boat on this) because our buddy at ESPN, Josh Pahigian, who wrote this "Special to ESPN SportsTravel" declared the new "Monster Seats" to be the best "seats" in baseball.

As an aside, I'd like to point out that I, too, am baffled that ESPN has/had a "SportsTravel" section, group, team of writers of what have you but I'm not surprised that they funded some asshole to go to sports venues around the country and say; "Hey they gave me the best seats in the house...this is well worth my price of admission...which was nothing."

Sorry, aside number 2. I was also stunned to learn that the "Green Monstah" is the 2nd largest outfield wall in baseball, just getting beaten by the "Arch Nemisis" in none other than York, PA. Why should you care. You shouldn't but I happened to be born in Lancaster, PA, which is right next to it was a fun fact for me.

But my point, beyond all this blabbering, is that these "Green Monster" seats, declared the best in baseball by anti-christ ticket brokers and joe blow of ESPN, are on par with beating Tiger Woods on one leg at the US Open in difficulty (AKA Practically Impossible). You just can't get them for face value (unless you consider $1,000 plus from StubHub "Face value"). The way "Monster seats" are picked up is via a lottery system prior to the season. And you enter the lottery by becoming a member of Red Sox Nation (and paying ten bucks!). Then you have, what I guess to be, about a 1 in 20 shot of getting a ticket. Yeah, seriously, One Ticket.

But more than that, Fenway is known for obstructed views, cramped uncomfrotable seats and urinal troughs (talk about class!). Its a quaint park, its a part of history, but personally, once you've go

So the best seats in baseball? I think not.


falcon02520 said...

And... it's officially underway now...

Wouldn't a two year old dog be fourteen in dog years?

Advice to everyone: Take everything ESPN says with more than just a grain of salt...

Fenway is a place every baseball fan should go to for the atmosphere, but watching a game is supposed to be quite difficult...

I agree 100% JuT...

Crackajg said...

True story: Back in my younger years (about a year ago) when I was delving into affiliate marketing, I created a fake face book account where I was a girl, and prompted others to sign up for a free dating site to see some of my naughty pictures that I couldn't post on Facebook. Before I was banned, I cashed in a total of $19.14 cents. Why am I telling this story? Well, I'm not entirely sure. Hopefully it was mildly entertaining.

Crackajg said...

And yes, I'm aware I just used a massive run on sentence..

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