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Monday, September 8, 2008

Walker-Sports Top 25 Poll:Beware of Pirates

Well I didn’t think it was possible, but college football was actually better this weekend than it was last week. From what I can tell this is going to be an amazing season. Just wait till OSU and USC square off next weekend. However, before they take the field, let’s see where they stand on the Walker-Sports College Football poll.

1) Georgia Bulldogs: Yes I know every other poll in the country has USC sitting here, but Georgia has done nothing to deserve losing their #1 spot. If you don’t like them in this spot, just wait a few weeks, I can’t imagine them running the table.

2) USC: The Trojans had the week off, and got to scout a shaky looking OSU. One has to think Pete Carol has something special up his sleeve for an OSU offense that is still looking to find its rhythm.

3) Oklahoma Sooners: The Sooners have climbed in this week’s poll and they deserve it. The Sooners beat a scrappy UC squad on Saturday and can now look ahead to the Big 12 schedule.

4) Florida Gators: This team is only as good as Tim Tebow. Lucky for them, Tebow is pretty damn good. The Miami game was uglier than the score indicated but they still showed better than OSU.

5) OSU: Buckeye fans have to pray that their team was just overlooking Ohio U. Combine that with Beanie Wells being hurt and maybe they aren’t as bad as they looked. Buckeye faithful better hope that is the case.

6) LSU: The hurricane saved Troy from being killed by the Tigers. Nonetheless an idol LSU means they can hold onto their spot.

7) Missouri Tigers: Chase Daniels had one of the most impressive outings I have ever seen. He was 16-17 and resting on the bench before halftime. Look out Tim Tebow you have some serious competition for that Heisman this year.

8) Auburn: The Tigers make the jump in the standings due to another outstanding performance on defense. Combine that with the fact that they have found a solid starting QB and the Tigers are ready to do battle in the SEC West.

9) Kansas: The Jayhawks fell, but not too far. They played well this past weekend, but would have liked to see a bigger blowout.

10) Wisconsin: The Badgers got off to a slow start against Marshall, but somehow they scored about 30 points in 10 minutes on the fourth QT. The Big 10 could actually be very interesting this season.

11) Texas Longhorns: Great game to travel across state and take on a semi-hostel UTEP crowd. Colt seems to be over his sophomore slump and that is very good for the Longhorns.

12) Texas Tech: The Red Raiders crushed Nevada and the pistol offense. However, the team still failed to live up to the hype on defense. I have a nasty feeling the Red Raiders are in for a big fall when they hit the Big 12.

13) Arizona State: Stanford had nothing against the Sun Devils. ASU showed off a dynamic passing attack and yet again their aggressive defense flexed their muscle.

14) South Florida: In a primetime game against UCF, South Florida made a solid showing. Despite a slow start in the first half, South Florida got the ball running and showed why they may be the team to beat in the Big East.

15) East Carolina: The Pirates are crashing the party, and with two more games against ACC opponents they will make a solid case to crash the BCS party as well.

16) BYU: Possibly the luckiest team in the country today. It took a horrible call and a blocked XP to keep this teams BCS hopes alive. BYU better not overlook UCLA next weekend.

17) Penn State: Despite the off the field distractions, Penn State destroyed Oregon State. Maybe the Beavers were jetlagged, because they definitely did not show up to play.

18) Oregon: The Ducks played the worse team in Division I football and they did exactly what they were supposed to do. They destroyed Utah State 66-24.

19) Wake Forest: Wake Forest is saving the ACC right now. They stood toe to toe with Ole Miss and won a teeth clincher.

20) Clemson: The seat is getting hotter and hotter under Tommy Bowden. His Tigers looked better on Saturday, but they are far from where they were though to be.

21) Utah: The Utes had a bit of a Michigan hangover as they got off to a slow start on Saturday. However, they were able to put that behind them and went on to roll UNLV.

22) Fresno State: The Bulldogs had the week off and they will need the rest. Next week they have a chance to put their stamp on the BCS when they take on the Wisconsin Badgers.

23) UCLA: Now that they week 1 heroics are behind them, the Bruins need to focus on BYU if they want to actually make a run at breaking the USC monopoly on the city.

24) WVU: A horrible outing against ECU. WVU is very lucky they were able to remain in the top 25. Hopefully they can regain their focus and figure out what went wrong this past weekend.

25) Illinois: Eastern Ill. probably wished they had Tony Romo at their disposal for this game. Juice seems to be advancing as a passing QB, and that means Illinois could be a dangerous opponent for a lot of teams this season.


JustinY said...

East Carolina's gonna love their 12-1 season, after they run the table (with their tallest tasks being @UCF and @UVA) and then getting bumrushed in some odd BCS game...

Ladies and gentleman, a more likable Hawaii...

Dumont J. Walker III said...

Toughest task UVA? are you kidding me? The same UVA team that barely put up 16 against Richmond last weekend. ECU will roll the Cavs and stumble into a BCS game against Auburn or Georgia and get rolled.

JustinY said...

Take a look at their schedule...Conf. USA isn't exactly a tough place to play this year...

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