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Monday, September 8, 2008

The Weekly F.U. to Peter King Daily "Linkin' Logs" (9/8/08)

For football season, it seems most appropriate to at least partially pay homage to the foolishness that is Peter King's MMQB. Peter tries, but generally, he's just a blowhard of a slightly high cognizance.

But quickly, how 'bout some football. The Patriots took a tough Dubya from the Chefs (That's great, but who are the Chefs), but Adam Schefter is reporting that Tom Brady is done for the season. Jake Delhomme and the Panthers stunned the Chargers at the last second. The Bills exert some AFC dominance over the Seahawks and of course the Eagles whipped the Rams. Normally, I never care about a shutout but the wimpy way Scott Linehan avoided a shutout by kicking a field goal, already down by 38, really signals to me, as a fan, that he was...simply being a bitch. I'd rather get shutout going for it on 4th and 10 then kicking a field goal already down by 38.

Peter King talked about Tom Brady for a good 2 pages...even when he's not playing King blows him, that's bullshit. He also used the Brady injury to agendize his "fear" of a longer season. Let's apply this to...oh...say the laws of economics. Peter, if there's more demand to be met than you might as well fill it. We have no idea what the NFL max on demand is, but odds are its more than 18, 20 or even 24 games. In fact, the NFL is predicated on this very fact. I know of few business-like folks who could go into a boardroom (a.k.a. meeting with 32 owners) and honestly tell them: "yeah, we could make more money, but let's think about the players for a second." More money could: A) Used as a negotiating tool for the NFLPA, B) boost retirement income and C) Increase the players salaries (not to mention, boost roster sizes...creating more jobs).

If the downside is that Tom Brady could tear his ACL (which happened at the beginning of the season, without playing the preseason), then I don't see the issue. Injuries happen all the time without rhyme or season (or sometimes happen because a player isn't conditioned).

Peter, the NFL's a business, deal with it.

On that note, Look at Peter's "Fine Fifteen" and try not to think "huh?" The Jags at 4? Carolina at 10. In both cases, one took a loss, that clearly doesn't make it a top 4 team and the other stole a win and it doesn't mean that they're good (in fact, they're the Panthers, so unless you ask Sean Salisbury, they're not)

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