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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Was the All-Star Game Rigged?

I like baseball. Sure its really just what I do until football season gets here, but its easily up there as a sport I enjoy and love to drink and watch (football's so much more intense, you can never relax). But baseball's not without its oddities and given the Donaghy scandal of late in the NBA, the possibility of a controlled game seems more likely than ever.

Look, I'm not off my rocker here, some of the actions in the game certainly make this look the event look shadier than ever. Consider some of the facts
  • By the 15th inning, there was little mention ot Bud Selig and his concern of the tie. There was some vocalizing of what we all were thinking by Buck and McCarver (this could end in a tie if things continue), but none were saying how completely effed Selig would be without a winner.
  • All-Star voting resulted in Derek Jeter starting even though, at best, he's Ray Durham.
  • Clint Hurdle conveniently used Brandon Webb (a starter) for only one inning before bringing in his final pitcher, closer Brad Lidge. I'm aware Webb pitched Sunday (I watched the game), but the fact of the matter is, Webb is a much better candidate to handle a few inning than Lidge. The result was pretty much a guaranteed ending, though it is rumored Hurdle was asking David Wright if he could pitch (and Francoma asking J.D. Drew the same).
  • Both Hurdle and Francona used all of their players and when the game finally looked as if it would be deadlocked, some colorful strikezones were utlized to ensure Brad Lidge would be forcing his fastball high enough (even thought he low strike was being called all game)
  • While the Stadium aired a Bobby Murcer Tribute in the 2nd inning, Fox didn't show one until the 11th, which is odd considering most networks don't plan those times of things (items that deserve a guaranteed mention) in extra innings...unless they know they'll occur
  • A tie in this game would have guaranteed an uproar so loud from the fans Bud Selig wouldn't have survived the entire season, but a compelling game with the possibility of Selig having egg on his face but instead forcing us to watch 15 innings of mostly Dan Uggla butching the infield.

So the facts aren't perfect, but after some of the pitching moves and the late Bobby Murcer tribute by Fox, you had to start what point did Bud call it in. Fox made no attempt to concern itself with Selig, but admitted a tie seemed possible. So you tell me, is it a massive conspiracy or am I completely full of shit?

1 comment:

J. Galligan said...

I was actually thinking the same thing.. before the game when they were talking about if Mariano Rivera was going to be able to get a save situation I was thinking about how unlikely that was going to happen. Tis a little fishy he ended up pitching in a big time situation, and there being such a fantastic, epic All Star Game as the last hurrah of Yankee Stadium.

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