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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sunday Morning Quarterback: Second Edition

I know, I know. It's Saturday night, but I'm posting this a little early because I am getting up early tomorrow morning and heading for work for a little while. Therefore, the second edition of "Sunday Morning Quarterback" was posted Saturday night, July 5th.

First off, I would like to say happy late 4th of July to all. Ok, this week's topic is a little different. I was looking for something Football-related earlier today, and so I decided to join an Fantasy league (10-team League), and I just completed the draft a few minutes ago...Despite it being only July 5th. Yes, I was that desperate.

Instead of talking the Brett Favre topic to death, I will just recap the fantasy draft I just completed. Well, I was away for most of the night, and got home just in time to finish off the last five picks. I was awarded the number one pick in the draft, thank god, and the autopick simulator drafted L.T. for me, of course. The bad thing about the autopick simulator is that if you forget to edit your player rankings (like I did), then the simulator will keep on drafting running back after running back.

I know that RB's are the most important players on a fantasy team, but drafting SIX running backs before drafting even one QB is a little outrageous.

So...I tune into the draft at around 10:35 PM ET, and I have three starting RB's (L.T., Willie Parker, and Jamal Lewis), which is a solid trio, by the way. But, the simulator didn't stop there, I had three running backs on the bench as well, two of which were unproven rookies(Matt Forte, and Kevin Smith), and the other has yet to prove he's an elite NFL back (Deuce McAllister).

I did not have a starting QB until the 120th overall pick (round 12), where I picked up Detroit Lions Jon Kitna. While Kitna isn't exactly a QB most would want as their starter, especially on a fantasy team, he does have a great target or two at the WR position, and Detroit certainly is a passing team. But, a weak backfield is working against Kitna, and the Lions. I took a second QB, Jeff Garcia, with 140th pick overall. I am really hoping he has as much success this year as he did last year in Tampa.

Lucky for me, my top two wideouts are strong fantasy receivers. That is, if Torry Holt isn't on the downturn, and Wes Welker gets as much attention from Tom Brady as he did last year.

Take a look at my entire roster, in the draft order (BOLD represents the picks I made myself):

Ladainian Tomlinson, RB- 1st overall

Willie Parker, RB- 20th overall

Jamal Lewis, RB- 21st overall

Torry Holt, WR- 40th overall

Wes Welker, WR- 41st overall

Tony Gonzalez, TE- 60th overall

Matt Forte, RB- 61st overall

Kevin Smith, RB- 80th overall

Tony Scheffler, TE- 81st overall

Vernon Davis, TE- 100th overall

Deuce McAllister, RB- 101st overall

Jon Kitna, QB- 120th overall

Patriots Defense- 121st overall

Jeff Garcia, QB- 140th overall

Stephen Gostkowski, K- 141st overall

Amani Toomer, WR- 160th overall

Be sure to join me next week!

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Crackajg said...

Vernon Davis + Mike Martz = Sleeper

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