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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Brett Favre's Potential Destination Odds

With a new rumor in regards to Brett Favre being broken just about every hour, I think it’s safe to assume that he might not stay retired. Wait a second, you knew that when he retired? Oh, well since it’s looking less and less likely he’s going to end up with the Packers and with the potential of Aaron Rodgers attempting to kill him and all, I figured we should go ahead and take a look at the potential places Favre might end up. You know, because there’s not enough stories about the whole thing as it is.

Brett Favre wants you to sign him to a one year contract.

Washington Redskins

Odds: Likely

The Redskins are a likely landing spot if only because Daniel Snyder won’t hesitate to offer Favre a 1 year 45 million dollar contract.

Minnesota Vikings

Odds: Highly unlikely

This isn’t going to happen unless Favre is very, very pissed with the Packers organization for some reason. There’s no way he do this to the Packer fans, although it would make for an interesting Packers/Vikings Week 1 primetime match up.

The shit list of many Packers’ fans

Odds: Likely

No matter how legendary a career he had in Green Bay, Packer fans are going to be none to happy about seeing him play in another NFL uniform.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds: Unlikely

No real reason for Favre to end up here, unless the Buccaneer organization wants to break the most active quarterbacks on a depth chart record.


Odds: Likely

Assuming he doesn’t return to the NFL, ESPN has the dough to sign him and he could be their NFL Life retirement expert. He’ll be able to tell us which of the players that have retired will stay retired.

Atlanta Falcons

Odds: Unfortunately unlikely

The Falcons need a veteran quarterback and they need one badly. Unfortunately for them, they spent a small fortune on a rookie QB who has yet to play an NFL down. The future's looking bright for the Falcons!

Aaron Rodgers' House

Odds: Impossible

Impossible, but hilarious none-the-less. Imagine Rodgers coming home for dinner and walking in the front door and finding Brett stuffing his mouth with mashed potatoes. He very well could go insane.

Carolina Panthers

Odds: Sort of likely

This is actually a legit, circulating rumor. It would make sense for them to sign him, but only if they’ve given up on or don’t rust the health of Jake Delhomme.

Chicago Bears

Odds: Not very likely

This is another circulating rumor, which is strange since Favre signing with the Bears would be nearly as traitorous as signing with the Vikings.

Any team except the Green Bay Packers

Odds: Very likely

If he's going to go somewhere, it looks like it's not going to be with the Packers.

If you told me this would be the most likely route in the Favre drama a couple months ago, I would have called you insane. But it seems that if Favre does come back, signing with the Packers would involve a lot of complications and by all accounts, the organization wants to move on.


ssreporters said...

John Madden's Bedroom: 100%

Nice work Crack!

Crackajg said...

AHHHHH I can't believe I forgot that one. I am a disgrace.

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