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Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Hits? No Problem!

File this under; "yeah, I don't get it either." Apparently the Battle of LA was one hell of a barnburner with a combined 5 hits. But the best part of the whole scenario was, the Dodgers had none of 'em...but they still got the win.

It all stems from an error on the nub of a hit by Matt Kemp, who subsequently stole second and arrived at third on a throwing error by the catcher. Add in Blake Dewitt's sacrifice fly and we've got a run.

Sadly for Jered Weaver he was pulled in the 6th in favor of a pinch hitter and worse yet, since the Dodgers had the lead (at home) going into the bottom of the 9th, the Angels can't score this as a no-no.

If you're a Dodgers fan right now, I guess you can call this one Lemonade


falcon02520 said...

Simply amazing. I'm curious to how many times (if at all) a team has won a game without having any hits?

JustinY said...

5...seriously, the last be 1992

Andrew Godfrey said...

After 139 years of major league baseball for this to happen only five times is hard to believe. That means it happens once in every 28 years. Ken Johnson is the only pitcher to pitch a complete game no -hitter and lose. He coached the Louisiana College Wildcats baseball team about four blocks from our house when we were living in Pineville, Louisiana and his son is a doctor practicing in Pineville.

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