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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Daily Somehow Related to Sports Video! (6/28/08)

I just finished a sweaty game of wiffle ball. This video is actually pretty classic but if I could come up with more than one pitch on par with this guy, I'd be set (All I've got is a devastating sinker)

Personally, I like the behind the plate camera action (mostly at the end!). No way the fat guy in the cage could hit the riser.


Crackajg said...

Ladies and gentleman, the Pedro Martinez/Nolan Ryan/Tim Wakefield of wiffle ball!

Ben Heck said...

So that's not you in the video, Justin??? Haha, I wish I could do all that. Usually when I play wiffle ball with friends/family we don't try to strike guys out, we just try to get the ball over the plate...It makes it alot easier to knock the fuck out of the ball.

Manny Stiles said...

Sorry, but the crinkleball smokes ALL of those pitches...

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