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Saturday, June 28, 2008

CoreStates/First Union/Wachovia/The Spectrum Set to be Demolished in the Coming Year

Since the Flyers and 76ers move to the "FU" Center in 1996, the old place hasn't quite been the same, but former Calder Cup Champion Philadelphia Phantoms and the Philadelphia Kixx (whatever they play?) have made the Spectrum their home for the last few years. As announced in January, that trend won't continue, as Spectrum owner, Comcast-Spectator, will have the building demolished in order to construct a new sports complex in its place.

The sports complex on Broad Street now consists of the Wachovia Center (1996), Lincoln Financial Field (2003), Citizens Bank Ballpark (2004) and the elder statesman, The Spectrum, which opened in 1967. It is unknown what will replace the Spectrum's arena capabilities (or where the teams who use it will go) but its current land will go towards Comcast's "Philly Live" project, consisting of shops, restaurants and a hotel directly where the old barn sits now.

While the loss of such a large part of sports history in Philadelphia is slightly saddening, its nothing new, as the turnaround on Broad Street buildings happens roughly every couple decades (faster if it really sucks...see Veterans Stadium).

So for now, we'll prepare our goodbyes... for the best damn place to see a WWF show.


falcon02520 said...

I raise my glass in a toast of the Spectrum. It is where I saw my first Flyers games and numberous concerts. It will be missed...

Manny Stiles said...


Those facking bastards can't do this to me!!!!!!

There goes everything I know that was right and good with Philadelphia sports!!!!

Sure, the place is an obsolete shithole, but having it there is a beautiful reminder of the days when buildings were built for sports and not as houses of advertising.

There goes a good, old friend. You will be missed, dear Spectrum, catcher of more of my puke than any other Philly sports arena... (albeit, just barely beating the Vet)


Andrew Godfrey said...

I don't understand why the Phillies have built new ballparks so often after using Baker Bowl from 1895-1938 and then using Shibe Park from 1938 till 1970 then Veteran's Stadium from 1971 till 2003 then in 2004 they moved into Citizens Bank Park.

Cost of building these parks

Baker Bowl: $80,000
Shibe Park: $450,000
Veteran's Stadium: $50 million
Citizens Bank Park: $345 million

Then you have the Red Sox playing in Fenway Park since 1912 and it was built for unknown cost and the Cubs playing at Wrigley Field since 1914 and built for $250,000. While Philadelphia has spent almost $400 million on four stadiums the Cubs have spent $250,000 in 94 years.

It is strange that Yankee Stadium was built for $50 million in 1923 while Veteran's Stadium was built 48 years later for the same $50 million price tag but 33 years later Citizens Bank Park cost 7 times as much as Veterans Stadium.

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