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Monday, June 30, 2008

More Like "Ray" Island

ESPN Sportsnation polls are always great for regional bias. Things like "Who's be best team in baseball" always leads to western states supporting the Dodgers (and Angels... I guess?) New York having a 75/25 Yankees-Mets split and New England (except for CT) giving us the Red Sox BJ.

But today, at a typical lazy day at ESPN, they asked the typical "Who had the Best Weekend" question, with the northeast and the west blowing 1-0 soccer games (ever see a 7-0 and no one giving a shit about women's golf. But the anomoly was alive and well with the yellow states...The Tampa Bay Rays are in first place. Florida voted for them (I guess that isn't surprising) and oddly enough middle America voted for them.

I will include the caveat that Wyoming was won by a landslide with a whopping 2 votes for the Rays versus 1 vote for Gay and 1 vote for Spain.

Middle America is Rays Country!
But amongst New England, A.K.A. Red Sox Nation there was one castoff (holding true to New England Tradition). Rhode Island stunningly voted for Tampa Bay (by 11% no less). Let's face facts here, when the entire population of Rhode Island votes for you (27 people), you know you've got something going...
So congrats to the Rays for finally vanquishing Red Sox Nation on the island...that isn't and island...
Next stop; Yankee Country!

1 comment:

Ben Heck said...

That really surprised me actually. While the Rays are deserving of the recognition, I just didn't think Sox fans would ever vote for them. Interesting to know...

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