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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And You Thought Bernard Pollard Was Dirty?

Its not surprising that numerous Pats fans have been crying foul over the Brady hit by Bernard Pollard. Hell, even Vince Wilfork and Randy Moss believe so.

Many Pats fans (Personally, I like to imagine the proprietors of Sox and Dawgs as a red faced bunch of pissed off Boston Irish folks punching the keyboard as they typed that) and personnel have had an opinion on the hit, but one man's opinion is clearly missing...

That of Rodney Harrison.

Numerous Google Searches for Harrison have revealed little

So where is the NFL's dirtiest player to comment on this dirty play? (Oh, you say the poll is too old? How about this Coaches Poll from earlier this summer?) I can even image good ole Bill Belichick answer it and thinking: "Yeah, Harrison...whatever." The real facts are, 18 coaches were polled and 11 said Harrison right off the bat. Second place? Roy Williams with...two votes...

So Rodney, care to weigh in on the hit? Do you think it was dirty...Well really, would you have done it? (yeah ya would, don't lie)

1 comment:

Steve M said...

for the record I am half irish I wasnt red faced nor drunk. For your courtesy here are Rodney's comments not about the injury but the fall out from NFL fans:

A few of Brady's teammates were asked today about the reports from around the country of fans cheering inside of sports bar as news of the injury was broadcast.

"That reaction is normal," said Patriots safety Rodney Harrison. "Anything that happens to us people, they get excited about. Obviously, they don't care for us much around the league. But I understand it's a competitive league. Teams, as well as fans, are looking for any edge they can possibly get and if that means us losing our star quarterback, guess what, they feel like that gives them an edge. At the same time, you still gotta get it done on the field.

Harrison later added: "People sometimes lose sight that we're brothers, we're fathers, sons. They look at us like machines. A lot of times, people really don't consider that we're human-beings, we have feelings, it hurts. We go through a bunch of different things, but they get so wrapped up in the game, that it's not real life... We're sacrificing, away from our families... as a football player, you understand it's a part of the deal. You're going to get hurt playing football. It's just how you respond."

and if you want verification it's me email me through the website.

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