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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

BadNewsBloggers: Proud Endorser of "Believe!Merch" (Even though they're Steelers fans)

Some folks at at Believe!Merch, a website dedicated to Steelers fans apparel, have come up with, what will probably become, the fall's hottest fashion.

Yeah, you can even order it right here for $13.99.

Right back at ya Randy, for that "dirty hit." Suck one Vince Wilfork, your hit was actually dirty.

Hell, Good Ole Bill Simmons is even a little off his rocker after the "Kneegate"

And even our own Manny Stiles finds some level of hilarity amongst the calamity that is Tom Brady's ACL

UPDATE: The folks at Sox and Dawgs didn't really enjoy it either...oh Patriots Nation (or whatever the hell you're called) you're so cute...

1 comment:

Manny Stiles said...

Size XXLT, please!!!

I want some for my kids, too!

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