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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tired Tuesday Daily "Linkin' Logs" (11/11/08)

Something about an "NFL" game yesterday. I use the quotes because frankly the Cardinals and 49ers isn't exactly the height of competition in the NFL, or at least at the height of what the NFL would like to show in primetime. Could have been worse, it could have been last year's editions.

Apparently the game turned out fairly well, with the Cardinals winning 29-24 with the game winning score coming late in the 4th. Must be nice to play in such a shitty division (against which the Eagles are 3-0)

The big news appeared to be out of baseball; where the Rockies traded Matt Holliday to the A's for a trio of "prospects," to include Huston Street (the non-prospect ML ready Closer), Greg Smith (A left handed starter) and Carlos Gonzalez (a slugging outfielder).

Keith Law of ESPN is reporting that the Nationals have acquired Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham for, among others, Emilio Bonafacio. Law claims it was a good move, I just don't see it.

And perhaps the most interesting info was a non-move. The Padres pulled their 4 million dollar 1 year offer for Closer Trevor Hoffman (which included a club option of 4 million for 2010). GM Kevin Towers has refused comment regarding the move and Hoffman, by my account, could be miffed at the move.
And finally part II: Via MLBTradeRumors, apparently Yahoo!'s Jeff Passan 183 FAs. A fascinating endeavor that is, most likely going a bit too far...

But there were highlights (Jeff, at least you enjoyed yourself somewhat)
  • 117) Richie Sexson, 1B: From consistent 30-homer masher to … below Sidney Ponson. Oy.
  • 118) Carl Pavano, SP: Hehe.
  • 125) Julian Tavarez, RP: Hey, he’s always up for throwing at batters, if nothing else.
  • 141) Ramon Martinez, UT: Three more seasons and he’ll actually have had as long of a career as the good Ramon Martinez.
  • 142) Mike Timlin, RP: Wait. He’s really not Bob Howry’s twin?
  • 143) Josh Fogg, SP: Penance for accepting the nickname "The Dragon Slayer" is a 7.58 ERA the next season.
  • 144) Horacio Ramirez, RP: The White Sox actually gave up a player to trade for him in ‘08.
  • 150) Kevin Mench, OF: He could end up in Japan.
  • 164) Toby Hall, C: He is better known in the White Sox clubhouse for his facial hair than his talent.
  • 166) Javier Valentin, C: Actually isn’t half-bad.
  • 167) Gary Bennett, C: Actually is.
Me's thinks Passan had a little fun writing that past about 100. Once he got to Vance Williams (last at 183) he turned from "ok, this guy kinda sucks, but he's still better than you" to "what the fuck? This guy was in my copy of 'Triple Play '97'! and he's still showing up?"


Dumont J. Walker III said...

Hold, so I'll admit that San Fran vs. Zona is not the marque match up of the week, but to say that was not a hell of a game proves a complete ignorance of football. You want to complain about NFL games, complain about next weeks MNF game with the Browns and Bills, now that is a bad game.

JustinY said...

heh, read the second paragraph

Browns got exposed this Year (in more ways than one)

Dumont J. Walker III said...

Mmm all I see is more uncalled for Eagles love. 3-0 against the NFC West and 0-3 in the East? Is that correct?

JustinY said...

when you write your own "daily" post, you can spew all the cowboys love you want...

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