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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

That's it, Fire Peter King

I'm breaking the rule...again, but isn't it about time we can that fat tub of lard Peter King and all his mindless dribble, political or not.


Petey was curious as to whether it was "acceptable" to talk about politics in his column (its really not) but then again, did he really give a shit or did he just want someone to placate his ego?

Multiple folks appeared to have written into King either support or decrying (probably mostly bitching) his ridiculous waste of 5 minutes (for reading that garbage).

He picks and chooses such that they support his opinion (duh).

Adam Leonard of Austin begins to felate Petey by saying: "Just a word of support for your second MMQB lead this week. I agreed with your decision to not use the column to discuss your personal opinions on the election but discussing the impact of it and using players' reflections to help set the context was perfect in keeping with the scope of your column.''

But there are detractors. Gregory Wall or Burlington, WI said "If McCain had won the election and a woman held the job of VP for the first time in the history of this country, I doubt you would have given her a whole page.''

Petey took a swipe by retorting with "You're right. I don't cover the WNBA, where players would have seen that as an emotional moment."

No shit Petey, you don't cover the WNBA. You know what else you don't cover?


You're columns have turned to crap. You have a ridiculous self-serving agenda that has less to do with football and more to do with how awesome you are, how right you've been and why you're God's gift to football news.

You know what? You're worse than Rick "I got to go to the Swimsuit shoot with my 13 year old son" Reilly

You and your stupid gray spot can get bent.

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