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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pissed Off Bengals Fans Get Smart - Get a Billboard

As reported by FanHouse this morning ( 3am), phase two of the "WhoDey Revolution's" Project Mayhem has begun.

The WhoDey Revolution is a group bent on ending the long straining grip Mike Brown has maintained on the Cincinnati Bengals since 1991 (of which he's just not terribly that an understatement?..98-183).

WhoDey's Project Mayhem has two basic themes:
  1. Disrupt the natural order of Mike Brown's Bengals
  2. Reduce Mike Brown's profit
Phase one was to call the Jerk Line (literally: 513-381-JERK) and say "As a Bengals fan, Mike Brown is mentally and emotionally abusing me from his owner's box.". Seems like a plan to me

Now phase two has just amazed me. You see WhoDey's Project Mayhem is collecting cash (18 dollars is suggested, one dollar for each year of Brown's incompetency) to post (as seen above) and maintain billboards through Cincinnati during and after the season. They're pushing over $1,500 already and have even received a $500 donation.

Say what you want about the Bengals, and their ridiculously hideous uniforms (and their arrest record), but at least their fans care.

Plus those billboards are fucking spectacular


Dumont J. Walker III said...

Having lived in Cinci this is actually a big deal. Despite how much the Bengals suck, they still get decent support from the home town crowd. Much more so than you see in Detroit. However, I never understood it. Paul Brown has robbed the people of Cincinnati of a football team but putting that joke out on the field year after year. Also having my check get ripped for taxes that I knew were going to pay for that stadium was also annoying as hell.

JustinY said...

The Lions (until the 26th of October) had a 50 consecutive game sellout streak...

People love football and if you read Whodey's article(s) they realize you simply can't stage a walkout or have people not buy tickets

This option seems reasonable and smart to me...though kinda costly

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