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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On Schedule "10 Things I Think Smell Like Shit" (11/12/08)

10 Things... appears to be back on schedule. Our handsome deuce-dropping compadre has been brought back after a 2 week hiatus and we're back to declaring 10 shitty shitty things each week.

So if you're watching your 401k sink again today, sit back, relax and enjoy 10 things...

  1. World Series Whoops! While it appears as though ESPN gave as much face time to this year's World Series (of Baseball) as World Series of Poker, Josh Elliot of ESPN made perhaps the biggest gaffe in the history of ESPN and the WSOP's relationship. You see, ESPN went to some length in order to protect the integrity of its replays, attempting to push of the final table event until last Sunday and allowed it to be boiled down by the replay last night. Of course, Josh Elliot, simply reporting the news, reported the winner regardless (though taking some effort to warn potential viewers). Perhaps the worst part is...ESPN's bottom line took care of whatever viewers Josh Elliot managed to help.
  2. Official Complaints are Trendy. As we led with yesterday in the Daily Links and our newest BNBer SSReporters followed up on, Monday's 49ers-Cardinals matchup featured a bizarre. The latest on this? Mike Martz and Mike Singletary are now blaming the officials for confusion as to the spot of the ball, the time on the clock and the relaying of information regarding the two formers. It was the officials damnit, they didn't tell us!
  3. The Dodgers top...well, themselves. Baseball free agency doesn't start until Friday, but the Dodgers are already in a bidding war. With Themselves. After essentially having their two year 45 million dollar offer rejected, it appears as though the Dodgers have now offered a three year deal worth close to 60 million. Scott Boras is expected to still rejected and Manny seems primed to be looking for at least a four year deal worth upwards of 80 million. 37 year old outfielders deserve that, right?
  4. In our TMZ moment, we think Yoko Romo is still a bitch. Seriously, how pissed is Eli Manning. He's healthy. His team is 8-1. He's got a ring. And yet Yoko Romo still toys around with the football bobbling, goofy grinning, spotlight shying, "aw-shucks" alternate QB. Well, at least we know they're still dating. Could be worse...
  5. Phuck the Nation. Entertaining (if not overzealous) writer "How Do You Spell Retard" (his name, not ours...) does not believe Phillies Fans will ever form a "Nation." He's right, but it wouldn't be HDYSR without at least a few "Fuck Bostons" thrown in there for good measure. I agree though...stupid name. Does Yankee Country secede the union then (or is it the other way around?)
  6. Your Schillings Worth. If you're a Phillies fan, you have a certain respect for Curt Schilling. You may think he's a dick for his exit from town, but you understood why and you sorta know he was right. Now MLBTradeRumors is suggesting he is interested in both the Phillies and D-Bags (though the Red Sox could also be an option, in my opinion). Naturally, I don't see Schill being anywhere during Spring training and the signing will be as much dictated by the teams and money as by injury issues for each. Of course the Phillies could then start two players with a combined age of 90 (and a combined fastball of 90 as well).
  7. Fire Andy Reid. This concept has been swirling around almost since the Super Bowl loss, but really since about last year, when the Eagles finished 8-8 (winning their last 3...pointlessly). Now, with the Eagles stuck in neutral (5-4) and Reid's playcalling becoming apparently loosey goosey at best, Eagles fans are at a crossroads. To me, he's built some of the best Eagles teams in history and is arguably the best Eagles coach ever, but his gameday skills are poor and his personal decisions (though often fueled by money and the men upstairs) are questionable at times. If Reid got fired and/or kicked upstairs at season's end, I can't say I'd be too upset, but if something doesn't change the path this team is following, I know many of my fellow fans will only become more restless.
  8. Sean Avery (no further comment needed). He's a dick. He treats the game like shit. He's dangerous and apparently he's an asshole in the lockerroom. If that guy was on my team, I'd just let him get his ass beat on the ice. I hope Dustin Brown levels him tonight
  9. Stephon to San An. With the Knicks dotteling around the Stephon Marbury situation and Starbury sitting in limbo, we're (along with Marbury himself) left to ponder what's next. Apparently Marbury seems open to the idea of playing for a contenda'. I can't say I'd blame him but I would be curious to see what effect Starubury would have on a team like that, especially when he has to play second fiddle to Mr. Longoria in December. Whatever, Marbury still sells sweet 15 dollar sneakers.
  10. And this one doesn't stink: Welcome our newest BNBer Mookie (A.K.A. SSReporters). We at BNB have admittedly lost our groove at times, postings have been irregular on occasion and that's why we've brought Mookie on board. He's a fellow/former AGMer and runs his own blog at SSReporters. He should be a nice addition and a west coast personality to compliment the numerous east coasters we've already got.

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