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Monday, November 17, 2008

MMBBQ (11/17/08) - Peter King Gobbled Down Collinsworth

Am I the only one on the planet who thinks Cris Collinsworth sucks. Its even worse when Petey gobbles down Collinsworth's word like the gospel.

Todays MMBBQ, was the particularly usual fare, where King talks about how awesome the Giants are, falls head-over-heels for a (losing) Patriots squad and him talking up fellow King-ite Collinsworth:

"Ty Law now is gonna back off Randy Moss and give him a free release. I don't know about that one.''
-- Cris Collinsworth, on NFL Network's 34-31 New York Jets win over New England on Thursday night, talking with eight seconds left in the fourth quarter, as the Patriots lined up for a fourth-and-one at the Jet 16.

Law had Moss, split wide right, in coverage. Law backed off all the way back near the goal line, didn't bump Moss in the five-yard bump zone like he'd been doing all game, and Moss boxed him out near the goal line to make a great touchdown catch, sending the game to overtime. As Collinsworth presaged, it was a poor decision by the Jets. (Even if Law had played bump with Moss, I bet Cassel would have thrown a fade to Moss in the corner of the end zone, and who knows, he could have caught a jump ball for the tying touchdown too. But I'm with Collinsworth. If the bump slows Moss down long enough to let the rush get to Cassel, it would have been worth it.)

Now, I work with Collinsworth, as you may know. And you could clearly take this as me just supporting my guy. But I can assure it's more than that. Collinsworth had a very good game Thursday night. Did you catch him saying near halftime that the Jets might be smart to take a better cover man, Law, and put him head-up on Jabar Gaffney instead of using Dwight Lowery there, because as long as the Jets were going to keep a safety in place to double Moss downfield, why not use the better cover-corner, Law, in single-coverage, even if it's against a lesser receiver? And that's what the Jets did at the start of the third quarter. Collinsworth does stuff like this two or three times in most games, and Thursday was a classic example.

Frankly, this is what kills me:
And you could clearly take this as me just supporting my guy. But I can assure it's more than that.
Really Petey? Should we just take your word for it? Collinsworth is the soothsayer of the NFL...All hail the Great Cris Collinsworth

And the best part? No Petey, no one caught Collinsworth talking (or his numerous gaffes) of us could watch it...

What else ya got?

Well, there's this one: The Eagles have had two ties in the last 20 years. Both came on Nov. 16 ... yesterday, 13-13, in Cincinnati; and in 1997, a 10-10 cliffhanger in Baltimore.

-Makes me wonder how much it must suck to be his intern and/or the guy at Elias Sports Bureau who has to talk to him...


Here's what Peter spent 13 paragraphs or 768 words on:
What I Learned About Football This Week That I Didn't Know Last Week

It is mid-November, and I didn't know this could happen: At least one NFL locker room does not smell.
Right. He also spent two paragraphs explaining how they stopped pads from smelling.

This man is arguably the most famous football writer in America...

To quote Petey: "What a Country"

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