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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daily "Linkin' Logs" - MVP Edition (11/18/08)

I've always been a pretty big fan of Albert Pujols. I think a lot of people respect him, and are really in awe of watching (arguably) the best hitter in baseball. Most people think Pujols could do a number of things, including breaking Hank Aaron's 755...

So Albert won his 2nd MVP yesterday. Pretty simple to pick the guy who batted .357 with 37 homers and 116 RBIs (top 10 in each).
"I see it this way: Someone who doesn't take his team to the playoffs doesn't deserve to win the MVP"
But what I enjoyed most about the MVP award was Pujols being forced to face the music for his comments when Ryan Howard earned the award in 2006, a year in which Ryan Howard batted .313 with 58 homes and 149 RBIs and his team finished just outside the playoffs. This year Pujols got the honor, for a team that really faded down the stretch and didn't have a shot in the final week.

And yet he still won it.
"I think the writers made the right choice in 2006. [Howard] did deserve it (the MVP)."
Well, I guess all is right again in MVP/non-playoff team world as both have now not won the MVP in the same year as they won a World Series...

Fair enough
  • Pedro Martinez has declared that he'll pitch in '09. Omar Minaya has stated that the Mets will be in the mix, though I can't image them (nor can Minaya) making any offer that would blow Pedro away. Then again, I can't see any team really doing that.
  • PFT is surmising that maybe een Andy Reid didn't know the overtime rules, given the way he handled Philly (Trenton Times) beat writer Mark Eckel's OT question. Now I've been as annoyed with Reid as anyone else, but the guy is a meticulous planner and student, I really somehow doubt that he didn't know the rule. I believe its possible he overlooked the fact that McNabb didn't know, but I really can't imagine that Reid didn't himself.
  • Not a link: Not sure if this is a trend, but our friend Mookie brought it to my attention the following two facts: 1) Prior to the 2007 playoffs, I declared the New York Giants the worst 10-6 football team I'd ever seen - They went on to win the Super Bowl 2) During our weekly "Pick 'em" contest about a month ago, I said that the Buffalo Bills would be the AFC Conference Champs - They haven't won a game since. With that said: The Dallas Cowboys are going to win out and claim the Super Bowl title 41-0. Done.
  • A Little Late: The Bluey Blog discusses the 66 million dollar "Oops" by the NFL during the Steelers-Chargers game.
  • Knicksblog let's us know they might have a chance against the World Champs since Kevin Garnett is out after slapping Andrew Bogut
  • ESPN is apparently the projected winner of the BCS Bowls, starting in 2011.
  • And finally, EC let's us know Roger Clemens Pedophile status and public image has now reached DefCon 3

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