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Friday, October 10, 2008

TGIF Daily "Linkin' Logs" (10/10/08)

If you're like me, you just watched the market open lower than Carlos Ruiz's batting average and are thinking "shit, there goes retirement." As a financial professional (of some kind) myself, I admit it's disconcerting, but my layman's suggestion is to keep in mind the trader's mantra: "buy low and sell high." In case you didn't know already, things are pretty low right now and odds are you'll be able to sell higher later. Obviously, I have no amazing stock tips, but I can tell you that many companies are severely undervalued and folks like Warren Buffett, who just dropped $5 Billion into Goldman-Sachs know it.

In other, better news, the Philadelphia Phillies snuck up on the Dodgers and stole a 3-2 game, on the power of a 2-run Chase Utley bomb and a solo shot by Pat Burrell in the sixth. What's most interesting about this Phillies run is that they keep doing it against the best pitchers. Offensive teams do now thrive in the playoffs. Sure they got hot here or there (see last year's Colorado addition), but generally those teams walk off with a wimper in the biggest spots when they need the biggest hits. But these Phillies seem to be able to hit 'em off the big guys; Grand baller Gallardo, untouchable Sabathia and now sinker baller Lowe have all yielded runs and the biggest (Sabathia and Lowe) devestating long balls to the Phillies boppers, namely Pat Burrell.

Out of all of this, Pat is the most unique character. Once a maligned streaky hitter who faded in the brightest lights, Pat the bat is now ramping it up at the biggest moments of his career and the Precarious Pat Problem seems like a distant memory (and maybe something I was a little wrong about...sorta). Of course, Should Burrell continue this trend and maybe even lead the Phillies to a world series you have to wonder where Burrell, a future free agent, will sit. With Ryan Howard bopping league leading home runs and RBIs and Cole Hamels anchoring a staff that has pitched incredibly well when it counts bothup for arbitration this offseason (and both probably due large pay days) Burrell simply doesn't fit in the Money Pit's plans. For once, Phillies fans may actually want Pat to stay in reverse of all of those years of asking him to leave.

On a quick side not, what's the deal with McCarver and Buck totally making fun of Carlos Ruiz. First I heard McCarver saying "He's really good at sucking up balls" and later Buck adds "He's a really good receiver." Look, he's batting .219, I get it, but you don't need to make fun of the guy too. What's more distressing is Chris Coste, he gets little to no playing time behind the plate; its like he banged Charlie Manuel's wife of something.

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