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Friday, October 10, 2008

Is it Time to Believe?

It feels just a little odd. I sat there, 5 or 6 High Lifes deep, in all my bloated and buzzed glory, confident, with two men on, in the top of the 9th facing a respectable Matt Kemp and just one out. Brad Lidge, a fatefully perfect 41 for 41 in save situations this season, and 3 for 3 in the post season, was desperately trying to nail down the win. The Phillies were in what can only be described as defense (Brunlett in left, Feliz at third, replacing Burrell and Dobbs respectively) trying to protect Lidge as much as possible.

I was confident. Fat. Happy. Fine with the outcome. Fine with the situation.

That isn't Phillies baseball. That isn't Joe Carter, that isn't Rolen to Morandini to Brogne, that isn't Dougie deep in center...But that's the old Phillies, that's old Baseball

That's The Vet.

I'm absolutely stunned. A series many predicted to be a classic. A series many are expecting (even Phils backers) to go seven games is yielding a 2-0 Phillies lead. Maybe I'm just falling into their trap. Maybe I'm being suckered into a Dodgers 3 game sweep at home, before the Phillies take game 6 and we watch a helluva battle for the 7th game.

Or maybe it's just time to *gulp* believe...

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