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Monday, September 29, 2008

Movie Monday Daily "Linkin' Logs" (9/29/08)

Very interesting weekend in sports, perhaps one of the best we've had in a while (typical NFL fun and some serious baseball action).

The biggest news already on a Monday (Via TSN) is that Scott Linehan was finally fired. Hard to make a good team when you have an offensive lineman named Incognito.

Football was full of upsets: The Bucs stopped the Packers, in one of those games that will make fans question Aaron Rodgers and the decision to trade Brett Favre. The Bears beat the Eagles mostly thanks to a gift by the Eagles (Playcalling and an inability to punch it in)...Philadelphia will still be upset today, more later...The Chefs (not a typo!) beat the Broncos in a game, everyone should have seen coming (I did...A division game, in KC; personally, I just expected KC to cover) and in what many consider the surprised of the week (and it really isn't if you understand divisional football), the Redskins stunned the Cowboys 26-24. Washington, the apparently underrated NFC East team, is now in quasi-first place (the Giants, who had a bye are 3-0) and move on the Philadelphia next week in the type of game that could totally mix up the division (Eagles-Redskins games typically result in close scores).

In baseball, things got real interesting. With the Angels, Rays and Red Sox already positions, the White Sox and Twins were set to duke it out for the final spot (and AL Central title). After a Minnesota sweep mid-week, last week, both the White Sox and Twins lost (to Kansas City and Cleveland respectively) on Friday and Saturday, before both finally winning Sunday, leaving Chicago .5 games back and forced to play a makeup game today (2:05PM EST) against Detroit for the chance to play a one game playoff tomorrow with said winner moving on to Tampa on Wednesday. Me's thinks Tampa is rooting for Chicago today.

In the NL, the Dodgers and Cubs had already clinched last week, while the Phillies, Mets and Brewers were left duking it out for 2 spots. The Phillies took command, sweeping the Nationals and managed to capture the NL East title by Saturday, in part due to a Mets loss Friday. By Sunday, with the Mets and Brewers tied for the final spot, the Brewers, led by C.C. Sabathia, took control, while the Mets collapse like their old stadium will, leaving the Brewers free to go without the hopes of at least game 163.

You have to think the Brewers front office could care less about C.C. Sabathia. They're riding him hard (much like they did Sheets on Saturday), fully knowing neither will be a Brewer next April. I can't say I disagree too much, but you have to wonder if C.C. will pitch twice (if needed) in their series with Philly (Sabathia has already stated he'll "pitch every day" if he has to), who thanks to their early lock-up, may be able to use Ace Cole Hamels twice. I can foresee Sabathia pitching twice, given that he would start on Thursday at the earliest (3 days rest) and likely again the following Tuesday, if needed (normal 4 days rest).
  • Even though the Mets collapsed on the final day (again), Jerry Manuel appears poised to return. While the AL Manager of the Year award clearly belongs to Joe Maddon, you have to wonder who gets it in the NL. With Ned Yost (formerly of the Brewers) fired, Joe Torre bumbling into the playoffs by virtue of a major trade and lack of competition and Charlie Manuel basically doing what's expected, I don't see why mid-season replacement Jerry Manuel doesn't deserve it. If Willie Randolph stayed, the Mets win 80 or so and Manuel at least gave them a chance. Why not?
  • Apparently the Mariners have expressed interest in a new GM. She's pretty good from what I hear
  • Even Emmitt knows Terrell Owens is a huge douche. What's funny about the whole thing is, how upset the fanhouse blogger is in regards to Emmitt mocking T.O. Regardless of my hatred for the Cowboys (thought Smith and Aikman are generally pretty good dudes), Emmitt considers himself one of the faces of the franchise and I'm sure it hurts him (even if he can't vocalization it) to see T.O. act like such a baby.
  • I rarely update college football. One of my buddy's a Penn State alum is fairly pumped at their new #6 ranking (to which I pointed out their Temple and Sycracuse wins followed by the probably thumping they'll get against Wisconsin...and probably Michigan). Anyways EC gives us a simple College Football update.
  • Do the Nets really think Brook Lopez is going to be as good as Tim Duncan? Seriously? His name is Brook
  • And finally, have a slew of fun in Philly, with Shea-ja-vu, Prince Fielder, And of course a Brett Myers Playoff Guarantee.

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