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Friday, August 22, 2008

Pack Em In (heh) Daily "Linkin' Logs" (8/22/08)

Yesterday and today, America will either be the empire striking back or watching young skywalker use the force against us.

Actually, that might be the worst Star Wars analogy ever, but that's besides the point. Yesterday, the US Women's soccer team exerted their world dominance in a match that didn't favor them from the start. But the ladies brought home the "goald" in such entertaining fashion (for soccer at least) that little American girls will at least want to be Brandy Chastain one more time, though for our sake, I hope they wait till their 18. Good for soccer, good for the US and good for the world.

On the other hand, the ladies who use their gloves couldn't seal the deal against Japan and captured Silver in an event the US has always dominated, though Elizabeth Merrill of ESPN suggests the loss wasn't such a bad thing, and she might be right. We won't know till 2020, when the games could end up in Boston, but I have to believe that Softball is out for at least a longer period.

But today is really a day for redemption. The Redeem team will face Manu Ginobili (Whom Robert Horry once declared the best European player, thus sealing Horry's bid for the US Special Olympics Basketball squad) and the Argentinian team (arguably the best team outside the US), which stunned the US in the previous games en route to gold and again in the World Championships a year later. Now the Redeem Team is on a mission to reclaim to take back what is there's. Tip off for the game is...well...right about now (10:15AM EST).

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