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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Top 5: Fantasy Football Rankings

Every once in a little while I've decided to post a top ten list of things in the sports world today. Although it's only July 2nd, why not start with the top 10 Fantasy Football players for this coming year? I mean, who doesn't love Fantasy Football.

5. Steven Jackson

Gotta go RB. Jackson had an off year in 2007, but he is an animal, so don't expect that to happen two years in a row. The St. Louis Rams are looking for a fresh start out West, and I expect Bulger to hand the ball off to Jackson quite a few times this year, possibly 250+ carries. That means, more yards for Steven. And remember, he's also a threat in the passing game, he caught 38 passes for 271 yards last season, and a healthy Bulger will mean more touches through the air, as well.
4. Tom Brady

After his historic 50 TD pass season in '07, Brady surpassed Peyton Manning as the best NFL QB, and fantasy QB by a long shot. With Randy Moss, and Wes Welker back this year expect more of the same coming from Brady. They will continue to pass the hell out of defenses, and rack up the points. 3. Brian Westbrook

I think Westbrook is the most underrated back in the history of Fantasy Football. He can get it done on the ground, and through the air. Many times he is McNabb's primary target (although that may change with DeSean Jackson in the game this year). Westbrook is a beast. Whoever thought of a RB with 1,333 rushing yards, and 90 receptions, which went for 771 yards?! Westbrook sure does know how to pull in fantasy points.
2. Adrian Peterson

He may only be heading into his second NFL season, but this guy has already been compared to guys like Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton. He won't top "LT the Fantasy King", but he is in for a 1,500+, 15 TD season in Minnesota, which is a run-heavy team to begin with. If you have the second overall pick in your draft this year, don't hesitate to pick this youngster up.
1. Ladainian Tomlinson

He may have gotten off to a slow start last season, but LT surely knows how the game is played, and has had a big regular season every year of his seven-year career. He may not be able to get it done in the postseason, but most fantasy seasons are over by then, so unless your a Charger fan (God bless you if you are), it really doesn't matter how he fares. Tomlinson will continue to top fantasy draft boards again this year.
Next Up: Uh, I actually haven't given it any thought. I'll just let you know what the next list of Top 5 will be when I post it.


Dr. Oh No Romo said...

How can Jackson be on the list and not Peyton Manning? Jackson has no offensive line to help him.

Crackajg said...

Good stuff, but I disagree about L.T. being number one. He's still a great back but I think he's now going to start declining from the tippity top of the mountain that is his prime.

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