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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Daily "Linkin' Logs" (7/2/08)

Another additional of the Daily Linkin' Logs. Its a fine morning for my Philadelphia Phillies, who sent their "ace" wife beater down to the minors to rework. Makes me wonder how he took it. Did he "Chacon" Pat Gillick the GM, "Ramirez" the traveling secretary as he planned the trip, or did he take it in silence and just "Myers" his wife when he got home.

I shouldn't discredit Myers too much, since the incident in Boston in 2006, he's be more than willing to do therapy with his wife, has learned to control his anger and also took the move to the minors as a chance to rework rather than the demotion some might think it is.
As a result, the Phils posted a rare W (as of late) over the Bravos last night and called up R.J. Swindle, the electric middle relieve who's posted a 1.93 ERA in just over 20 innings pitched in AAA ball. Still makes me wonder where the next starter (to replace Myers) will come from.
Well enough about the Phils, on to the links!

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