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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadal Dethrowns Federer at Wimbledon

After work today I was too lazy to go and do anything, so I sat on my lazy ass watching the numerous sporting events taking place today. These inlcuded the MLB All-Star Selection Show, the Arena Football Playoffs, the Cubs/Cardinals Baseball game, and of course the Men's Wimbledon Final. The Tennis match, surprisingly enough, took up most of my TV time. The best active Tennis player, Roger Federer, who is a five-time Wimbledon champ, was taking on the second seeded Rafael Nadal from Spain.

This matchup was already very intriguing, but this match was extraordinary, and very entertaining. The match lasted 4 hours and 48 minutes, and didn't end until around 9:15 at night, in England.I don't usually watch much tennis, but I found this one a nail-bitter, and the numerous rain delays only made it more of a classic. The favorite, Federer, the 26-year old from Switzerland, fought back several times, and even the casual tennis fan (like me) could tell this guy was the best out there. But, the 22-year old Nadal was able to keep up with the veteran. Eventually, Nadal broke through, and won the Championship in FIVE sets. Yes, that's right, it took five sets to decide a winner. And, it not only took all five sets, but in set five it took 16 matches. Nadal won the matchup with a 9-7 set five win.

It was simply amazing, and the guys broadcasting the game on NBC said they were honored just to be able to stand there and watch the match in person. It was quite a classic matchup, and the first ever Wimbledon Final to be played past 9 PM.

Question is...Is Nadal now the "man" to beat???

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