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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drop a Deuce...or a "Linkin' Log" (7/23/08)

I'm still pretty pumped up about the 6 run flurry the Phils suprised everyone with last night. That being said, its always a hollow victory if you can't back it up with more Ws to take a division lead.

All gloating aside, beating Santana in the 9th (aka taking advantage of the bullpen) certainly adds fuel to the fire of this "rivalry" (because its not really all that much of a rivalry). Insufferably Mets fans will have you think that this Philadelphia franchise has always been a fraud, but when a team finally (Finally!) tries to do right by its fanbase (or as close as you're ever gonna get), it's ashame that another team's fanbase (alright, schmuck 1 in 10 fans) needs to find some reason to prove their better, even if the standings aren't it. But for the rest of the sufferable ones (the other 9 of 1o) its really just hoping a few things roll the right way, because otherwise you have no control...

that and come September it won't matter, its Eagles season for me!


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