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Friday, June 27, 2008

Bill Simmons Goes Down on Love and Gay

I used to read Bill Simmons semi-religiously. Not to the point where I couldn’t wait for his next article, but to the point where I’d check a few times a week for his serious 3,000 words of bathroom material (probably a solid 2 poops as he would say). Problem was, with each Boston Championship, he became a little more intolerable and I quit after the Red Sox 2007 World Series Win

I quit you Bill.

Cold Turkey.

Haven’t really gone back since. Sometimes, when I know he’s about to release a gem (like his NBA Draft Diary) or he’s relatively unbiased, I’ll be sure to stop by, but for the most part, I just stopped.

But honestly, you can only read so much “The Patriots are so great, I wanna get me some Tom Brady Lovin’” and “My dad called me and my buddy house and said…”

That’s great Bill, I have friends too…we also make fun of stupid things in sports. And in there lies the problem, as Simmons represents the common man. But so common, that its not something you or I couldn’t do every day, if we could commit the hours to watching numerous games and having ESPN foot the bill for our DirectTV NFL package.

The case in point was today, when Good Ole Bill decided to take the low-hanging fruit. In reference to the Memphis Grizzlies selection of Kevin Love, Simmons declared the beginning of the “Gay-Love Era.” Fantastic Bill, you and every other 13 year old blogger have thought of this at the same time.

Now, as someone of a conceited low-class blogger, I take offense to Simmons trying to steal our material. Just classless, if you ask me.

But Simmons doesn’t stop with bad jokes. Oh no, he goes one step further, bashing the Devils Rays signing of Troy Percival…or did he?

Besides, my favorite part of listening to the "BS Report" isn't Simmons at all, but everyone else's reaction to his podcast. Which is typically: "That douchebag is Simmons?!"


falcon02520 said...

The typical ESPN guy, predicts one thing then when they are wrong they jump on the wagon as if they have always been right. Typical wishy-washy reporting...

Manny Stiles said...

Who's "Bill Simmons"???

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