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Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 NBA Draft :The final results

Alright we all saw the NBA Draft last night and there was plenty of action all night long. Now I'm opening the floor for discussion. Here are the results, what do you think? Winners, losers who went too high, who fell short? Let me know what you think.

1) Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose

2) Miami Heat: Michael Beasley

3) Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Memphis): O.J. Mayo

4)Seattle Sonics:Russell Westbrook

5)Memphis Grizzlies (traded to Minnesota): Kevin Love

6)New York Knicks: Danilo Gallinari

7)LA Clippers: Eric Gordon

8)Milwaukee Bucks: Joe Alexander

9)Charlotte Bobcats: D.J. Augustin

10)New Jersey Nets: Brook Lopez

11)Indiana Pacers (traded to Portland): Jerrd Bayless

12)Sacramento Kings: Jason Thompson

13)Portland Trailblazers: (traded to Indiana): Brandon Rush

14)Golden State Warriors: Anthony Randolph

15)Phoenix Suns (
from Atlanta): Robin Lopez

16)Philadelphia 76'ers: Marreese Speights

17)Toronto Raptors (traded to Indiana): Roy Hibbert

18)Washington Wizards: JaVale McGee

19)Cleveland Cavaliers: J.J. Hickson

20)Charlotte Bobcats (from Denver): Alexis Ajinca

21)New Jersey Nets (from Dallas): Ryan Anderson

22)Orlando Magic: Courtney Lee

23)Utah Jazz: Kosta Koufos

24)Seattle Sonics (from Phoenix): Serge Ibaka

25)Houston Rockets (traded to Portland): Nicolas Batum

26)San Antonio Spurs: George Hill

27)New Orleans Hornets (traded to Memphis from Houston and Portland): Darrell Arthur

28)Memphis Grizzlies (from LA Lakers): Donte Green

29)Detroit Pistons (traded to Seattle): D.J. White

30)Boston Celtics: J.R. Giddens

Round 2

31)Minnesota Timberwolves (from Miami through Boston): Nikola Pekovic

32)Seattle Sonics (traded to Detroit):Walter Sharpe

33)Portland Trailblazers (from Memphis): Joey Dorsey

34)Minnesota Timberwolves (traded to Miami):Mario Chalmers

35)LA Clippers: DeAndre Jordan

36)Portland Trailblazers (from New York, traded to Chicago): Omer Asik

37)Milwaukee Bucks: Luc Richard Mbaha Moute

38)Charlotte Bobcats: Kyle Weaver

39)Chicago Bulls: Sonny Weems

40)New Jersey Nets: Chris Douglas-Roberts

41)Indiana Pacers: Nathan Jawai

42)Sacramento Kings (from Atlanta): Sean Singletary

43)Sacramento Kings: Patrick Ewing Jr.

44)Utah Jazz (from Philadelphia): Ante Tomic

45)San Antonio Spurs (from Toronto): Goran Dragic

46)Seattle Sonics (from Portland through Boston traded to Detroit): Trent Plaisted

47)Washington Wizards (traded to Boston): Bill Walker

48)Phoenix Suns (from Cleveland): Malik Hairston

49)Golden State Warriors: Richard Hendrix

50)Seattle Sonics (from Denver): DeVon Hardin

51)Dallas Mavericks: Shan foster

52)Miami Heat (from Orlando): Darnell Jackson

53)Utah Jazz: Tadija Dragicevic

54)Houston Rockets: Maarty Leunen

55)Portland Trailblazers (from Phoenix through Indiana, traded to LA Clippers): Mike Taylor

56)Seattle Sonics (from New Orleans through Houston): Sasha Kaun

57)San Antonio Spurs: James Gist

58)LA Lakers: Joe Crawford

59)Detroit Pistons: Deron Washington

60)Boston Celtics: Semih Erden


falcon02520 said...

Here we go...

I'm not buying into the Derrick Rose hype. I think he can be a solid player but not an all-star player. He is no where on the level of Chris Paul or Derron Williams when they entered the league. I could be wrong about this one, but I'm thinking a minor bust here...

If Beasley can stay out of trouble, he is/was/will be better than any other player in this draft on the court. Good luck keeping him straight Riley...

Mayo to Memphis. They really don't want to win. Unless O.J. can learn to pass, he isn't going to work as a point guard...

D.J. Augustin to Charlotte is somewhat of a surprise to me. I'm not sure what the plan for Felton is now, but regardless, I think D.J. will be one of the best players to come out of this draft. For some reason (don't ask me to explain because I can't) I believe he will be better than Derrick Rose...

After giving away Jermaine O'Neil, the Pacers showed they aren't totally stupid. They got Brandon Rush and Jarrett Jack in their trade. I think they are the winner of their trade with Portland...

I'm excited for Marreese Speights going to the 76ers. He is a player who can really help this team right away...

Roy Hibbert landed in Indiana as well? That looks like a good move (I have yet to hear about this one yet)...

That's all I got...

Dumont J. Walker III said...

I think Rose is a hell of a pick up. You're right he is not Williams or Paul when they came into the league but he is also at least 2 years younger than both of them when they came into the league. I can see him be a hybrid between Williams and Paul. Meaning he will have the size and the floor leadership of Williams, but the scoring ability of Paul. In the grad scheme of it all he will fall just a ahead of Williams and short of Paul.

Kevin Love will not mature into what the TWolves want him to be and that's a shame. They already have a big tweener bigman.

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